Well, we are through five weeks of the NFL season and some things are clear: The Redskins stink, the Jets stink, and the Browns stink. Yeah, the last one is the most surprising to me also. These are also some players to really be concerned about. Stefon Diggs is a sell, Baker Mayfield is a drop, and Darren Waller? Well, he might be a huge buy. If you can. But let’s take a look at a few players who you should cash out on and who you should still try to get for 50 cents on the dollar.

Sell High:

Nick Chubb| RB| Cleveland Browns-

The Browns are proving that no matter how good the talent is, the Cleveland curse is still alive and well. With this said, the Browns are going to be trailing in a lot of games the rest of the season. When teams trail on the scoreboard, they have to do one thing to catch up. Throw the ball. This is one area of the game in which Nick Chubb does not excel. Now more than ever, we can see the direction the team will need to take in coming weeks after the return of Kareem Hunt from suspension. Hunt is not only far more talented than Chubb in the pass game, but he may also be more talented as a runner as well. With this said, it is likely he eats into the workload of Chubb more than we had hoped when drafting before the season.

People are still enamored by the 165-yard, three touchdown performance Chubb had against the Ravens in Week 4. If you can use this bias to flip him for another running back with higher rest of the season potential, it is something you need to do. If you can flip him for a player like Chris Carson and maybe another piece? Go for it. Whereas Chubb is likely to keep diminishing in value, Carson and the like are only going to be bigger and bigger helps going forward. Especially with Seattle still being in the thick of the playoff race.

Some moves are difficult. But if you want to continue to get better, they need to be made. Trading a stud like Nick Chubb, before the fall comes, is one of those moves.

Will Fuller| WR| Houston Texans-

With 14 catches on 16 targets Sunday, Will Fuller had more fantasy points in this game than the entire season before hand. 217 yards and three touchdowns is amazing, but completely unsustainable. And this is the main reason he is a sell high. DeAndre Hopkins is still the undisputed number one on the offense in Houston. And they are not going to be playing the terrible Atlanta Falcons defense every week. Not just this, but Watson is not going to throw for over 400 yards and five touchdowns weekly either. Especially when they play a team with a manageable pass rush who will continue to eat up their offensive line.

This was clearly the biggest game of Fuller’s season. His value will never be higher than right now. So, make sure you cash in on the recency bias and trade him for a haul. Sure, this may be mean to do to someone. But remember, if they had the chance, they would do the same to you. This is fantasy football. There is no room for weakness when it comes to trying to win a championship. So, go and get it.

Buy Low:

Carson Wentz| QB| Philadelphia Eagles- Carson Wentz has not had a great season. But it has not been terrible either. Yes, He only had one touchdown and 189 yards against the Jets. But coming into the game he still had the fourth most passing touchdowns on the season. Because he has not been splashy, he is the perfect buy low. Owners will see the numbers, especially the yardage numbers and not be too impressed. This means you can get him for less than market value. One thing we did finally see in Sunday’s game is his willingness to start running the ball again after his injury concerns of last season. If this continues, he will add even more value to his floor.

With Alshon Jeffrey healthy and the hopeful return of DeSean Jackson, the offense is only going to become more explosive in coming weeks. If you can get ahead of the curve and grab him now, you will be set for the playoff push in your league.

Le’Veon Bell| RB| New York Jets-

As I said above, the Jets stink. But Le’Veon Bell is the only piece you should want. He is not as good as most people thought. But he is still the bell cow back and is getting a lot of work. What else can you want from a bad team? Through four games this season, Bell has 71 rushes and has added 27 receptions. Although he only has one touchdown, this has never been a major part of his game as his value is due mainly to the incredible workload he receives. A workload which has not changed this season. Whether the Jets are up in games or down, Bell will see the lion’s share of work and this will limit his downside to an RB2 for your roster.

For those of you in leagues where the Bell owner is struggling. This is a good buy low situation. He is on a bad offense and under an even worse head coach. These factors can be used to your advantage in negotiations. Not to mention the fact he is only rushing for 2.9 yards a carry. If you can get him on the cheap, Bell will still provide great value for a contending team.

  1. Charles Parton says:

    Offer Godwin for Bell? I am stronger at WR

    • Dom says:

      No I would not do that that would be selling low on Godwin. If your stat strong at wide receiver maybe offer a lower wide receiver and something else to try and get him

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