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If you watched Monday Night’s game between the Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets, then you know what I’m talking about. The Jets have no fight left. We should have seen that performance coming, though. Early last week, it was reported that Darrelle Revis didn’t want to play anymore. A Revis confidant said, “He’s done. If he had his way, he’d be done right now. He doesn’t want to play anymore. He’s made a lot of money.” Revis is making $17 million this year, by far the highest mark on the team. When the supposed franchise player and leader is mailing it in, it’s tough for a team to show fight. Now, there are a ton of issues with the Jets that have led to their 3-9 record, so it’s not all on Revis, but that’s another article for another day. The point is that at this stage of the season, many players are making “business decisions” and vacation plans on the field. The Jets are a prime team to stream against.

You did your projections, poured through all the stats, identified matchups, etc., so now you are here in the playoffs. Remember, it starts to get wonky now. The weather obviously affects things, but really keep an eye on standings and player usage. My favorite memory was from a few years back when the Packers decided to sit Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn threw for 480 yards and 6 touchdowns. The game happened in Week 17, so most playoffs concluded, but if you were playing in a rotisserie format, that performance may have pushed you over the top. Anways, there have been other insane performances in the fantasy playoffs by relative unknowns. Just be aware that “shit happens” and do not be beholden to the start your studs at any cost mantra.

Ok, this is my last Bear or Bull post for the year, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I just want to thank all of you that have read my work this year. Hope you enjoyed them. I also want to thank Grey and Jay for affording me a platform to spew my thoughts. Good luck to all in the playoffs!

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