Michael Vick: He could be reinstated by the 6th week of the season or even earlier if he plays nice with others.  There is no doubt the guy is an amazing athlete, but there is little chance that Vick will become a fantasy asset this season if he signs with a NFL team at all. (Insert humorous dog fighting/strip club/Ron Mexico joke here.)

Brett Favre: He is still unsure about attending his unretirement party. While “deciding” he made a “funny” commercial about choosing between some poorly crafted consumer items.  So this guy is making money on his lack of decision making skills?  I should be rolling in cash every time I’m in the cereal isle.  In other news ESPN has unleashed the Brett and Michael’s QB Media Monster and I doubt I’ll be charmed.

LaMont Jordan: His agent is saying Jordan is in the best shape of his life.  I just don’t understand why an agent would talk his client up?  Any guesses?  Well, it’s a mystery, just like the Bronco backfield.  Moreno should end up being the starter, but don’t be too surprised if Jordan gets some goalline carries especially early on and Buckhalter could easily get 3rd down work.  And if Moreno holds out for an extended period of time he’ll have to play catch up which will hurt his value even more.

Derrick Ward: Word out of Tampa is that Ward and Earnest Graham may split carries.  This is starting to look like a situation to run far away from for now.  If one of them becomes the clear starter we can return to this conversation.

Derrick Mason: This is old news, but it’s looking more and more likely that Mason wasn’t blowing smoke when he announced his retirement.  In other news Drew Bennett signs with the Ravens. Wait, this just in, Bennett has retired!  Joe Flacco may be on the verge of retirement as well.

Peanut Tillman: He had arthroscopic surgery on his back to have a disc scraped on and George Washington Carver rose from the dead to see what he could invent.

RCL: The Razzball Commenter Leagues are up and running and Razzball readers are gathering into small tribes to test their knowledge of football against each other. There can only be one!!! It could be you!

Top 10 List: Due to a tweaking of our position value percentages we have taken Brees and Brady out of the 2009 Fantasy Football Rankings, Top 10.  These growing pains won’t keep us from talking about how badass we are though.

  1. Butthead says:

    You should have BP come in and drop a link that will do ownership#s, the kind that TSN doesn’t want us to really see.;O)

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Butthead: That would be cool. I’m too computer illiterate to do anything like that, but I’d link to it. Nice to see you on the site Butthead!

  3. mrfootball says:

    if you were going to draft a rookie running back in a keeper league – who would you draft in order


  4. mrfootball says:

    I figure Knowshon Moreno – he goes first

    Donald Brown – ? one of these two will go second
    Chris Wells – ?

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mrfootball: Agreed. It may be the consensus picks, but Moreno and Wells have the most long term value. In that order.

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