Happy busiest bar day of the year! Every year, your local bars will fill up the night before Thanksgiving with people coming home for the holidays or looking to get a jump start on their extended weekends. They may also be drowning the misery of the great family feast or the loneliness of having nowhere to go. It’s a time honored tradition of bar folk that is greater than the call of old St. Pat’s. Trust me on this one, I’ve spent too many years and have too many friends in the industry. But one thing is for sure, you can always bury your head in a glass of something to run away from whatever pains you. Let’s toast to that! Good, now that I got you all a little liquored up, let’s talk about fantasy football. *pours fresh glass of scotch* It’s a horrible horrible game that kills you a little more each and every week with the maddening calls you have to make as you not only try to figure out if “your guy” will perform but if his coach will give him enough snaps at being relevant. Okay, enough of this rambling. Let’s look at this week’s battle…

Note: All evaluations are based on 0.5 PPR, and ranks are from FantasyPros.com


Daniel Herron (83) vs. Michael Crabtree (85) vs. Kendall Wright (89)

Last week we saw the birth of something beautiful from an injury that can not be ignored. What’s that J-FOH? The rise of Daniel Heron, the gift that Ahmad Bradshaw has bestowed upon us. Yeah but that was against the Jags!…You Suck! Thanks and that is true. It’s easy to look impressive when you have the Paul Posluszny-less Jacksonville Jaguars trying to tackle you. No wait, even with him there they still have trouble tackling you. One man doesn’t make a defense…unless his name is J.J. Watt. This week Herron gets the Washington Redskins who have given up the 3rd fewest points to running backs. He’s definitely a wildcard this week and that has nothing to do with him running the ball. It has to do with him catching the ball, something he did 5 times for 31 yards last week. The Colts have been utilizing different weapons all year and from the look of things aren’t afraid to distribute it around when needed. The Skins have been hurt by backs who are either named DeMarco Murray or can catch a ball. Let’s keep that in the back of our minds.

On the other side of this are two players who I get asked about every week and to be honest I own nowhere. I hate these two. There is not a lot of upside with Crabtree as long as Kaepernick is throwing him the ball and when it comes to Wright and the QB carousel he plays in hasn’t had a chance to become the man when every other week a new man is throwing him the ball. I hope that made sense. Crabs has been unhappy all year and wants out of SF and I don’t blame him. His coach is nuttier than your grandmas waldorf salad and his ego doesn’t fit in the same time zone as Kaepernick’s. These two would of made for a great celebrity death match. Oh and he’s playing the top team against WR’s this week and needs to be shown the bench. Starting him is like thinking its a good idea to ride your bike off your roof.

Kendall Wright gets a tasty one in the Houston Texans this coming Sunday. They give the exact opposite of what the Seahawks do and that is the most fantasy points to WR’s. His new quarterback should throw for at least 300 yards + this week and with Houston being really good against the TE, 4th best, I think this can really turn into the Wright and Hunter show. Yeah that’s a bonus for Hunter owners. Play the living crap out of both Tennessee wideout’s and forget about it. Ala Donnie Brasco! There really isn’t anymore for me to say. The Texans are the worst against the pass to WR’s, great against TE’s, and their QB can chuck it. Not my best analysis ever, but with Thanksgiving tomorrow, I can understand if you want me to keep it simple. Good! Me too!!!

This week I’m gonna take Wright or Hunter over Crabtree by a mile and then some. I also like Wright a lot because he gave me a chance to use a football move in my title for once. *Gives self high five*  Herron is my wildcard, or for this week. His ability to catch the ball out of the backfield should boost his value and I can easily see a 10-12 point week from him. Crabs is just another itch you can cure by benching. It’s the SF vs SEA game that I hear is a “rivalry”. Four some odd years of battling I guess makes that a rivalry these days. Sheesh! My UCLA Bruins spanked the USC Trojans for the third straight year this past weekend in what was a real rivalry game. Yeah shameless plug for what really matter to me. Screw you USC. Viva Los Bruins!!! OK, I’m out. I have to go get ready to cook an entire meal by scratch for 8-10 people on Thursday. Don’t worry I do it every year.


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  1. Dom B says:

    Which K for this week and ROS Steven Hauskua or Justin tucker

    • J-FOH says:

      @Dom B: its a push

  2. Robert says:

    I have a slim chance to make the playoffs. I am going to offer Cam and Julio in return for Peyton to another team that also has a slim chance to make the playoffs. The other team needs WR help. Worth the risk?

    • Robert says:

      @Robert: Never mind. Deadline passed.

  3. Wacha Wacha says:

    I play in a two QB league how do you rank these guys ROS? M Ryan, J Cutler, RGIII, Hoyer, Orton?

    Also I am trying to improve at WR and I was offered Hoyer and S Watkins for M Ryan and T Mason. Would you rather take that trade or is one of these counter offers a better option?

    M Ryan and T Mason for Hoyer and Maclin
    M Ryan and T Mason for Hoyer and J Gordon
    or Bonus Option settle with who I have at QB and WR right now (M Ryan, J Cutler, D Thomas, R White, C Patterson)

    • J-FOH says:

      @Wacha Wacha: RG3 is done for the year so you can scratch him. Ryan, Orton and Hoyer are about the same. I wouldn’t play Cutler

  4. Nick says:

    hey man, for week 13 what do you go with for WR3 & flex in a non-ppr 10-team?
    WR3- M. Bryant v NO/ K Allen @ Bal / Sanu @ TB / A Johnson v. Tenn
    Flex- Ingram @ Pit / Mathews @ Bal / McK v. Car / L Murray @ STL (if he clears concussion)

    Also, would you drop Andre Johnson (been on bench all season) for Charles Johnson, J Brown, P Thomas, K Rudolph, J Cameron (would be backup to Witten) or J Hunter ?

    • J-FOH says:

      @Nick: Bryant, can you put Sanu at flex?

      I’d hold

      • Nick says:

        @J-FOH: yes, I can put sanu at flex. But would you really go sanu over Ingram or Mathews at flex in a non-ppr?

        Also, u suggest m Bryant at WR3 over K Allen…is that closer to a toss up or u think M Bryant and Sanu will outperform Ingram/Mathews/k allen ??

  5. Dom B says:

    Can you set my lineup

    current one

    QB Aaron Rodgers
    RB Lesean Mccoy
    RB Andre Ellington
    WR Alshon Jeffery
    WR TY Hilton
    TE Delaine Walker
    Flex Kelvin Benjamin
    K Steven Hauschka
    DEF Baltimore
    RB Fred Jackson
    RB Charles sims
    WR Roddy White
    TE Larry Donnell
    QB Ben Rolthesburger
    Colts DEF

  6. Chris says:

    Hello J-FOH,

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    For RB2 would you go:
    Ryan Matthwes @ BAL
    Bishop Sankey @ HOU

    For Flex, would you go:
    Andre Johnson vs TEN
    Desean Jackson @ IND

    thanks for the input.

    • Shelby says:

      @Chris: Ryan at rb2 and if so start bishop at Flex if not start Jackson with colt McCoy back as qb

  7. Hplegend2 says:

    Need help in the RB position who do I start yahoo standard league choose 2 from:

    C.J. Anderson
    M. Forte
    R. Jennings

    • Dom B says:

      @Hplegend2: Anderson and jennings

  8. Hplegend2 says:

    In another yahoo standard league this is my line up if there is a better option on my bench would appreciate the advice:
    QB Peyton Manning
    WR D. Thomas
    WR D. Bryant
    WR J. Gordon
    RB L. McCoy
    RB R. Jennings
    TE D. Walker
    K S. Suisham
    DEF Cincy

    WR B. Marshall
    RB, WR D. Robinson
    RB A. Morris
    RB L. Blount
    RB J. Bell
    TE O. Daniels

    • Shelby says:

      @Hplegend2: good to go watch the matchup between jennings and Morris for ROS but this week against jags jennings is good

  9. Hplegend2 says:

    Last week to trade I am offering in my yahoo league need a win to make playoffs making these offers to make my team stronger for playoffs what do you think.

    Offer 1 L. McCoy, D. Robinson, L. Blount for M. Forte
    Offer 2 B. Marshall, D. Walker, O. Daniels for R. Gronkowski, J. Brown

  10. Dom B says:

    Would you start Steven hauska today or hope that I can get tucker on waivers even though I have lowest priority

  11. Frank White says:

    Wutup J- FOH Happy Thankgiving!!! McCown has been doing awesome for me the past 3 weeks and I have Cam on the bench cause he ALWAYS disappoints me even though he did good the past 2 games. He only does that if I bench him.. LOL.. Should I stick with the hot hand McCown vs CIN or would you chance CAM vs MIN?? Its a MUST win for me and I feel like CAM is so inconsistent compared to McCown’s consistency

    • Dom B says:

      @Frank White: McCown the min almost shut down aaron Rodgers

  12. Bobby says:

    This week & then ROS justin tucker or Mason crosby?

    Who are some sleepers , or players you’d just add for depth?

    Available rbs: roy helu , b Cunningham, s greene, taliaferro , DMC, MJD, Davonte Freeman , juwwan thompson, Jonathan grimes, Matt asiata & joe banyard.

    — the first place team has forsett ; would u look to add forsetts cuff to block him?
    — I’m hearing mckinon didn’t practice today(Friday) add asiata or banyard ?(im fighting w/ mckinon owner for playoff seeding)

    Available Wrs:
    Stedman Bailey, Marqise lee, andre holmes, eddie royal, Robert woods, Markus Wheaton, Preston Parker , wes Welker, cody latimer, Brian hartline, & donte moncrief.

    — I have 2 open spots on my bench which helps,
    For WR would you look to add Preston Parker in case something happens to odell?
    Same in pitt, would you look to add wheaton for bryant insurance?

    Lastly , look to add someone from denver for Demaryius insurance? I don’t have sanders but if he gets dinged up would you want to have latimer or Welker?

    Thanks man hope you had a great turkey day!

    My RBs: gio bernard, jeremy hill, rashad Jennings , ben Tate, Crowell, and dan Herron

    My WR’s:
    Demaryius thomas, Kelvin benjamin , odell beckham jr, martivis bryant & kenny stills.

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