Hello Razzballers. Reid here about to start some early mock drafts for the 2017 NFL Draft coverage here at Razzball. I’m using the draft order based on the results of Wild Card Weekend. I won’t be projecting trades in this one. Those mock drafts will come later as the playoffs progress.

I will post a quick comment on the picks since it’s still very early in the process. Would love to hear input from you guys if you think the team you root for has a bigger need or would act differently (without trading).

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Normally, I wouldn’t notate the year (or would I !?), but since we’re going through a transitional phase with the years, I did want to make it clear that this particular post is only for help with your Week 16,17, and beyond (for all those weird leagues that use the NFL Playoffs) Championship match-ups. Just in case someone ends up asking us a fantasy question about your 2018 Championship games… and if that’s the case, I’m totally down, since that means you’re from the future. Which is full of robot dragons. That shoot lasers and wear tight leather while blasting Daft Punk. Pretty much the scariest environment imaginable. Anyhow, if you’re still playing Fantasy Football, that means the stakes couldn’t be higher, so yeah, let’s all have a happy holidays, but why not also have a happy championship? Yeah, I don’t really like the ending either, but whatever, we’re going to roll with it. Indiana knows what’s up, that’s how they get to most places.

Much better…

Rankings for Week 17 including our updated Staff Consensus, Player Status Updates, and an opportunity to ask those all so important roster questions to myself, MB, Zach, Kerry, and Reid in the commentary section are after the jump!

Happy New Year!

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It’s championship time and who better to bring you the lowdown? Well, there’s actually a lot of people you’d probably want instead. Jennifer Lawrence. Eva Green. Abraham Lincoln. You know, the greats. Oh, and for those of you wondering why I’m writing about the pod, I was actually on it for time, but technical difficulties rued the day, so MB and myself will try and launch our “special” conversation tomorrow. Hopefully. And when I use the word special, I use it in the same way McDonald’s says “special sauce”. I figured you’d want the context… Regardless, MB and Reid go over everything you need to know for Week 16, enjoy!

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Hey Razzballers, Reid here fresh off a personal bye week ready to give you guys an updated injury report for the Sunday and Monday Night games.

#BillsMafia is injured with pure confusion after watching the Saints just run all over Buffalo and the reaction from the coaching staff who benched Tyrod Taylor for 5th Round Rookie selection Nathan Peterman. Seriously. I have no idea how it’s going to play out, but I have a gut feeling he’s going to sling it out there regardless of the consequences, so we might see a boost for Kelvin Benjamin and Zay Jones (my extreme sleeper who will totally win you your league in the playoffs).

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