So, it’s the playoffs. Which means things are all crazy and new in the NFL. So it only seems appropriate we make things all crazy and new here at Bet the Farm, too! How, you ask? With a brand spanking new playoff contest! How does it work? I’m glad you asked, because it’s a bit different than what we did during the regular season.

– Each week we’ll list the current point spread and total for each playoff game when this goes live. Those are the spreads/totals everybody will use for their picks that week, no matter when they pick (even if the spreads/totals change officially).
– You must make one wager on each playoff game. You can wager either the spread or total, but not both, for any single game. You must bet every single game during the postseason.
– You get one point for each Wild Card and Divisional Round game you guess correctly, two points for each correct Conference Championship Game, and four points for the Super Bowl. However, you will make each of these wagers the week of that specific game.
– Once during the playoffs, you may identify one game as your “lock.” If you get that game right, you get four extra points. You only get one lock for the entire playoffs, so the maximum final point total is 20.

Standings After Wild Card Round

CWebb: 10 (7)*
SirStevens: 9(2)*
King Daddy Crunch: 7 (3)
Josh Carey: 3 (2)*
TheTinDoor: 2 (0)
Bertchr22: 2 (-)
hencoop: 2 (0)
Cray: 1 (-)
Zorboss: 2 (1)
Comatose: 0 (-)
Darth Ripken: 0 (-)
Tom: 0 (-)

* Indicates a player used the Playoff Lock.

Number is parenthesis is a player’s score from the Divisional Round.

Remember, games are worth two points this round. Somebody who hasn’t even started playing yet could still win the contest!

Official Bet the Farm Lines for the Championship Round

Denver -5.5 vs. New England. O/U: 56
Seattle -3.5 vs. San Francisco. O/U: 38.5

Josh Carey’s Picks

New England +5.5: The numbers tell me I’m wrong here, but sometimes you just have to go tell the numbers to suck it. Denver’s secondary is banged up in a big way, so the lack of top-tier receiving options on the Patriots offense will be less of a detriment than previously believed. Peyton Manning’s worst game of the season was against New England earlier this year, so one has to wonder how effective the Broncos attack will be. All New England has to do to cover this spread is keep it close. That seems like an attainable goal.

Seattle -3.5: I want San Francisco to win, I really do. There’s something uniquely insufferable about Seahawks fans that makes you just want to see their team lose (and I’m a Yankee fan, so if anybody knows insufferable fan bases, it’s me). But, gambling principles can not be ignored. Seattle has a slight edge in the numbers and has the “go against recent results” play going for them. The final score of that New Orleans game was closer than the game itself actually was, and the 49ers have the public perception of being on a “roll.” Toss those factors into a blender and you’re left with the unfortunately smoothie that is Seattle once again playing in the Super Bowl.

Zorboss’ Picks

Playoff Record: 2-4-2

Denver -5.5: Looks like the NFL got the final four they were looking for. First time in a bunch of years that all the favourites made it to the championship round; “in a bunch of years” is an official NFL stat. So, who’s going to win this game? Don’t look at me, I have no idea. Oh, you were looking at me because I had a stain on my shirt? My bad, I should have known nobody is looking at me for my picks. I really don’t like the Patriots so I’m making this pick based on hatred; it’s my paragraph and I can choose how I want to. The only thing I do know is if Denver makes it to the Super Bowl, lots and lots of recreational drugs will be in high demand and supply. And, I’m not getting in the way of economics. Broncos 37 Patriots 27.

San Francisco +3.5: So, three out of the four teams to advance in the NFL playoffs are from Wild West America. Is the tap water that much better closer to the Rocky Mountains? Maybe that’s why Rocky Mountain High Bar & Lounge had great popularity and such delicious drinks (inside joke for Torontonians growing up in the late 90’s and early 00’s). I’ve only won two bets so far this post season and the 49ers have been the cause and effect of both wins. I’ve always liked the balance San Francisco brings to the field with a solid defense, consistent offense and capable quarterback. The only thing not going for them would be playing on the road in the rowdy Century Link Field. The best thing I like about them is the +3.5 points provided to us by the bookmakers and Josh. Is Josh a bookie? Does he bet with himself? Is his real name Josh? The only thing I do know is that Mr. Carey has no home dogs to bank with this round. The next best thing is a road dog and that’s the way I’m banking at 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday. Will the western teams take the Oregon Trail back east for the Super Bowl? Watch out for dysentery and typhoid fever. 49ers 27 Seahawks 21.

  1. CWebb says:

    New England (+5.5)
    San Francisco (+3.5)

  2. SirStevens says:

    Sea -3.5
    NE +5.5

  3. Tehol Beddict says:

    Denver- -5 1/2

    Beddicts back bitch

  4. King Daddy Crunch says:

    Denver -5.5
    SF/Sea OVER 38.5

  5. henncoop says:

    Seattle LOCK!!
    Over NE/Den

  6. Brian says:

    This looks like fun- I’ll give it a shot…

    Den/NE – Over (lock)
    SF +3.5

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