I am a little giddy over Chris Wells going all Beanie Mode on the Rams. But I’ll blab about him later. It was a good day of football as usual. The Colts kept their streak alive, Cam closed in on Grogan, Bowe/Jackson/Stevie all proved their worth, Tebow Tebowed, Brady Brady’d, and Beanie, well, he Beanied.

I hope your fantasy teams didn’t suck too bad. I hate you Julio Jones. Here are some guys I saw play football today and some of the things they did while playing said game.

Beanie Wells: My man Beanie would not be denied! His 228 yards rushing and 1 touchdown all came between knee injuries. The knock on him has been his injury proneness but he’s been playing through the injuries much more effectively this season. He has a tough schedule going forward but if he’s healthy for the Browns game week 15 he’s got a ton of upside for that crucial fantasy playoff matchup.

Roy Helu: After Helu’s big check down game against the Niners “Coach” Shanahan decided to go with Ryan Torain and Torain rushed 15 times for 24 yards in those games that Helu could have been getting the starts and bulk of the carries like he did on Sunday. He had 30 touches for 162 total yards and a touchdown. This is a good reason to sack Shanny. But sadly this also means that you have to pick up Helu if he’s out there. Just do it and stop complaining!

Vince Young:  I’ll take 400 yards passing, 40 yards rushing and a touchdown pass from my quarterback please and thank you. Does it matter to your team that his team was destroyed? Nope. Oh, and start quarterbacks against the Patriots.

Matt Leinart: He’s done before you can make a frat boy joke. The Texans are reeling and T.J. Yates probably isn’t going to be dealing. He looked ok at times coming in on very short notice so I’m not going to write him off but he’s still the #3 guy and expectations have to be very low. He’s going to hurt that team’s offensive weapons. Ben Tate is going to have trouble unless they can move the ball better than they did yesterday and you know what happened to Andre Johnson unfortunately.

Marshawn Lynch: The guy has really dedicated himself and it shows. His leaner, quicker and just looks more agile but at the same time still lowers the boom on guys. I sure can’t say I saw that coming after the last couple years and even the beginning of this season. This week he totaled 131 total yards and a touchdown and has scored a touchdown in each of his last 7 starts. That’ll work.

Percy Harvin: He had a big game that could have been huge! Huge I tell yah! He made a great catch at the one yard line that was then taken in by Old Toby Gerhart for a touchdown. Then he ran a kick back 104 yards setting a record for longest NON-SCORING play. And after these two near misses he still ended the game with 8 receptions, 106 total yards and a touchdown. Add two more touchdowns to that and you have yourself a party!

Sebastian Janikowski: He kicked a personal best 6 field goals and probably won a lot of leagues this week. Him and that punter of theirs, Shane Lechler, are insanely good. Oh, and Sea Kow is his nickname. Pass it on.

Philip Rivers: It’s so hard to believe that he is as bad as he’s been playing but crappy is as crappy does and he’s been doing very crappily. He’s still a QB1 but only barely and he has more weapons than he had last year when he finished as a top 5 QB. He is hurt or has some kind of mental block against success but either way he’s not turning things around but you can’t chuck him unfortunately.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: If I’d had told you to start Fitzpatrick against the Jets I think you’d have revolted. The only other QB to throw for 3 touchdowns against the Jets was some guy named Tom Brady. But Fitzy did of course and no you shouldn’t have started him.

Desean Jackson: It’s hard to find as much raw talent in such a poor all around football player. Jackson T-Rex armed another pass and dropped what should have been a touchdown pass and was benched. He still had 73 yards so as long as they don’t bench him for good he’s going to have some value but you don’t have to like it.

Chris Johnson: 190 yards rushing ain’t too shabby. He was facing a Tampa Bay run defense that’s been awful but you take that 190 and run. The good news is that the Titans have a nice schedule against run defenses the rest of the way.

DeAngelo Williams: After getting one touchdown all season he goes and steals 2 of them from my man Cam Newton. Can you expect him to score another one all season? Unfortunately the answer is no.

Wes Welker: He got back on track in a big way with 2 touchdowns and 115 yards receiving. He had been in a scoring slump and last week a receptions slump but you can’t keep old Dubyah Dubyah down for long. He’s a little like a virus if you aren’t a Patriots fan or have him on your team.

Stevie Johnson: Well, he owned himself all of Revis Island but still ended up sinking his whole team with a excessive celebration penalty and a dropped could be touchdown. That’s not how you win friends and influence people. But as far as fantasy goes he did much better than expected and if you had to start him you were pleasantly surprise, unless you are a Bills fan of course. Yeah, he did a dance/pantomime of Plaxico shooting himself in the leg. I wasn’t that outraged and I’m easily outraged.

Mark Sanchez: Ok, how does a guy who looked like year old dog crap throw for 4 touchdowns? I have no clue. And wouldn’t fresh dog crap be more offensive? Sanchez redeemed himself on the TD throws but still didn’t instill much faith in his abilities as a quarterback.

Tim Tebow: He ran the ball 22 times which according to Adam Schefter’s people is some kind of a record. He really wasn’t that successful on those runs but the threat did help Willis McGahee run for over 100 yards. Tebow is winning me over as far as his ability to make the Broncos a better football team. We already knew he was a decent fantasy player no matter what based on his ability to run but his ability to not turn the ball over and manage field position with the defense is helping them win. It’s pretty interesting to watch actually; boring, but interesting.

Eric Decker: Really, how can this guy keep getting into the end zone? It’s mind boggling. He’s proving his worth as a WR3 though. You just have to be ready for that clunker, but that happens with WR3s quite often anyway.

Ryan Mathews: He had a career high 137 yards rushing after it looked like he might not even start the game. Dan Fouts can go suck on his beard. That’s Mathews third 100 yard rushing game. All three have come against the Broncos. Wha?

  1. JT says:

    Yo: Drop Spillier (playing WR for me) or Law Firm for Helu. Also, hari kari or jumping off a bridge for wanting a Shanna-back.

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @JT: I’d drop Spiller for him.

  3. Chris Crawley says:

    Is this a good trade
    I would trade Steven Jackson Antonio brown and Jonathan Stewart for Brandon Marshall and beanie wells
    My starters are
    Welker Wallace brown
    Rice s Jackson
    Stewart/ Kevin smith

  4. Howard says:

    @Doc Like many others I bought onto the Kevin Smith Bandwagon. Needless to say, the wheels have come off! WW has slim pickings: Hunter, D. Brown, Battle, Torain, Choice, Hardesty…???

  5. Derrick says:

    How long before AJ Green becomes the best fantasy wide receiver in football?

    He’s absurdly good in a position that normally takes some time to adjust to.

  6. ringo says:

    Nate Burleson or Greg Little ROS?… Kevin Kolb, Rex Grossman or Matt Moore ROS?… Standard Yahoo Scoring…. Tried to keep it simple. THANK YOU

  7. EK says:

    Please rank these WR for ROS (non-PPR):

    S. Holmes
    M. Williams (TB)
    S. Moss
    L. Robinson
    D. Nelson


  8. keld says:

    That call about Mathews being injured royally screwed me this week. I played Hillis instead of Mathews — I’m down 15 with Jacobs left. Mathews scored 17 points in my league’s scoring (100+ yard game = 4 bonus points).

  9. I have four guys on my roster. I started S Greene at flex, and Blount and Kevin Smith at RB. I sat Roy Helu.

    Helu outgained my three starters combined, 20.5-19.5.

    I hate Mike Shanahan.

  10. Matt says:

    I hate Julio Jones too… I last minute substituted him into my lineup for Brandon Lloyd just minutes before game time… Such garbage…

  11. Shin-Soo Choo Choo says:

    Drop Kevin Smith for Helu?

  12. Art Vandelay says:

    Doc, do you see L. Robinson as a sell high right now? I own him as my WR2 right now and am thinking about moving him given Austin’s pending return. However, his chemistry with Romo can’t be denied at this point, and I think (hope?) he retains solid value even with Austin back, so I don’t want to sell him for a song. Any suggestions for potential targets that would be both an upgrade and a realistic deal?

    I am going to offer him straight-up for Wallace in hopes of cashing in on his down few weeks. Worth a shot, but I doubt it will work. Looking for other ideas…

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Shin-Soo Choo Choo: Hard to say. Some reports are saying he could be back as soon as next week. Anyone else?

    @CmhBuck: Jeez. He is a bastard.

    @keld: Yep, me too.

    @EK: Williams, Holmes, Robinson, Moss, Nelson

    @ringo: Moore, Burleson

    @Derrick: He’s got all the tools

    @Howard: I’d keep Smith over them

    @Chris Crawley: Close, but I’d say no

  14. DeepDowntheMiddle says:

    Hey Doc,
    Looks like Eli may have a tougher than some schedule in the fake playoffs. Who would you rather have as a back-up in a PPR, Matt Moore or Flacco? These are the only real choices on the WW and both seem to have decent match ups. Thanks in advance for dropping the knowledge!

  15. Art Vandelay says:

    @CmhBuck: You’d rather have him than Robinson? He seems to have little upside these days.

  16. @Art: No, I’d rather have Robinson.

  17. Nick says:

    @Doc: Would you rather have Knox in a 10-team non ppr league or Moore, Avant, D Brown, Douglas or pickup a 3rd QB to Tebow & Sanchez in Flacco, Dalton, Grossman, Leinart, C. McCoy, Breaston or Burleson…

    Thanks Doc!

  18. Mikey says:

    Doc, somehow looking to pull through this week with a RB group of Tolbert and Jacobs as this season’s other contributions all came from Hillis, Best, Jackson and Hightower. I’m cursed.

    It’s that bad. Anyone I should be targeting on waivers? All scraps left…Colts RBs, Toby G, etc… Basically, a waivering wire preview? ;)

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