The sports entertainment world really seems to center around the NFL. Best Ball lobbies are full, and you can draft on several sites like Yahoo and Underdog right now for the 2021 NFL Season. There is a ton of excitement in the air for this NFL season and having a more normal fantasy schedule for 2021.

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The Draft

I have drafted quite a few best ball teams before the NFL Draft, but this was my first post-draft. I seemingly cannot get anywhere near the top of the draft as I was slated to pick 9 out of 12 teams, the 5th straight time I was drafting from one of the bottom four spots. This particular draft was on Underdog, which uses traditional settings with a QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, and Flex on the starting lineup with standard .5 PPR scoring settings.

Going into the draft, you have to secure a running back early, even in Best Ball. The RBs are going off the board in massive chunks early on. Other than that, I was selecting this lineup based on what fell to me and the best value I could get. These were the results:

1.9 Austin Ekeler – RB – LAC
2.4 A.J. Brown – WR – TEN
3.9 David Montgomery – RB – CHI
4.4 Amari Cooper – WR – DAL
5.9 Dak Prescott – QB – DAL
6.4 D.J. Chark – WR – JAX
7.9 Damien Harris – RB – NE
8.4 Curtis Samuel – WR – WAS
9.9 James Conner – RB – ARI
10.4 Ryan Tannehill – QB – TEN
11.9 Gabriel Davis – WR – BUF
12.4 Jared Cook – TE – LAC
13.9 Denzel Mims – WR – NYJ
14.4 Cole Kmet – TE – CHI
15.9 Zach Wilson – QB – NYJ
16.4 Amari Rodgers – WR – GB
17.9 James White – RB – NE
18.4 Josh Palmer – WR – LAC

There were a lot of interesting decisions in this draft but let us start with the first two rounds. I selected Austin Ekeler over Zeke, Chubb, Mixon, and Aaron Jones. Not everyone is going to agree with that, but Ekeler has simply been electric as the starter. Then, you take into account that the Chargers went from one of the worst offensive lines in the league to above-average this offseason, and I’m not sure how Ekeler does not finish as a top-5 RB. Really, you are only worried about injury with him.

Next selection, I have almost always gone RB, but there is just too much to like about A.J. Brown, my number one WR for the year at this moment. There are hundreds of vacated targets on this offense with the departure of Corey Davis. Adam Humphries, and Jonnu Smith. A.J. Brown should see a massive target share increase due to this. He is the kind of alpha wide receiver that can handle all the attention, and I project him to have an extraordinary year.

One thing that I love about this draft was securing the Dak/Cooper and Tannehill/Brown stacks. This should lead to some monstrous weeks, and I did not have to pay too much to secure these high octane stacks at QB and WR.

Another part of this draft I would like to highlight is the late tight ends. In 12-team Best Ball drafts, sometimes you can walk away feeling horrible about your TE situation. However, both Jared Cook and Cole Kmet should get plenty of target share, and they are both fantastic receiving TEs. I think both of these guys are being massively underrated, and there is not a huge drop-off between the points they will put up and the Kyle Pitts/Logan Thomas stack that was drafted 6 rounds earlier.

I walk away from this draft feeling very satisfied. Whenever you are drafting this early, your lobby is going to be stacked with fantasy gurus, and you are probably not getting the best E.V. on your investment. However, you can sometimes hit home run drafts, and while this was not the case, I definitely feel like the team is going to be around the top-4 all season long. There is more than enough firepower to get the massive weeks and plenty of depth to avoid massive drop-offs.

Final Roster:

QB: Dak Prescott (DAL)
QB: Ryan Tannehill (TEN)
QB: Zach Wilson (NYJ)

RB: Austin Ekeler (LAC)
RB: David Montgomery (CHI)
RB: Damien Harris (NE)
RB: James Conner (ARI)
RB: James White (NE)

WR: A.J. Brown (TEN)
WR: Amari Cooper (DAL)
WR: D.J. Chark (JAX)
WR: Curtis Samuel (WAS)
WR: Gabriel Davis (BUF)
WR: Denzel Mims (NYJ)
WR: Amari Rodgers (GB)
WR: Josh Palmer (LAC)

TE: Jared Cook (LAC)
TE: Cole Kmet (CHI)

  1. Jolt In Flow says:

    Hey Sam, I feel you could have easily gotten Ekeler at 2.4. In some leagues, even 3.9. Recency bias has pushed him out of people’s minds due to the injuries. You’re the most bullish analyst I’ve come across on Ekeler. I’m not doubting your conviction. I kind of agree with it. Just pointing this out.

    With the above said, one thought would be; could you have gotten a better player at 1.09 and waited on Ekeler until 2.04? But in the end, you’re high on AJ Brown, so I think you’d end up with the same combo.

    My last thought is whether 2 TEs are enough. But I’m not sure which WR you’d dump even if you were to go with 3 TEs. Do you find 2 TEs are enough for a league like this?

    Thanks for posting this.


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