Ok, ok, I know you’ve been clamoring for some hand picked links so I’ll take time out of my busy schedule just for you.  Yes you and that other guy.  Both of you.

This is possibly the funniest thing ever.  Why exactly did the Jets want Cromartie?

The Football Girl takes a look at Golden Tate’s late night bout with the munchies.

NFL Fanhouse gives us their top 25 fantasy quarterbacks.

Thought I’d give you a taste of real football with this play by Derrick Mason in week 14 of last season.

Athlon Sports has a new league format that allows you to have college and NFL players.  I say nay!

With the retirement of Jeff Feagles we bid adieu to Tecmo Super Bowl.  I’m tearing up.

Cold, Hard, Football Facts takes a look at passing through the ages.  A good read.

Fantasy Depth Chart takes a look at the 2010 Tennessee Titans. Grab a Ringer for a CJ backup.

Brad Childress isn’t happy about Adrian Peterson Day.  Maybe he should just put this on a loop and shut it.

CBS Sports.com looks at the NFL schedule through fantasy colored glasses.

I did an interview with Fantasy Football Challenge.  They must have thought they were calling Jermaine Gresham, not Chet Gresham.

  1. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    doc, i must say that i am finally getting the football bug. i did my first mock the other day to get my feet wet, and it felt awesome. I’m bummed that my keeper league is dissolving in favor a new yearly auction league, but oh well. My first real auction destroyed my baseball team, but I think I learned my mistakes and can translate those lessons to football. I know we still have lots of time, but I wanted to throw the idea out there for a PPR commentor league in addition to the regular commentor leagues.

  2. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    The Cromartie thing was pretty funny by the way. Is there really anything better nerds who play fantasy football finding a way to create a fantasy conversation amongst real football players? Also, I think we should all be looking forward to season 2 of the League.

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cleaver596: We might just have ppr as the default this season.

    I liked The League. Some of the football info was off, but it was still a funny show.

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