There were tons of inactives and tons of blow outs and tons of crappy games in week 17, but at least there was fantasy football!  It just makes the world a better place.

We now officially have our 12 playoff teams and one of them is very, very crappy.  I’ll let you decide who that is.

Arian Foster exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Even those who thought he would finish the season with 17 touchdowns and 2200 total yards, WRONG! He finished with 18 touchdowns and 2220 total yards.  Is he next year’s #1 overall pick?  Ben Tate should be back, but only as Foster’s back up.  I don’t see any reason to not have Foster in the discussion as the #1 pick.

Tom Brady: He’s your 2010 MVP.  He doesn’t turn the ball over.  It doesn’t matter who he is throwing to. He wins. etc.. etc…

Rashad Jennings: Ugh and ugh again. I could have used his 133 total yards and touchdown last week! Hopefully you got some use out of him in week 17 because I want his head on a platter!

Vernon Davis: He had a nice game to finish out the season, tallying 96 yards and a touchdown.  In a poor year for tight ends health wise VD finished the season near the top of most formats.  His up and down play can mostly be attributed to the QB carousel he had to endure week in and week out.

Jerome Harrison: He finished the game with 116 total yards and this was on an offense full of backups.  He has the ability, but of course McCoy is the clear #1.  He should be McCoy’s handcuff next season since he fits the offense so well.

Ryan Mathews: Talk about too little too late, ok, I will.  Mathews big game probably didn’t help too many fantasy players out there.  His three touchdowns are like dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind.  But they will give hope to those drafting him next season.  Of course his constant nagging injuries give less hope.

Tim Tebow: He’s not a very good NFL quarterback right now, but he puts up big fantasy numbers.  Tebow is the difference between fantasy and reality.  Tebow’s ability to scramble and scrap at the QB position equals fantasy points.  Tebow doesn’t suck like I thought he would, but he will need to get more accurate to become a long term starter, but as long as he is the starter next season, he will have fantasy worth.

Larry Fitzgerald: He had a big game to finish the season out, grabbing 11 receptions for 125 yards and a touchdown.  He topped his yardage total from last year, but his touchdowns were down, but this could easily be considered his best season if you even take a passing glance at the quarterbacks throwing to him.  Good lord.

Jerome Simpson: He fumbled a couple times, but had another big game with 12 receptions, 123 yards and a TD.  He just raised his fantasy draft stock by a few hundred.

Brian Westbrook: It’s hard to see Westy being much of a fantasy factor next season, but it is nice to see him end this year with a big game.  He has always been one of my favorite players.

Kenny Britt: And he had another nice game, going for 85 yards and a touchdown.  He is the prototype #1 wide receiver, but it will be hard to draft him there with the quarterback woes in Tennessee, but he has shown he can put up big numbers with anyone at the helm.

Chris Johnson: He had good numbers for a non-CJ2K player, but as your #1 pick he didn’t live up to your expectations.  He is still an elite running back and Kenny Britt does help him.  He probably won’t fall too far in drafts even after a “down” season, but he will fall a little.

Mike Williams (TB): He made a nice touchdown grab on Sunday that gave him 10 for the season.  You really couldn’t ask for more from a rookie wide receiver on a young team.  Freeman has stepped up and looks like he can only get better.  Williams’ upside is way up.

Michael Bush: 171 total yards and a touchdown while McFadden was out just shows you how good these two backs are.  Keep an eye on Bush, he could end up somewhere that could make him a top 15 RB.

Rob Gronkowski: He was Brady’s main target and that is a good thing to be.  Without AHer taking away looks he had another huge game.  Just think if AHer hadn’t been around?  Gronk would have had insane numbers.

BenJarvus Green Ellis: It’s so hard to put your support into a Belichick running back, but Ellis was a consistent fantasy producer this season.  Who knows what will happen next year, but if they don’t find anymore old running backs to pick up The Law Firm should be useful again.

Mike Wallace: He’ll finish as the 6th best fantasy wide receiver and deservedly so.  He was extremely consistent and always hovered around 100 yards and a TD.  With his speed, ability and Ben’s arm, he will continue his awesomeness.

  1. darkdragon88 says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for all the info. I won my league because of this site. Other than a few pick ups, the core team I drafted was awesome. Thank you!

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @darkdragon88: Glad to help! Congrats

  3. Pepe Silvia says:

    Muchas gracias from another league-winner. One whiskey headed your way!

  4. KeeblerMN says:

    I’m an avid reader of Grey’s site and naturally found my way to yours. Thanks for the “True Wit” you’ve displayed this year both in advice as well as humor. Hazaa!
    I was in three leagues, finished #1, #2 and #3 in them thanks in large part to your pre-season draft rankings… and taking Arian Foster in all three leagues!

  5. DANgerous says:

    Keeper question ………. I get two…..AP, mendy, rice Matthews, Wayne or. Cassel? I’m leaning AP & mendy but Matthews going off should why the chargers drafted him

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Pepe Silvia: Congrats and thanks!

    @KeeblerMN: Well done! Foster led a lot of teams to glory!

    @DANgerous: I’m worried about Mathews nagging injuries. I’d go with Mendy and AP.

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