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One of the great mysteries of life is the nickname. It is often said that nicknames are earned and that one cannot give themselves their own nickname. I say: Ef that. If I have big ears, did I “earn” the Dumbo nickname? That’s some bull shiitake mushroom. By the way, I don’t have big ears and I was never called Dumbo. Just an example. Goes to room, locks self in closet and cries. You know how nicknames are established? There are only three ways. 1) The person being nicknamed accepts the nickname. This usually happens because the nickname is freaking dope. 2) The person is a beta. 3) The person is a beast and tells everyone else what they should call him.

Darren Sproles falls into the third category. People used to call him Super Smurf. I’m with Sproles., ef that! You know how much of a boss he is? He says to call him Tank because, when he was born, he weighed 10 pounds. That’s what I’m talking about.

Now, over his 11-year career, the 5′ 6″ 190 pound baller has been a boss on the field. He has a career 5.0 average on 623 carries, has scored 49 combined touchdowns, and has had three seasons with over 70 receptions (one 86 catch season). Oh, he’s also taken two kickoffs and seven punts to. The. House. Why the Chargers and Saints let him go is beyond my comprehension.

So, why am I talking about Sproles this week?

He is now the supposed #1 running back in Philly. What?! Geez, how much do the Eagles hate Mathews? Anyways, during last week’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, Sproles carried the ball 15 times for 86 yards and caught five passes for 17 yards. He did look good, as he has always looked good throughout his whole career. Tell me why the Chargers and Saints got rid of him again?

This is what pops into my head when I hear or read that Sproles is going to be the #1 running back in Philly:

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Don’t get me wrong. I love Sproles and always wished that he got a chance to be more involved in the offense. The thing is, in 10 previous seasons, he had never received more than 93 carries in a season. I make fun of and think many football executives are morons, but in actuality, I think they are smart guys and have access to more information that I could ever dream of. The problem lies in the fact that they spend 100 hours a week watching film. That’s gotta drive men to do insane things no? Anyways, that’s another conversation for another time. There’s a reason teams have been reluctant to give Sproles many carries. He’s 5′ 6″ and 190 pounds. Could he do it? I have no doubt because Sproles is a freaking boss. Barry Sanders was 5′ 8″ and 203 pounds. Just saying. But at 33 years old? I don’t think that’s the time to start running Sproles between the tackles 10 times a game.

If the Eagles gave Sproles 15 carries a game for the remainder of the season, that would put him on pace for 135 carries and bring his total on the season to 181.

By the way, it’s really lame that ESPN runs that segment without Chris Carter. C’mon man!

I’m not totally fading Sproles, as he’s still going to catch passes, but if you are expecting a “bell-cow” running back….C’mon man! It could happen for a few games, but I just cannot see Sproles holding up to that workload over the course of the season. I really wish he was given the chance earlier in his career, though, as I truly believe he could’ve done well. Anways, my parting though is: Why didn’t the Eagles trade Mathews if they hate him so much?



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  1. omar says:

    Already asked Jay, but thought I’d get your take as well….

    12 team 1pt PPR.

    Currently rostering Gronk & Eifert. Looking to move Gronk to shore up my WR/RB slots for a playoff run (currently 7-1).

    Thoughts on this trade:

    R Kelley (trade oartner owns Matt Jones)

    Amari Cooper
    Devonta Freeman

    Current roster:
    QB – Big Bem
    WR – A-Rob
    WR – Nuk
    RB – Lamar Miller
    RB – Ajayi
    TE – Gronk
    Flx – Diggs
    Bn – Eifert
    Bn – Dion Lewis
    Bn – Tyrell Williams
    Bn – Gillislie
    Bn – Mariota
    Bn – Kelley

    Thougts? Just don’t trust A-Rob and Nuk at the moment. Also, I hate for this to factor into my decision, but it keeps running through my mind; is there a possibility the Pats sit starters in week 16 if they’ve clinched home field by then?


    • Son

      Son says:

      @omar: I don’t like the trade for you. Gronk is an animal and gives you such an advantage at TE. Ajayi is running well and the O-line looks diesel in Miami. I love Cooper, as I’m a Raiders fan, but he contends with Crabtree for targets, especially in the red zone. Freeman is nice but Coleman will probably return at some point. Eifert is fine, but he’s no Gronk. With that said, he had a nice game so he has value. I’d look to conjure up a package with him in it to upgrade at WR. As for Pats sitting, I wouldn’t be too worried about that. If they do, I don’t ever see them taking a whole game off. Belichick would want to keep them sharp, so a half at least. A half of Gronk is better than a full game or 2 from other TEs.

      • CMUTimmah says:

        @Son: Gronk side. Easily.

  2. omar says:

    Thanks for the insight. My other option is to put together a package to move Gronk for Mike Evans. Is that better or still hold?

    • Son

      Son says:

      @omar: Anytime. I’d hold but I totally get it if you want Evans

  3. Tsilaeri says:

    Thanks for the post!
    I somehow ended up with the greatest team I ever had, even considering it’s 10 team league, but the problemo is QB. I don’t know how I ended up with Bell, Johnson, Gronk together, but well it’s a beginner’s league so…

    QB – R Wilson
    WR – J Nelson
    WR – Demariyus Thomas
    WR – R. Cobb
    RB – L. Bell
    RB – David Johnson
    TE – Gronk
    K – S. Hauschka
    DEF – Minnesota
    Bn – D. Moncrief
    Bn – D. Booker
    Bn – M. Bennett
    Bn – C. Kaepernick
    Bn – Derek Carr
    Bn – A. Hooper
    IR – S. Watkins
    (Commissioner messed up so we don’t have a flex)

    With THIS team, I suffered losses and am in the 2nd place, mostly because of R Wilson.
    What should I do with this guy?

    Option 1: Trust him rest of the way since he’ll be getting rid of knee braces soon
    Option 2: Deal Booker+Someone else to get a decent QB > I know RB depth gets too thin but Booker deserves more than a bench, so thats my dillemma.
    Option 3: Leave Wilson at bench and just go with Carr until Wilson gets things together.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Tsilaeri: no need to trade for a QB

  4. Brian says:

    Prociese or Antwan Smith this week. I know I botched both those names but I think you will get it. TY

    • CMUTimmah says:

      @Brian: Smith… he’ll be more involved for sure.

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Brian: Smith for me

  5. John says:

    What are your thoughts on Corey Coleman? He’s supposedly back from his hand injury. Do you think he could be a wr2 going forward? Thanks

    • Son

      Son says:

      @John: I like him but he’s going to be boom/bust. I’m not sure about WR2. Pryor is the #1 there. Plus, there still the whole McCown vs Kessler thing. McCown is better for him.

  6. CMUTimmah says:

    WR3 at best. He’s a WR2 on his team. Pryor isn’t going anywhere. The upside value is that Cleveland will likely always be trailing, so there will be lots of passes thrown.

  7. JimmyJackJames says:

    Half PPR league – I’m offering two trades at the moment:

    My Tate/McKinnon for Larry Fitz and the same offer for Michael Thomas.

    The alternative is I’ll likely be dropping McKinnon. Both Tate and McKinnon are both on my bench so just looking to upgrade where possible. I have Julio, Landry and Sanders at WR already.

    Name value seems like a lot but I feel like the upgrade in WR is probably worth it – thoughts?

    • Son

      Son says:

      @JimmyJackJames: This is the time to use depth to bolster the starting lineup for the stretch run

      • JimmyJackJames says:

        @Son: Thanks – in your view, is the difference between Tate and M.Thomas, McKinnon? I love Thomas but not sure if I’m going overboard…

        • Son

          Son says:

          @JimmyJackJames: M Thomas is the guy you want. Getting better every week and Bree’s is trusting him more. In addition, the Saints have a high-volume passing attack. Oh, and the Saints’ defense is a sieve. The value of Tate goes down with the returns of Riddick and Ebron. McKinnon splits time with Asiata and that oline is bad.

          • JimmyJackJames says:

            @Son: My man – thanks Son

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