Paulsen, Elkaffas, DiBari: Rankings, Values, and Giggles.

Good news, bad news this week folks. Well, I’m not quite sure if it is good, or bad, so let’s just call it news. If you’ve seen, listened, or heard of the #DWG4 Experience you likely know it is intended to be a short video interview series. Unfortunately, this week the service I use to record these calls decided to crap out. Maybe it was divine intervention, and these are intended to be audio plays only. Maybe it was meddling, as I officially cleared out the last of my contents from my former site. Or maybe, just maybe, it was something different altogether and merely coincidence things went awry this week. Regardless of the reason, this week I only have an audio version to present to you. So again, I beg of you… please let me know if you enjoy these, find them beneficial, or are a complete waste of both mine, yours, and all of these guests time. The guests this week, you ask? Another phenomenal bunch! I talked with John Paulsen of, who has been one of the most accurate Fantasy Football experts the past decade, even winning the Fantasy Pros content twice. I asked him about his methodology, and what are the initial and final factors into his decision making. We also discussed the Texans backfield, and if D’Onta Foreman truly serves as a bigger threat to Lamar Miller, than the Houston O-Line itself. John came second in this episode (but it the bigger name), because I opened things up with Izzy Elkaffas, who writes for Dynasty League Football (DLF), and is co-founder of the Dynasty Trade Calculator. DTC, or The Calculator as Izzy refers to it, has become very prominent in off-season trading, as a barometer for value being exchanged. I asked him how it got its start, what makes up the algorithm, and what improvements have been made, and are in store for the future. Lastly, I spoke with John DiBari of the Fantasy Forty Podcast. John has become a dear friend thru this industry, is a great deal of fun, and has a very blunt and direct way of discussing players. We talked about an assortment of things, and somehow morphed it into a convo about the rookie Quarterbacks to date.

I truly hope you enjoy the episode! These are a lot of fun for me to record and pick the brains of so many talented analysts, and I am trying to ask questions that will be entertaining and informational for you and your fantasy needs. Seriously, please let me know what you think, what works, what doesn’t, and anything else you think I should consider. Appreciate you all. Good luck in Week 7!

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Back like we never left! I’m bringing you three guests each week, short bursts of hopefully meaningful content. This week I’m getting into Rankings with one of the masters, Jake Ciely, now of The Athletic. I also asked Bob Lung, of Big Guy Fantasy Sports, how his Consistency Guide got its start, and how it can help you. And finally, I got to get the perspective of a Dynasty noob, as Kasey Kasem of Fighting Chance Fantasy discussed her experiences thru the first quarter of the season. If you only want audio, there’s a link below. If you’re interested in the Overall #DWG4 Standings, there’s a table below. If you want to get into the 2019 contest, send an email to [email protected] and put — #DWG5 Pre-Registration — as the heading. Lastly, I am putting in the sweat to bring you these, so by all means… give me your feedback! Are you learning anything from the guests? Is it entertaining? Is it boring, or not for you? I really do want to know, and don’t worry, tell me how you really feel.  I can handle it:

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Back with a new episode of The #DWG4 Experience, only this one is my official first post exclusively to Razzball! This week I’m joined by the creator of The Scott Fish Bowl (#SFB8), Mr. Scott Fish himself. Justin Mason, no stranger to the Fantasy Baseball world also pitched in, as did Anthony Cervino, who hosts the FF Faceoff podcast for Gridiron Experts. Hope you enjoy the video, and if not, let me know why. If you only want audio, you can find that below. Lastly, and right beneath these words, is the updated standings for #DWG4. Thanks to all! Now hit the play button…

Please, blog, may I have some more?

What is up Razzonians?! This feels weird, awesome, daunting, exhilarating, monumental, and cool, all at the same time. My name is Andy Singleton, and I cruise through social media under the handle @PeoplezPen.

Some of you may know me, some not, either way, all good. Some of you may like me, some of you may not, either way, all good. I feel like Razzball and I have been kindred spirits since I dove head first into this industry some six years ago. So, to now be writing my first post here is truly an honor.

Why am I here? I am actually not entirely sure (but don’t tell the powers that be – no one likes a snitch). In a nutshell, I run a Fantasy Football tournament called Draft With Giants that is now in it’s 4th year. It has doubled each time and now boasts 192 participants, the majority of which are “Giants” of the industry. For those of you familiar with the Scott Fish Bowl, this is an exact rip-off of that, only it is a Best Ball contest, and has about 700 teams less. (Don’t worry, Scott is fully aware of this, and has been an owner since inception).

Still, what does that mean to you, and why am I here? Again, I really don’t know! But I am, so hopefully you’re still reading this, and hearing me out. And if not, deal with it. Having all of these participants, I didn’t want to lose out on getting good content from them. Since I have been making videos in the past few years, I thought, why not do a little series mimicking Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, only with Fantasy Football nerds not getting coffee at all, but telling some anecdotes of their lives, and sharing some general fantasy wisdom. (Jerry has no clue of this, so if you know him, don’t tell him, unless you think he’d approve). Anyhoo, that’s what this is all about; having access to hundreds of people and trying to draw out of them some interesting things to entertain you. Thus, ‘The #DWG Experience’ was born.

Now you know why I am here, and if you are still here too, I’m having my own questions. Enough already, moving on to the meat and potatoes. This is my third episode/installment/whatever these actually are, and it features Brad Ziegler (yes, Major League Closer, Brad Ziegler), Sigmund Bloom (Football Guys), and Matt Walker (Dynasty Football Factory). I hope you enjoy, and I welcome any and all feedback – whether good, or bad. I can’t make these better without your help, but they can definitely get worse. So, don’t be shy. Thanks for your time!

Please, blog, may I have some more?