What is my most hated exercise of the entire pre-season? You guessed it, rankings. Why you may ask? 

  1. They change ALL the time. I’ve made changes since yesterday. At least by embedding them in here for you, they should update automatically. 
  2. How your draft is going may dictate that you need to go in a different direction than what rankings say. 
  3. Positional tiers are more important to me and they get lost in just a general ranking sheet. 

You may be asking, then why do them at all B_Don? Well…

  1. You, the reader, seem to really enjoy them. 
  2. It holds me accountable in my drafts and for my calls. 
  3. Silly overall ranking contests. 

Things you need to know about how I do the rankings:

  1. I start with positional rankings and then combine them into an overall.
  2. In the overall, I try to rank based on how I would draft rather than where I think a player ends up at the end of the year. Why? I want you to give you an idea of my draft strategy based on my rankings. RBs early, fade WRs, after the top TEs you should wait, and same with QBs. 
  3. The standard for FantasyPros (the site used for the list below) is 1/2 PPR (please adjust the scoring to 1/2 PPR). FantasyPros adjusts all your ranks for PPR, non-PPR, or Superflex based on some algorithm. If you have specific questions about those formats, you can put them in the comments or find me on Twitter @RazzBDon.
  4. These are not set in stone. As I already mentioned, they change constantly. If I’m sitting in a draft and I do something other than what my rankings say, I make that change. Depth charts, news, injuries, etc. will all adjust the rankings. Plus, my general attitude for that day. 
  5. I’m willing to change them. If you have a good case for why a player should be raised or lowered, I want to hear it. I can’t promise I will adjust the ranks, but the more information I can gather, the better.