Our man Brent will get you updated in his very detailed Injury Report (both offense and IDP) later tonight, but I thought I’d go over some of the backup running backs that might, possibly, just maybe, be getting shots this week.

I’m trying to stay on top of the Weekly Rankings, but it is tough with all the injury news flying around, so be sure to ask, my opinion on these situations is in flux!

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Here are the running backs you probably don’t want to start, but you may have to:

Mike Hart: This PI turned running back has a slim chance to start with news that Joseph Addai is now questionable with a knee injury and Donald Brown hasn’t practiced all week due to a hamstring.  The biggest problem here is the Colts game isn’t until the afternoon.  I believe Addai will probably play, but it’s worrisome.

Maurice Morris: It’s starting to look like Mo Mo won’t be starting this game since Jahvid Best is looking better to go.  This will probably be a game time decision and thankfully is an early game.  I wouldn’t move Best up to his normal spot in the rankings since he could aggravate the injury, but if he goes I’d rather have his upside over a lot of the backside RBs going this weekend.

Laurence Maroney: My Maroney has a first name, it’s L-A-R-R-Y. Knowshon Moreno is out again and Larry will get the start.  Tennessee’s rush defense has been middle of the road and their pass D has looked good, so we could see them go with Maroney more this week.  A decent flex play with all the starters hurting.

Ladell Betts: Pierre Thomas was limited in practice today, and since Friday practices are usually not full contact I’m not putting much hope in the “limited” part of the report. The game is early so you’ll know for sure before you set your lineups.   Betts is in line to get the start because of his veteranitude and blitz pickupitude.  Chris Ivory would probably get the goal line work so if you could smash them into a Ladell Ivory sandwich you might have a decent play.  Otherwise it’s not so good.

Kenneth Darby: SJax is most likely not going to go.  This is another early game so we’ll know in time, but be ready to be without him.  Kenneth Trent Darby isn’t all that good and Seattle is playing pretty well against the run.  Not the best scenario if you are drawing up scenarios, but better than nothing.  If SJax does go you have to play him.

Ryan Torain: Portis isn’t exactly injured, but we will probably see a pretty even split in touches.  The Eagles rush D has been off and on.  Against Best they were very off.  I don’t love this matchup, but there are a lot of holes that need to be filled in lineups this week and I think Torain should get goal line looks.

Willis McGahee: It really looks like Ray Rice is going to go against the Steelers and unless you are really stacked I think you have to get him in your lineup.  I would stay away from Willis unless the news changes.

  1. hideousmutants says:

    Gradkowski is getting a lot of love on the blogs. Do you see him outscoring McNabb?

  2. BearDown says:

    Should I try to get Mark Clayton or Sims Walker for Hightower in a PPR. Stacked at RB and WRs are Roddy White, Nicks, Crabtree, and Roy Williams.


  3. danimal35 says:

    12-team PPR/ 0.25/carry / 3WR/2RB/1 flex position

    Steve Smith (car)

    who for flex:

  4. Damion says:

    I have vick at qb
    at wr-floyd and murphy
    rb-rice and mccoy
    flex-brandon jax

    Im concerned with both ray and murphy. Both are questionable. what should I do??? Keep them in or find others to replace them.

  5. genghis chone says:

    I’ve got an RB slot and a RB/WR slot to fill. PPR league, point per 25 return yards. I have John Kuhn, Ryan Torain, Jahvid Best, Andre Johnson, Demaryius Thomas and Josh Cribbs. Some relevant injury information probably will come out between now and Sunday, but what is your feeling right now?

  6. Jim Parkey says:

    If Best gets the start would you insert him over B. Jackson (non-ppr)?

  7. Slam says:

    Ricky Williams or Jerome Harrison?

  8. Seth says:


    Would you trade Arian Foster and Peyton Hillis FOR Chris Johnson? (ppr league)

  9. Joel says:

    Ijust had an idea: if you were me, would you trade sjax for McFadden straight up? how about dangelo? our league is only 1 pt for 20 yds, not 10, and its super td heavy.

  10. Yonko says:

    I like Darby this week because it’s a home game for StL. Denver got two close TDs at home (Knowshon had near 20 points that week). Seattle turns into meek Dr. Jekkyl without the 12th man.

  11. Hugh says:


    Jonathan Stewart or Ryan Torain at Flex this week? It’s non-ppr. Or would you prefer Jacoby or Mike Wallace at Flex? I may need Jacoby if AJ doesn’t go (I have AJ).



  12. Hugh says:

    @Slam You have to go Ricky, in my opinion.

  13. Commish Cauda says:

    12-team, 0.5 ppr

    We start 2RBs, 3WRs and a FLEX

    my RBs: Bradshaw, Turner, Charles, Brandon Jackson, Michael Bush and Betts
    my WRs: Boldin, Megatron and Jacoby Jones

    I obviously need a WR. I’ve been offered Manningham for Brandon Jackson straight up.

    You like or no? This guy also owns Dez Bryant.


  14. Damion says:

    should I pick up kuhn and drop Owen Daniels….then place him in for Rice

    Heres my roster:

    If I had to sub someone in for rice, who should I drop….and out of these RBS on waiver, who should I pick up: Kuhn, Darby, Harrison, Torrain, fred jax,

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: It looks like Rice will play. I’d stick with him unless news changes, then i;d go with Kuhn.

  16. Colin says:

    Doc, is Best too much of a risk this week? Stout run D and the possibility of aggravating the toe.

  17. Dominic says:

    I got Ray Rice, S Jax, S Greene and Torian. I am scared of Pittsburgh’s D even if Rice was 100% and Sjax’s Groin and I think Greene will get enough touches to be decent against Buffalo and Torian is a wildcard. Who do you think I should roll with…

  18. cruisinkc says:

    With Steven Jackson most likely not a go tomorrow…I have three RB to choose from in my 16 team league:

    Marshawn Lynch
    Jonathan Stewart
    Ryan Torain

    Which 2 would you start if Steven Jackson is indeed inactive?

  19. Damion says:

    So, IF Rice doesnt play, go with Kuhn over torrain, darby, harrison, fred jax??
    What about maurice morris???

  20. paulzone says:

    with sjax out, do you like the sea d/st over colts?

    my receivers suck this week, but which 2 would you play out of:
    aj, ward, damaryius or would you fa hunting for another wr…

  21. paulzone says:

    oh sorry best fa wr’s look to be: hester, henderson, amendola, bess, britt, washington, cribbs, hartline, blair w. (from facts of life?)…thanks…

  22. dedalus says:

    ugh. never thought I’d be asking this question for week four, but who would you suggest sitting between hillis, forsett, and ray rice? thanks!

  23. Matt Leinart says:

    Mike Wallace or Jacoby Jones? Would you play Jones regardless of whether Andre Johnson plays?


  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Colin: Really depends on your backup. He’s risky, but there are a lot of risky RBs that people are starting this week out of need. I like him over players like Betts and Darby.

    @Dominic: I would lean toward Greene and Rice.

    @cruisinkc: Stewart for sure. Then it’s a bit of a tossup, but going with Lynch.

    @Damion: I’d go with Kuhn.

    @paulzone: No SJax does make them tantalizing, but on the road they aren’t as good. I’d lean Indy. I’d go with Ward and White.

    @dedalus: Tough. I’d sit Rice. But could change my mind at any second!

    @Matt Leinart: Yeah, I like Jones either way.

  25. ken plane says:

    Speaking of backups, Best bet for rest of season,figuring in injuries and or trade – F Jackson, M. Bush or D. Brown.

  26. anon says:

    Santana Moss or Colston rest of the year in a PPR?


  27. paulzone says:

    @Doc: shoot, just realized i have wayne so really dont want to white too? second choice?

  28. paulzone says:

    realized i have wayne too. don’t think i want to start White alongside wayne…second choice out of:

    aj, damaryius, hester, henderson, amendola, bess, britt, washington, cribbs, hartline

  29. dja says:

    who would you rather have at wr3 this week?

    mike wallace (bal matchup scares me)
    gaffney (matchup also scares me)

  30. Colin says:

    Doc, it’s either I put in Best, Torain or Tolbert. I could put in WR’s Demaryius Thomas, Golden Tate or Naanee. Whom would you pick of those 6?

  31. Schlitzy says:

    if andre johnson sits would you start walters or jones?

  32. Doc

    Doc says:

    @paulzone: I’d give Hester a shot

    @dja: Yeah, lot of scary players there. I’d hope for a long Wallace TD.

    @Colin: Best if he starts.

    @Schlitzy: Walter.

  33. Joel says:

    God, I just screwed up as always and just traded Welker and Darby for Hillis and Knox. My RBs are now Best, Sjax, Bradshaw, Hillis and barber. WRs are Austin, Maclin, Ward, and Knox. we have 2 rb, 2 wr and a flex. Tomorrow, assuming Best starts, I’m going Bradshaw and Hillis with Best in the flex. maclin is at wr1. Question is: who should be wr2? Obviously Knox over Ward, but the issue is that Jacoby Jones is on the wire. Is Jones a better start than Knox?? no ppr.

  34. Joel says:

    actually, one more Q about this group: if Best and SJax both start, what lineup would you throw out there?

  35. timSTi says:

    @Doc: Need to start 2 of these 3:


  36. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: Best, Sjax, Hillis WRs are Austin, Maclin, and Knox

    @timSTi: LDT, Beanie

  37. Leroy says:

    deep league, 4 WRS… and my RBs are ugly(bradshaw, hillis, law firm).

    would you pickup maroney or darby for this week? would have to drop nanee, caddy or garcon

  38. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Leroy: Maroney

  39. Damion says:

    Doc, you’re the man

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