With the playoffs beginning this week, I want to begin by giving all of you who made the playoffs a big over-the-net high five. *slaps screen* Job well done! But now comes the hard part. The stakes are high for you, because winning can really help you with your ego trippin‘. Success gives you a free pass to have one with your friends. If you are feeling insecure then just remember that keepin’ the faith is better than crying. At the end of the day it’s all about me, myself and I, no one else can do it for you. Oh wait a sec, that’s what we are here for. Eye know, how could I forget? The following was brought to you by the De La Soul show I attended the other night.

Note: All evaluations are based on 0.5 PPR, and ranks are from FantasyPros.com.


Robert Woods (69) vs. Charles Johnson (71)

Don’t even get me started about all the puns that ran through my head on this one. There were so many that I had to employ Sky for my title this week. Thanks buddy, I owe you one. And yes, I noticed that Woods is ranked number 69! hehe! Ok, that’s still hilarious to me. I’m like a ten year old sometimes. Sorry guys. Football football football. We’re here for the football and not my rambling drivel. This week Woods gets to travel to the Mile High City (please insert pun point) while Johnson stays home against the most phallic of team symbols…the Jets.

Over the last two weeks Robert Woods has been the most productive receiver on the Bills. Putting up a line of 13 catches on 18 targets for 189 yards and a touchdown will catch anyone’s eyes at this point of the season. This week he gets the Broncos and their middle of the road pass D. Now normally that wouldn’t be enough to put someone over the top but the Broncos offense can make this one a shoot out, which hopefully for my sake will happen. The other factor to consider is Sammy Watkins hasn’t been relevant since week 8. Over the last 4 weeks he’s caught 13 balls on 31 targets for a total of 105 yards. Double YIKES! He also has a hip injury that might be contributing to this decline. Point Woods!

Like Woods, to talk about Johnson will require us to talk about the lack of help Cordarrelle Patterson has been for the Vikings. This immense talent’s disappearing act for 2014 has been a hard lesson some of us had to learn the hard way. Talent doesn’t always equate to success. With an offense is this suspect, with no real QB, and no AP, it makes it incredibly hard to predict. Now over the last three weeks Johnson, the second year wideout out of Division 2 powerhouse Grand Valley State, has been a key part of the Vikings passing game. Well almost. Last week he only caught 2 balls on 4 targets for 41 yards. But to be fair, the Vikings only attempted 21 passes and cruised to a victory over the Panthers. But in the two weeks prior to last week he caught 9 passes on 18 targets for 139 yards and a touchdown. This week he gets the Jets, who have given up the 14th most points to WR’s. Which may not look great on paper, but in reality is nice for your flex where a double digit point day can be expected.

This is really a hard one and I want you all to know I’m looking at this through the lens of an actual decision you might have on your rooster. I have to give the edge to Woods this week. I’m not loving Sammy and I think Woods will be huge. Johnson should have a nice day and is a nice play, but I’m going for sexy and Woods is much sexier than Johnson…Wait! What? Um, this is getting really messy over here with my Woods problem, I mean solution. Dah. Play Woods. He’ll be a major contributor for you.


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  1. STL says:

    Tough situation in the first round of the playoffs. Who do I BENCH?

    Beckham Jr.

    Only have two WR and FLEX to fill. Would you sit Jeffery here?

    • J-FOH

      J-FOH says:

      @STL: Gordon

  2. Nick says:

    Hey, if R Jennings is out, who do you pick to replace in my 10-team, non-ppr;

    1. A Williams @ Tenn
    2. R Mathews v. NE
    3. L Murray v. SF


    • J-FOH

      J-FOH says:

      @Nick: Williams

  3. Hulk Hogan says:

    Hey brother! Please rate by FLEX for the fantasy playoffs. I’m not talking about these 24-inch pythons!

    Gio from C-OH
    BOOM Herron

    • J-FOH

      J-FOH says:

      @Hulk Hogan: Herron, Rob, Bernard

  4. Dom B says:

    I have johnathan Stewart on the chance d Williams is out for a while with his hand injury… I also have Andre Ellington hurt so along side shady McCoy who to start at RB 2 if Ellington doesn’t play Fred Jax, J. Stewart, or drop Stewart for andre Williams if rashad doesn’t play thx

    • Dom B says:

      @Dom B:Scatch out Andre Williams someone else picked him up

      • J-FOH

        J-FOH says:

        @Dom B: Jax

  5. Nick says:

    start one at WR3 in a non-ppr: K Allen, M Bryant or M Sanu

    • J-FOH

      J-FOH says:

      @Nick: Sanu

  6. The Harrow says:

    i just picked up woods to possibly start over wayne and m.bryant (i probably won’t survive if that guy get’s that few targets as 450 or whatever yds it was goes from Ben others, brown and even the likes of H.Miller over him), but am somewhat apprehensive, since DEN’s pass D is actually quite better than middle of the road.
    Ranked 5th overall against the pass, 7th against WR #1’s, and 5th against WR #2’s.

  7. Steve Stevenson says:

    Dynasty, who are you stashing, regardless of position?

    Manziel, Moncrief, Sims or Michael.

    I am in good shape at all positions, so it’s more who has the best chance to blow up into an every-week starter next year. 10-tm league so the wire’s pretty loaded, standard scoring, start 2RB, 2WR and a flex.

  8. Sange76 says:

    #4 seed, with more overall points than the # 2 seed, but sadly just one more loss…

    Anyways, here’s what I’m rolling with into the round 1…

    Qb cutler
    RB forte
    RB ?
    WR Julio jones
    WR ?
    TE ?
    Flex ?
    Def. St. Louis
    K. Gostowski

    Who should I go with for my other RB, WR, TE and flex?
    RB Jeremy hill, boom Herron, Rashad Jennings, denard roninson(WR eligible too)
    WR. K Benjamin, Jarvis Landry, Vincent Jackson
    TE witten, Rudolph
    Flex. Any WR or RB

    Also, stick with at Louis and New England for D or drop someone to stream Minnesota vs. the jets?

    Some tough calls. Solid but not spectacular options outside of forte and Julio…but I’ll take em!

    • J-FOH

      J-FOH says:

      @Sange76: Hill, Landry, Witten, Benjamin, stick with Stl

  9. Barker says:

    12 team ppr

    Qb cam wr gordon keenan rb lacy mason te bennett flex stills
    K vinatieri def SF
    Bn manziel mathews denard ellington baltimore

    1) i picked up manziel to watch this week and potentially start next week but he is not starting obv so now i have a free drop and was thinking to pick up tennesse because they have jax week 16 but would be carrying 3 def or i could go orton or fitzpatrick or moncrief there is not much on waivers
    2) i am having trouble with my rb2 and flex spots who would you go for in those spots mason mathews stills or ellington

    • Barker says:

      Also available woods wayne clay bailey fitz adams doug martin

    • J-FOH

      J-FOH says:

      @Barker: Woods and Moncrief

  10. Barker says:

    10 team 1/2 ppr

    Qb brees wr calvin gordon beckham rb lacy murray te olsen flex p manning
    K tucker def detroit
    Bn evans fitz blount herron reed ivory

    I have a bye this week but wanted to drop fitz or ivory for NE def (nyj week 16) because detroit gets the bears on the road week 16

    • J-FOH

      J-FOH says:

      @Barker: fitz

  11. de nachos says:

    Flex PPR R Jennings, K Allen, K Benjamin or J Hill?

    i am shorty. i be 4′ 11″. Then I was going to make a Christina Applegate joke but I remembered that was P.M. Dawn.

    the show was good?

  12. Nick says:

    you like A Williams at my flex over R. Mathews, Sanu, M Bryant, L Murray or J Reed. NON-PPR…

  13. Over-analyzing says:

    12 team 0.5 ppr league. Who would you start at flex? K.Allen, T.Smith or J.Stewart?

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