Ben Roethlisberger talked to Coach Tomlin and informed him he might want to be able to tell his grand kids about winning Super Bowls instead of drooling on them, so he’s listed as questionable, but I have a feeling he’ll end up playing anyway.  The alternative is Dennis Dixon going up against the Ravens on Sunday Night Football.  Big Ben might sacrifice himself for Dixon.  I’ll be checking his hands for stigmata.

EDIT: Adam Schefter is reporting that Ben is out and Dennis Dixon will get the start. Downgrade your Steeler receivers and keep Mendenhall about where you had him before.  He’ll get a lot of looks, but the Steelers won’t have many chances near the endzone.

Anthony Gonzalez: I picked him back up last week with some sketchy reports that he might return soon, but dropped him again with some actual reports of him not practicing.  I’m just here to remind you to leave him in the free agent pool to prune.

Julius Jones: He is still hurting with a bruised lung.  I’m not a real doctor, I just play one on the internet, but that sounds not too fun to have when slamming against a defensive line.  He has been limited in practice and will be a game time decision.  We’ll have all the gametime decisions up in the comments of Sunday’s post so check them out and if Jones doesn’t go Forsett will be a great play.  Even if he does go Forsett will be worthwhile in ppr leagues.

Sammy Morris: He has been limited in practice and has been put into the Patriots’ Relocation Program and we won’t really know what his role will be going forward. I think Maroney has a pretty firm grip on the job right now.  Knowing Bill Belichick like I do, I have no idea what he’ll do.  Morris can play himself back into a bigger role, but I think Maroney can hold him off.

Brandon Pettigrew: He is done for the season.  And I thought Lord Voldermort would show pity on him and heal his knee once he was reconstituted. Oh well.  He is good and will be worth drafting next year if his knee heals well.

Bernard Berrian: He finally looks like his hamstring might be healed.  He has been on the bottom of the wide receiver barrel in Minnesota this season, but if he’s healthy look for Favre to try to get him going before the playoffs.

Steven Jackson: SJax hasn’t practiced this week due to back spasms and will be a game time decision.  If he doesn’t play there is a good chance the Rams will forfeit the game. Or they may have to start Kenneth “Trent” Darby which might be the same as forfeiting.  If SJax goes you start him.  If he doesn’t and you are in desperate need you can throw Darby into the wishing well and wish that he turns into SJax.

Jerious Norwood: Norwood will probably be eased back into his role and by the time he’s ready to go, Michael Turner should also be ready to go.  If Turner doesn’t go on Sunday I fully expect Snelling to be the main man.

Kurt Warner: He has practiced in full and should go against a still fairly weak Tennessee secondary.  I would get him into your lineup.  Maybe to play it safe you should grab Leinart and have him ready to go if the old man can’t get out of bed.

Cedric Benson: He has been limited all week and will be yet another game time decision.  My game time decisions usually revolve around which pizza place to order from. Gigio’s usually wins.  But I don’t know who wins this one.  I know who Bernard Scott owners are rooting for.

Steve Slaton: For some reason Chris Brown is now splitting time with Steve Slaton.  Kubiak is mad I say, mad!  Slaton is still the better back and is worth a flex option especially in ppr, but his chances of getting shut out are much better with his lack of touches. And I guess Ryan Moats was arrested for trying to save a kitten from a tree.

DeAngelo Hall: Hall is out against the pass happy Eagles which is good news for DMac, DJax, JMac and any other player whose name is shortenable.

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    wandering if kyle bush in the RCL has lost either of the last 2 weeks?

  2. Stumanji says:

    If Turner doesn’t play, do I play Snelling over LT, Ray Rice, or Maroney (PPR league)?

  3. Stumanji says:

    If Benson doesn’t play, do I play Scott over LT, PT, or Mendenhall (non PPR league)?

  4. hideousmutants says:

    If sitting SJax at gametime who would you replace him with:

    Mendenhall (vs. Ravens)
    Forsett (vs. StL)
    Beanie (vs. Ten)
    Charles (vs. SD)

  5. Cheese

    Tyme says:

    Britt or Breaston? Non PPR, thanks

  6. xopchipili says:

    if SJax doesn’t go, do you like Darby better than Mike Bell or Bernard Scott (assuming Benson plays)?

  7. Ian says:

    10 team PPR:

    I’ve got De Will, P. Thomas, McCoy, Charles and Snelling for 3 slots.

    I’m thinking DeWill and Charles for sure. If Turner sits I’d go with Snelling. Who should I go with if Turner plays? PT? Do you agree with any of this?

  8. AL KOHOLIC says:

    man,playing the waiting game on these rb`s sucks,i got nervous about turner and forsett in 1 league and started jacobs,

  9. Nick says:

    If Big Ben sits, do you start Mendenhall over Charles or McCoy?

  10. AL KOHOLIC says:

    plus i have warner and rothisberger as qb`s in a league

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: We’ll have them updated soon.

    @Stumanji: Rice is the only one with a tough matchup and I think you have to play him. Stick with your horses.

    @Stumanji: I would play him over Mendy.

    @hideousmutants: Forsett if Jones doesn’t go. Charles otherwise.

    @Tyme: Breaston

    @xopchipili: If Benson plays and Sjax doesn’t go I’d play Darby there.

    @Ian: I think you are right.

    @Nick: If Ben doesn’t play it could be a blood bath. I’d stay away.

  12. abo says:

    with ben out im forced to go with one of these horrible options in a 2 qb league: dixon, boller, quinn, fitzpatrick. help!

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @abo: I agree, those are horrible. I’d go with Boller.

  14. ryan says:

    Hasselbeck over McNabb this week?? I need that win!!

    and pick two in non-ppr: SJax, PT, Beanie, Hightower, and Slaton?

  15. cleaver596 says:

    Steve Slaton or Fred Jackson in PPR? I’m leaning towards slaton, since it appears that Lynch will be playing.

  16. Jim Parkey says:

    If Turner plays, do I go w/ Snelling or Cartwright? (Tough for me to gauge how much Turner would play).

  17. Dean says:

    Another tough start/sit for me this week: Slaton, Scott, or Snelling in PPR?
    (wish I’d have started Moreno.) Thanks Doc.

  18. AL KOHOLIC says:


  19. BSA says:

    DST question (I probably know the answer already)
    With Big Ben cracked would you play Ravens Defense or Bengals?

  20. BSA says:

    Ah heck one more – Maclin or Coles?

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ryan: McNabb/SJax (if he plays), PT

    @Jim Parkey: If Turner goes I’d go with Cartwright

    @Dean: Much depends on if Benson or Turner start. Go with Snelling if Turner doesn’t go, then Scott if Benson doesn’t go, then Slaton if both go.

    @BSA: Both will be good, but you’ve got to test out Dixon for a possible big game.

    @BSA: Maclin, Coles is hurting

  22. hacienda says:

    S. Holmes or J. Cotchery this week in a PPR?

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @hacienda: Worried about Dixon so I’d go with Cotchery.

  24. Clodbuster says:

    PPR league, do I play Slaton or Beanie this week? Harvin is another option and we do get Special Teams TDs but not yards. Thanks!

  25. Clodbuster says:

    Also, I’m having a tough time deciding between Schaub and Carson this week. Is Indy’s D strong enough to warrant sitting Schaub?

  26. hideousmutants says:

    Schaub (vs. Ind) or Palmer (vs. Cle)?

    I asked this earlier in the week and the advice was Palmer but just read that Freeney didn’t travel with the Colts and won’t play vs. Houston.

  27. Clodbuster says:

    Good to know, thanks! I take it you’re going with Schaub then?

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Clodbuster: I’d go Slaton in a ppr.

    @hideousmutants: I could see going Schaub with Freeney out. I think they are very close.

  29. hideousmutants says:

    @Clodbuster: I think I’m sticking with Schaub. I’ve been doing well this year following the Razzball mantra of sticking with my studs.

  30. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:


    Garçon @HOU
    Chambers @SD


  31. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:


    Same league…0.5ppr

    McCoy vs WAS
    Turner vs TB (assuming he plays)

  32. Sos says:

    .5 ppr: maroney or forsett?

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Sos: If Jones doesn’t go I’d go with Forsett. If he does, Maroney.

  34. G says:

    PPR League..must start 2 out of these RB’s…Ricky Williams, Ray Rice, LT, Mendenhall. I’m probably going to start RW for sure but I’m not sure who to start for my 2nd RB slot. LT has a favorable matchup but it’s hard to bench Rice and Mendenhall because of how amazing they’ve been playing as of late. Who do you guys like here?

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @G: I like Rice

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