The McNabb trade is still all the buzz, which made buzz-kill Bud Selig unhappy when he turned to ESPN and saw that they weren’t incessantly talking about the Red Sox/Yankees game.  So I think the NFL should stage some sort of big trade to coincide with every “big” MLB game just to make Bud Selig’s nether regions pucker up.

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MJD over at Shutdown Corner like Marc Bulger’s chances of helping a team out next season.  It would be interesting to see how he could do with a good offensive line.  But I’m guessing his PTSD will take years of counseling to overcome.

Peter King seems to think safeties are brittle wusses and shouldn’t go in the first round, but Pro Football Reference takes a look at past first round safeties and like what they see.

The Philadelphia Eagles don’t care for anyone over 30. This sometimes can hurt them. Brian Dawkins had a big year for the Broncos last season, but they also never give up big contracts to aging layers.  The Steelers have a similar practice and continue to win.

Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg debate the fallout of the Donovan McNabb trade.  I’m on the side of Richard for the most part.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post thinks the acquisition of Willie Parker and Larry Johnson is good for Clinton Portis.

Some of the NFL Network guys take a look at the McNabb trade.  Brian Baldinger doesn’t mince words, “I view McNabb as a flawed player, and it was never more apparent than in the back-to-back losses to the Cowboys last season. His flaws will never go away. Now, the Eagles get at least two chances to expose the same flaws they’ve been covering up for 11 years. It works against the Redskins that McNabb is still in the division. Andy Reid can finally stop covering up for one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the history of the game. The Eagles will go to the playoffs. The Redskins will be watching from the golf course.”

Bryan Fontaine over at Rookie Blitz gives us his top 100 Dynasty Rookie Rankings.

Brett Favre is a grandfather.  This reaffirms his oldness.

Fat Albert Haynesworth was offered to the Eagles for McNabb, but they weren’t interested in the oft-injured fatty.

The Daily Show will miss mini camp, but hopes to be ready for full sized camp.