Okay, if you haven’t been playing along with our Bet the Farm Playoff Challenge, this post isn’t going to make much sense to you. Sorry about that, really. But for everyone that has, I assume no matter what I type in this space, they’re just going to scroll down to the standings anyways and not bother reading this. However, that does mean I can write anything I want here and nobody will ever read it. Green Monkey Vanilla Bouncer. U2 is the most overrated band ever. I just do not get the appeal of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Bet the Farm Playoff Challenge Official Champion: ICHIROSAN

(Points in parenthesis is the number of points scored in the Super Bowl round. Four points for picking the game correctly, six points if the player had their Playoff Lock remaining).

ichirosan*: 13 (4)
Tehol Beddict*: 12 (4)
Blake Fusion*: 11 (6)
Danski6*: 9 (0)
King Daddy Crunch*: 9 (0)
Scott P*: 9 (-)
Sky*: 9 (4)
TheTinDoor*: 9 (0)
Josh Carey*: 8  (0)
Nick S*: 5 (-)
Phil*: 5 (0)
Darth Ripken*: 4 (-)
goodfold2*: 4 (-)
Heraldo*: 4 (-)
Murph: 4 (4)
TheBigAndTheRed*: 4 (-)
VinWins*: 4 (0)
Wallpaper Paterson: 4 (4)
Comatose*: 3 (-)
Zorboss*: 3 (0)
RambleOn: 2 (-)
Tristan*: 2 (-)
Lambeau Leap: 1 (-)

Taking the easy (and Josh Carey-recommended) way out, ichirosan rode the Baltimore Ravens and their 3.5 point advantage to sole possession of first place in the first ever Bet the Farm Playoff Challenge. It would have been difficult to pick ichirosan as the ultimate winner when he produced just two points from the initial Wild Card round, but consistency was the name of the game for our overall winner. He added three points in the Divisional Round without need of his Playoff Lock, leaving that open to catapult him into a first-place tie when Baltimore +9 hit in the conference championship round. Sticking with the Ravens is what put him above the rest of the crowd entering the final weekend at 9 points and secured the top spot for the fan of the Japanese hit machine.

“What might have been?” has to be the question Tehol Beddict is asking himself. A second place showing is impressive enough, but Mr. Beddict actually missed the Wild Card round entirely, securing 12 of the 14 possible points available to him afterwards. As someone who first participated in Razzball’s “Next Great Fantasy Football Writer” competition in Round 3 of 5 (also securing a painstaking second place), I fully understand the frustration of this situation. Still, a valiant effort indeed.

Blake Fusion jumped into third place with his successful pick this week and Sky joined those three as the only previous participants to correctly pick the Super Bowl matchup. Which means that you’ll actually find Sky, the non-gambler who is always wrong, ahead of me on the final standings list. How about that? Watch out for the humble ones folks, they’re likely to end up being sharks.

And when Zorboss told me I could go ahead and write this recap post solo, I assumed he was just preparing to be embarrassed by his pick and final playoff standing and wanted to go off into hiding without having to face the hordes of hecklers. Understandable. Hey, at least he beat some of the guys who only participated for one week…

Feedback Time

As much as I give Zorboss some ribbing there, I think I can safely speak for him when I say we both enjoyed the experience of Bet the Farm both in the regular season and playoffs this year. But we’re curious what you thought of it. Did you enjoy the format (both for the regular season and playoffs)? Would you like to see us come back next year? Do you have ideas or suggestions for tweaks to the formats or other things we could do to make the experience better for you all in the future? Just shoot the breeze with us down there in the comments and give us whatever feedback you want. We’d love to hear it.

Or just mock me for getting less than half the possible points in the playoff contest. Your choice.

  1. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    I enjoyed the posts all year. Didn’t play along because I would just bet the full $1000 the first week.

    I was thinking you could allow more locks in the playoffs, with a +1 only, but also -1 for being wrong on the lock.

  2. Sky

    Sky says:

    I enjoyed them too but as you know, not much of a gambling man. Don’t let my above average results in this pool fool you, I am clueless in this department of sports.

  3. T-Bone says:

    I used your columns advice for slap bets with my friends all year. My face hurts.

  4. Phil says:

    It was great. Please do it again.
    How about Baseball also?

  5. ichirosan says:


    I really liked the format. Simple, straightforward, some room for strategy but not enough for it to be a burden. I’d like to see it back next season.

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