With trade deadlines approaching quickly, this column will be coming to an end in its present form. But for the next two weeks, I will still try to give you those trades to make to hopefully, build a playoff roster in your league.

Did you Buy Adam Thielen on the cheap? Did you get out in time on Austin Ekeler? I hope you did. If not, there is no use living in the past. So, let us move forward and find some more moves you can make to improve your team.

Time to Sell:

Terry McLaurin| Washington Redskins

I like McLaurin as much as the rest of you. He is looked upon as the best rookie wide receiver and it is well deserved. But the Redskins stink. Their left tackle refuses to show up, and the executive team has more trash in it than a land fill.

Case Keenum cannot do everything alone. And bringing in Colt McCoy and Dwayne Haskins is also not the answer. Of course, there is always the adage that losing teams need to throw the ball. Hence production for quarterbacks and wide receivers. But interim head coach Bill Callahan has already made it clear, you win by running more than you pass. This may mean some ok things for Adrian Peterson but not for McLaurin going forward.

There is also the upcoming schedule. Washington still has games left against Minnesota and Buffalo, who are two of the best pass defenses in the NFL. McLaurin has had an incredible season to this point. If you are in redraft leagues, it is time to cash in on that production before it goes away.

Julio Jones| Atlanta Falcons

Julio is a top three receiver in the NFL for sure. But on what has turned into a bottom three offense in the NFL, took yet another hit Tuesday when Mohammed Sanu was traded to the New England Patriots. Calvin Ridley has had a bit of a sophomore slump. Sanu leaving is not going to help matters, especially if Matt Ryan is truly hurt and is replaced by Matt Shaub. Yes, he is still in the league, I was shocked as well.

Austin Hooper has had a remarkable season for as bad as the Falcons are playing. But moving forward, it will be tough sledding for all players involved in this offense.

Getting some players to help you down the road is worth the trade of an asset like Julio Jones. If you can trade him for someone like Keenan Allen and a small piece, this may be a great move. If you do hold on to him, just realize, WR1 weeks are not going to be coming very often, if at all this season.

Time To Buy

Keenan Allen| Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers still feel like they are in the playoff hunt in the AFC. They might be the only ones, but they still believe. If they are going to do anything, it will be in the pass game. Melvin Gordon looks like crap so far since coming back from his holdout. Austin Ekeler is the better player, but the Chargers won’t commit to him.

This leaves Keenan Allen as the main guy who will do anything for this team. He has bouts every season in which he struggles for fantasy owners. While the consistency is not there, unlike others of this ilk, Allen is different.

Where most players have a good week or two followed by a bad week, Allen has a good segment of the season followed by a bad. This means that coming soon, Allen should return to form after his bad segment. He seemingly does it every season. So, it would behoove you to get in on him when the price is lower. Now is the time to buy him if you can. And if you can, he will bring you many happy returns late in the season.

Allen Robinson| Chicago Bears 
Mitchell Trubisky sucks. The Bears offense sucks. But Allen Robinson is the lone bright spot. He has at least six targets in every Bears game this season. Not to mention he had a nice garbage time touchdown Sunday against the Saints to save the weeks of many of his owners. I know he saved my butt, giving me a win despite starting Terry McLaurin, and Devin Singletary. Not to mention David Montgomery and losing Alvin Kamara earlier in the week. Got to love fantasy football, right?

Even with the struggles in Chicago, Robinson is going to continue to get work and a lot of it. He is the only thing working on the team at this point and he will be fed a ton moving forward. The Bears still think they are a playoff team. If they want to even sniff the post season, it will be on the back of Allen Robinson. A player who should be semi-cheap to trade for. With everyone down on the Bears offense, it may be easy to pry him from his owner. Especially if that owner is desperate to make a move. Go and grab him. If you can get him for Terry McLaurin? Done deal. He will provide more upside the rest of the season. I mean, as bad as Chicago’s offense is, it is still better than Washington. Right?

  1. Wacha Wacha says:

    12 team 2 QB non ppr redraft . How do you feel about this trade? I give Waller and Edmonds I get J Howard and T Mclaurin.

    My team
    QB Watson
    QB Winston
    RB Connor
    RB J Jacobs
    WR T Hill
    WR Godwin
    Te Kittle
    Bn Josh Allen, Singleterry, Edmonds, R Jones, Lockett, M.Andrews, Waller

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      I would not do it. McLaren is a cell for me and with the Eagles being as bad as they are they’re going to have to throw a light and that is not Howard’s forte Edmonds is a lot more valuable and I’d rather have Waller then Terry McLaurin

  2. Scott says:

    Would you trade DeAndre Hopkins for Melvin Gordon and Robert Woods? It’s a keeper league, so I’m looking at more than just this season.

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      No. I think Gordon is on the decline. And all the wood is good he’s part of a three headed monster in LA. Hopkins is just coming into his prime

  3. Mike says:

    I need to bench one of the following this week (1/2 pt PPR). Please help:

    Aaron Jones
    James Conner
    Keenan Allen
    Mike Evans
    Marlon Mackmike

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      This is very difficult. We saw how the patriots did on Monday night against the Jets and the Browns offense of line is probably worse. As scary as it would be I would probably sit back them

  4. Ron P says:

    Interesting that you say sell Julio because…

    In a .25 PPR 14 team redraft I lost Kerryon. I own both Kupp and Julio. I’m being offered Saquan for one of them.

    Should I make the move and if so, do I trade away Kupp or Julio?

    My Team:
    QB: Cousins, Carr
    RB: Carson, Ekeler, White, Edmonds, Snell Jr.
    WR: Julio, Kupp, Keenan, Tate, Ty Williams, E. Sanders
    TE: Engram, Herndon


    • dominick

      Dom says:

      I would make the move for Julio

  5. Nat says:

    McLaurin’s playoff schedule is so soft tho…

    • Cram It says:

      Agreed. But like he said, Minn, Buffalo and then a bye. If you’re a middle of the pack team, he’s not going to help you get to the playoffs.

  6. Landisimo3 says:

    Hey Dom! Great stuff… Do I add Mattison or Ty this week? 14tm .5 ppr…. I’m 5-2 so far … RBs are Mcaffery White Edmonds Walton Snell … would hafta drop one .. figuring Ty will get most of the big bids … thank you as always!

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      Thanks I appreciate it. I would add Thai as he is going to be the starter from here on out with carry-on on IR.

  7. Zach says:

    12 team league…
    Would you trade away Julio and Melvin Gordon for Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry?

    My current TE is Delanie and he has just been inconsistent since the start of the season, and I am already deep at RB and WR (I have DJ, Freeman, Tyreek, JuJu). Also I’m 1-6 and basically need to win out to make playoffs lol

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      I think you could get more honestly but if you really want another tight end then yes I would do it. As much as I’m not a Gordon fan I think he’s worth a little more than Henry.

  8. Barker says:

    Qb flex league 1 TE slot 3 WR

    I give hooper and cousins
    I get mike evans

    Other te – waller
    Other qb – brady rodgers
    Other WR – keenan allen kupp hilton mclaurin samuel aj green
    RB – Mixon kamara latavius james white ronald jones

    Is this A good Trade ? I really need a RB but noone was biting on my WR TE crappy RB package and figure this would give me a better shot at making a WR heavy package for a RB

    Also is it safe to drop samuel from this team

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      It is safe to drop Samuel although I would try and put him as part of the trade because he does have value. I don’t know when green is coming back so he might be safer to drop. But yes it is a good trade since you still have Waller and he’s already passed his by and you should never carry three quarterbacks especially in a one quarterback league so getting rid of one of them is just fine

      • Barker says:

        Its a qb flex league basically a 2 qb league

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      Oh my bad. No I would not make the trade then. The quarterback should be much more valuable than that in a super flex league.

  9. Barker says:

    Different team
    also qb flex league start 2 wr 1 te 1 w/r/t

    I give kelce
    I get odell beckham

    Other TE – hooper
    Other WR – hilton ridley stills scantling aj green

    Couldnt wait out green any longer as WR1 and now if he comes back i can put him in the flex spot

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      Yes I would do this trade also. But just remember that Hooper has a bye next week so you’re gonna have to find somebody as a fill-in for one week of course Kelsey also has a bye coming up

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