There isn’t much a fake football manager worries about more than his or her #1 pick getting injured.  So for all you Arian Foster owners, boo! He has some kind of ailment in his leg area that might keep him out a day to 3 and two thirds years. I can’t say I have any great insight on how long he will actually be out, but he did tweet a photo of his hamstring that medical types are calling lots of medically words, but it looks like some ESPN guys are saying he tore some muscle fibers and there is some bleeding and they are talking 2-4 weeks for recovery.

I have no idea how accurate that is, but he is hurting and the chances of him playing week 1 are nowhere near 100%. The depth chart has Derick Ward at #2 and Ben Tate at #3. Tate has shown enough to warrant a roster spot in deeper leagues as it is, but if you are worried about week 1 there is a good chance we’ll be seeing Ward much more than Tate if Foster is down. He is going to be the much stabler pass blocking back and the Colts have some dudes that can rush the quarterback. So I’d grab Ward for week 1 and Tate for long term. But if I had my druthers I’d just have a good enough bench RB to replace Foster to start the season and Tate as his handcuff.

This does drop Foster in the rankings. Say they don’t rush him and he misses a couple games and comes back healthy vs. rushing him and having this thing linger are out of our control so we have to be wary. I don’t know how far he will drop, but I just don’t see him dropping far enough, so I would plan on skipping him for the most part. I want to say grab him at the end of the first round, but I’m going to play this one as safe as possible and go with the second round for him right now.  Could he end up playing week one and every week from there on out, even the bye week and breaking every rushing record known to mankind? Sure, but I’m afeared as I type this. Keep a close eye on the situation.

Cedric Benson: So he’ll spend about 7 days in jail and then will return to playing football. I’m guessing there won’t be any suspension since that’s what is happening due to the lockout it seems. His leash has got to be unbelievably short, but he is still set for a big workload even if he won’t be all that effective. I’m still drafting him if he falls, but I don’t have to like it.

Chris Johnson: Jason LaCanfora reported that CJ and the Titans were finally getting on the same page to get a deal done. At least there is finally some positive news. I’m a little worried about him getting injured or not being full go in week one if he signs, but he’s too good to let fall if the news continues to be good.

Jeremy Maclin: He’s been practicing and is on track to be full go for week 1. Don’t hesitate to draft him.

Marshawn Lynch: He’s hurting with an ankle injury right now and isn’t very good and on a poor team. I’m staying far away if I can help it. His backup is Leon Washington and I’ve always been a fan of LDub. And now two years from his injury he is looking back up to speed. On that team his upside is still capped, but they will try to get him the ball this season.

  1. Joel says:


    I’m drafting in an hour in a 12 team non-ppr, all tds equal league. 2 or 3 qbs usually go in the first. I’m in the 8 spot and would like a qb. So, could you rank Vick, brees and brady for me? Do u still like Vick as the #1 qb even after his mediocre preseason? THANKS!!

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: I’m not as worried about Vick’s preseason, but he is risky no matter how you look at it and equal passing to rushing TDs does drop him a little. I’d probably go Brees, Vick, Brady

  3. Joel says:

    Thanks for the quick response! Two more quick ones before the draft: 1) if I take brees at 8, then at 17 I’d want an RB and likely MJD will be available. Is MJD too risky at 17 now that his handcuff jennings is injured?
    2) If CJ is still available at 8, do I forget my qb in the 1st plan and really have to take CJ cause he can’t be passed up at 8?


  4. Randy says:

    Mark Clayton signed? I know Bradford really likes him… Any idea how his leg is?

  5. djbooyah20 says:

    My Felix Jones for his DeSean?
    I have McFadden, Forte, Best, FJones
    and Roddy, VJax, BMarsh, Britt, Amendola, Mike Thomas

    I think it leaves me too thin at RB and waaay to crowded at WR. Its a PPR league btw.

  6. djbooyah20 says:

    Also, any suggested trades I may try to make? My WRs are nice, but I’d really like to add another #1/2 rb if I can make a move.

  7. DHill Dragons says:

    I think you’re selling Marshawn Lynch a bit short. I think Lynch is one of the better upside mid round RB bargains this season. The last time that Lynch was on one team and the primary runner was in 2008. The only thing he did then was rush for 1,000+ yards, 8 TD’s, caught 47 balls for another 300 yards and a receiving TD.

    Fast forward to 2011 where Lynch is the unquestioned bellcow and believe it or not is only 25 years old! The addition of offensive line coach Tom Cable and his successful zone blocking scheme, free agent Robert Gallery and 2 high draft picks spent on offensive linemen the pieces are aligning for a power running game that I want a piece of.

    Sure, there are questions at QB, but with an upgraded receiving core of Sidney Rice, a more mature Mike Williams and Zach Miller should be enough to keep 8 men in the box. Yes, we all saw the ridiculous run against the Saints in the playoffs, and realize that runs like that are few and far between, but it was a good reminder of how much natural talent that Marshawn Lynch has as a running back. He’s a perfect RB to target if you spend early picks on QB, WR, TE.

  8. DHill Dragons says:

    Sorry, that meant to read “should be enough to keep 8 men OUT of the box”
    in the last paragraph.

  9. Monster says:

    Doc, thanks for being awesome about responding to comments!

    I’m in a 12 team ppr 2 QB league where you get more points for longer TD’s (40+ yds give you 12pts!) QB,QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,WR,non-QB FLEX, TE

    I had the 5th overall pick

    1. Drew Brees
    2. Roddy White
    3. Josh Freeman
    4. Ahmad Bradshaw
    5. Mark Ingram
    6. Chad Ochocinco
    7. Kenny Britt
    8. Danny Amendola
    9. Mike Tolbert
    10. Owen Daniels
    11. Willis McGahee
    12. Robert Meachem
    13. Michael Bush
    14. Jason Snelling
    15. Toby Gerhart

    Thoughts? I’m getting a lot of ridicule on my RB’s but I went with the “quantity over quality” strategy this year as many of those guys could be the load carrier via injury or better performance at some point in the season. I like my QB’s and WR’s a lot and those positions score way more points than RB’s do.

    Let me know if I should make any trades or roster changes.

  10. timSTi says:

    @Doc: Drop D.Thomas for Ward? I’m a Foster owner and my other RB’s are DeAngelo, Matthews, Starks, & Spiller. Non PPR

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @timSTi: I wouldn’t

    @Monster: I’m worried about Ocho, but I agree with your assessment. l would hold tight for now.

    @djbooyah20: Do not do that, especially in PPR. I wouldn’t tinker with it. Looks good.

    @Randy: Looks like he’ll start on the PUP list.

    @Joel: Sorry I missed this. How’d it go?

  12. Monster says:

    @ Doc

    What are your thoughts on my runningbacks? I’m getting a lot of heat and there’s a lot of people telling me Bradshaw won’t do much due to split carries and Ingram is too risky.

    Also, many people think my Kenny Britt and Danny Amendola picks were major reaches.

    What worries you about Ochocinco?

  13. JR says:

    I have Foster, Charles, Jacobs and Starks. How much should I bid for Tate off the waiver wire. It is also a keeper league so I could keep Tate next year as well if the Texans let Foster go after this year.

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