Steven Jackson has yet to practice this week.  The same thing happened last week and he went for over a 100 yards and a TD, but the cold weather in Chicago could do something to his back.  I’m a doctor, remember? I believe if he starts he is good for his 100 yards, so pay attention to Razzball for updates Sunday morning.

Desean Jackson: Fraction Jackson is officially out. Upgrade Celek, Maclin and Avant. That is all.

Steve Slaton: He looks like he’ll sit out tomorrow’s game. Chris Brown will get the start with Ryan Moats probably filling the dash side of their retarded version of Smash and Dash.

Deangelo Williams: He didn’t practice this week, but it looks like more of a week long siesta than anything else. He should go against the Bucs who he destroyed the last time out.  But be sure to check Razzball to see if he goes.  If he can’t go I would start Jon Stewart liberally. Get it?

Donald Brown: Brown is down and out for week 13.  I’m going to say he is one of the biggest disappointments of the fantasy season.  His injuries are worrisome for his draft status next year.  But this year Joseph Addai benefited, especially this week.

Justin Forsett: He tweeked his quad in practice and was sent to the trainer to think about what he had done. I mean really, I can’t believe he’d do something like that out in public!  He wants to play and he is only questionable, but I would be one very worried wart about starting him with Julius Jones coming back. 

Kurt Warner: He shared reps with Leinart and has adult-onset game time decisionitis.  I have him and am worried about the lateness of his game.  If you have a good backup it might be worth playing him if we don’t hear anything before said backup plays.

Michael Turner: He won’t play tomorrow and will be replaced by Jason Snelling and Jerious Norwood.  They should share time fairly evenly, but Norwood is better than Snelling so I’m giving him the thumbs up, Caesar style.

Cedric Benson: He will start against Detroit and is a good play.  Bernard Scott is out so Larry Johnson will be Benson’s backup.  I could see LJ having a decent game against Detroit if you are hurting at running back or like starting jerk faces.

Jerome Harrison: Jennings will probably get the start, but I think with 10-12 carries Harrison will match Jennings’ output with 15-20.  Neither is a great choice, but I like Harrison more.

Brent Celek: He has practiced all week and should go.  Hopefully he’ll be able to hang onto the ball.

  1. Mike says:

    i need to start two of these three: derrick mason, roddy white, or percy harvin?

  2. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    S-Jax is killing me…if he is questionable, I’ll have to swap in Snelling, Harrison, or Forsett.

    Surprised you didn’t go with “Traction Jackson” for the title.

  3. xopchipili says:

    After all the reports I saw saying Slaton will miss Sunday’s game, hes now listed as…probable?

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mike: Harvin and White

    @mgeoffriau: That would have worked! Amazing how the stock of players rises and falls so quickly. I’d probably go with Snelling.

  5. xopchipili says:

    @Doc: hrm ok, Yahoo has him down as probable but it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve gotten something wrong.

  6. nick m. says:

    if sjax can’t go, who would you rather replace him with – chris brown, the barbarian, or cartwright?

  7. Byron says:

    @ Doc- Celek or Olsen?

  8. Nick says:

    Start Housh or Meachem?

    Start Forte, Charles or McCoy?

  9. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    @nick m.: Barbarian. A dread for a dread.

  10. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @nick m.: Probably Barber. Tough call either way.

    @Byron: Celek, could be a huge day for him.

    @Nick: Housh is safer, but I’d play Meachem. With the Washington secondary, I see Brees looking for secondary targets more frequently. I think Forte’s matchup makes him the start.

  11. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: is kyle bush still undefeated?

  12. ZK says:

    I can’t be the first one to think of this, so can anyone help me out?:

    I’m going to do a fantasy league next year through work where each owner takes new players each week and cannot repeat the same player during the 17-week season. I’m looking for an online service that does this for free. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks. Great site.

  13. ZK says:


    It would need to allow the commish (me) to clear all teams and plug in players each week.

  14. ZK says:


    Pick 1: Antonio Bryant, Kevin Walter or Jason Avant?

  15. cleaver596 says:

    Jamaal charles or Cedric Benson?

  16. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Sorry for the delay. I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

  17. matthole says:

    jennings or maclin WR3 .5ppr? thanks

  18. Jim Parkey says:

    Saints or Vikings D?

  19. Jim says:

    need 1 (not PPR): Forsett, M.Bell, Avery, Wells, Parker

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jim: I think Wells

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