Fantasy football is a conundrum, and far too often the most surprising of breakout candidates are far too obvious in hindsight (We should have seen Adam Thielen coming, guys). While even the most well-argued “sleepers” fail to pan out year over year, we as obsessed fantasy football gamers can take solace in the fact that hopefully more often than not, our process was correct. This year, one such player has been calling my name in every single draft. In both best ball and dynasty leagues, this player stares at me in the very late rounds with tantalizing upside that for some reason the rest of the world has yet to see. My most owned player in all formats this year is Albert Wilson, and you should be buying too. He finds himself in the middle of a talent, investment, and opportunity Venn Diagram this year: He is a very good player, has significant opportunity in front of him to be fantasy relevant, and a team has spent significant capital on him through a healthy contract.

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