So, it’s the playoffs. Which means things are all crazy and new in the NFL. So it only seems appropriate we make things all crazy and new here at Bet the Farm, too! How, you ask? With a brand spanking new playoff contest! How does it work? I’m glad you asked, because it’s a bit different than what we did during the regular season.

– Each week we’ll list the current point spread and total for each playoff game when this goes live. Those are the spreads/totals everybody will use for their picks that week, no matter when they pick (even if the spreads/totals change officially).
– You must make one wager on each playoff game. You can wager either the spread or total, but not both, for any single game. You must bet every single game during the postseason.
– You get one point for each Wild Card and Divisional Round game you guess correctly, two points for each correct Conference Championship Game, and four points for the Super Bowl. However, you will make each of these wagers the week of that specific game.
– Once during the playoffs, you may identify one game as your “lock.” If you get that game right, you get four extra points. You only get one lock for the entire playoffs, so the maximum final point total is 20.

Standings After Conference Championships

SirStevens: 11 (2)*
King Daddy Crunch: 11 (4)
CWebb: 10 (0)*
Tehol Beddict 8 (8)*
hencoop: 8 (6)
Josh Carey: 5 (2)*
Zorboss: 4 (2)
TheTinDoor: 2 (-)
Bertchr22: 2 (-)
Cray: 1 (-)
Comatose: 0 (-)
Darth Ripken: 0 (-)
Tom: 0 (-)
Brian 0 (0)*

* Indicates a player used the Playoff Lock.

Number is parenthesis is a player’s score from the Conference Championship Round.

It’s a tight race at the top as anybody in the first five positions can still claim the title. Remember, all Superb Owl (Thank you Stephen Colbert) picks must be made by 6:00 PM Eastern Sunday to count. So don’t get too cute waiting to see what other people do.

Official Bet the Farm line for the Super Bowl

Denver -2; O/U 48.5.

Josh Carey’s Pick

Denver -2: Yeah, so unlike last year, I’ve stunk up the joint and don’t even have a chance at taking the whole playoff picks prize this year (alliteration!). The numbers say Seattle, which is where all the sharp bettors are putting their money. The public at large is pushing Denver in a huge way. I’m not going to write a book like Zorboss down there. I’m rooting for Manning and the Broncos, so that’s where my money goes.

Zorboss’ Pick

Denver vs. Seattle UNDER 48.5 (LOCK): Should I go to the Super Bowl? Ticket prices are dropping faster than the outside temperature and I’m only a hop and skip away from New York; I’m white, so travel jumping is not an option. I’ve always wanted to go to a Super Bowl, not just for the game but for all the festivities that take place leading up to the game as well. Events like media day, toboggan runs, late night parties and field goal kicking would be a dream come true; I’ve always wanted to be a kicker or Olympic luger. Razzball, why wasn’t I given media credentials to go and cover the Super Bowl? I had so many great questions lined up like, “should the Madden gaming franchise bring back the ambulance that picked up an injured player, while running over several other healthy players, in order to treat said pulverized player” or “when playing fantasy football, do you just call it football, like cheesesteaks in Philly or wings in Buffalo?” So many deep and soulful questions without answers. Anyway, as losing fantasy football teams would say, maybe next year is the year.

All this talk about cancelling the game and moving it to either earlier or later in the week due to snowsqualls has ruined my chances of realistically attending, but provided me with my bet for the game: Under! I really want Peyton Manning to win his second deserved title but I have a lot of reservations about the matchup, weather and the Seahawks’ skill, so that betting option is null and void. Plus, I don’t want to overshadow Mr. Mayweather’s seven figure bet on Denver with breaking news that Zorboss has just ‘Backed the Bronco’. What I do know is any type of ball versus air clash, whether kicking or throwing, in snowy and frigid conditions, leads to a not so favourable outcome. The average total points scored in all Super Bowls in 46 –don’t forget all of those previous games were in indoor stadia or in warm favourable climates – so the chances this game goes under 48.5, being outside in New York, is positive. With the number one defense in the league, Seattle hasn’t played a game in over two months where the total points scored went over 41 and are currently on a six game under streak. You think Denver and its record breaking number one offense might halt your under bet, but a closer examination shows they themselves are currently on a 5 game under streak. When the temperatures start getting colder, the games more important, teams switch to a more risk-averse and safe play calling menu.

My gambling record aside, I had a blast again this year on Bet the Farm and I send my congrats to Josh on another positive gambling line in a year full of craziness. I hope everyone reading didn’t lose too much mullah and enjoyed reading the voice of Zorboss. In the words of wise Hal Johnson and witty Joanne McLeod, “keep fit and have fun.”

Broncos 22 Seahawks 20.

  1. CWebb says:

    Seattle (+2)

  2. SirStevens says:

    Under 48.5

  3. King Daddy Crunch says:

    Seattle (+2) LOCK

  4. Jay

    Jay says:

    20-16 Seahawks.

  5. Sky

    Sky says:

    Gimme the under and the current line for the ‘hawks


  6. henncoop says:

    tough game …just going with Manning on this one


  7. King Daddy Crunch says:

    Fun playing the postseason with everyone here – 19 of 20 possible points, wish I had put some bets sooner on my picks! Thank you also to Zorboss – I was torn whether to take Seattle or the under, but when you went with a best bet on the under, it became clear to me not to trust that, and stick with Seattle! Your picks have been remarkably reliable all season, surefire winners, as long as we agree to disagree!

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