Hey Razzball Nation, I am Max, your new fantasy scapegoat guru. I will soon be writing over on the basketball section as well, lending JB a hand on a weekly basis. Now you guys don’t know me. Those annoying voices in your head might be asking, “Who the F is this guy? Is he trustworthy?”. Razzballers you are right, my apologies, let me introduce myself. I play way too much fantasy, I mean if you’re on this site you do too. Been playing since 2005 when I was a mere toddler (high school basketball star). I’ve got a degree in science, and finishing up another degree in finance all the way up in big ol’ Canada where Celine Dion is eating poutine and chasing it down with maple syrup.

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Doug Martin made fantasy owners warm and fuzzy (sorta NSFW) in 2012. After being selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the 31st overall pick in the NFL Draft, Martin exploded for 1,926 total yards on 319 carries and 49 receptions. He tallied 12 combined touchdowns and ended as the No. 3 running back in standard scoring. Then, 2013 Doug Martin happened. To say Martin was a disappointment is an understatement. Fantasy drafters were selecting him as the No. 2 running back off the board, right behind Adrian Peterson. Before Martin was shut down for the year due to a shoulder injury, he rushed 127 times for 456 yards. He caught 12 balls for 66 yards and only scored one combined touchdown. He ended up scoring 0.8 fantasy points more than Shonn Greene and 2.1 less than Brandon Bolden. So what happened?

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The thing that makes me want a wide receiver more than any other wide receiver is his opportunity to blossom.  What we saw last year from Allen Robinson in the 10 weeks prior to his injury was that he was starting to “get it”.  Granted, “it” has so many different ways to be translated, but for this post, let’s just say it was it from a standpoint of becoming a fantasy relevant player.  Players developing in systems, offensively, are always where I tend to lean when looking for my WR3.  Look no further than the current Jags offense.  It is in year two of the phase, and it hinges on Blake Bortles being able to take that next step as a signal caller.  All signs from the preseason tend to be pointing in that direction. I mean, he doesn’t have to explode into the next elite fantasy quarterback, he just needs to manage the game better and with the developing weapons that are now surrounding him, and I think it’s an inevitability that a star is going to blossom from that.  That person is going to be Allen Robinson.

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Lamar Miller was a surprise fantasy asset in 2014, ending as the No. 9 running back. His closing line was: 216 rushes for 1,099 yards, eight rushing touchdowns, 38 receptions for 275 yards, and one receiving touchdown. As of August 6, 2015, Miller has an ADP of 39 overall and is the 17th running back off the board. Are people expecting Milli Vanilli Part Deux? I can understand the trepidation in backing Miller. There have been many instances where players have taken fantasy owners on the Buster Douglas elevator. 2006 Cadillac Williams and 2013 Doug Martin are the two that instantly come to mind.

Entering 2015, there are six running backs that are rock solid: Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, Eddie Lacy, Le’Veon Bell, Marshawn Lynch, and C. J. Anderson. After that, things get murky and question marks abound. Miller has an excellent chance to make hearts of fantasy degenerates everywhere flutter…

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The first guy listed in your lineup is a priority, but not a draft priority for me. I would rather load up on guys at other positions, and my usual draft strategy for taking a second quarterback is matching my WR4 with that QB. The bonus in all of this is that while your WR3 is basically either a sleeper or a questionable guy, he is, after all, your third WR.  So this past few weeks, I’ve done dozens of mocks and research to get me prepped and scrubbed in for the dissection of this year’s upcoming drafts. Thus far, and I may be crazy, but I am falling in love with someone, and I seem to always be netting him at an extreme value (like in the 15th round or later type stuff). His name? Nick Foles. Why Nick Foles you ask? I say, why the heck not? Young blossoming speedy wide receivers, a young, fast, and good pass catching backfield that arguably added the best running back from the draft… Listen, I hear what you’re saying, “Smokey you can’t just say a guy’s name and have all us (and by us, I mean my one reader, thanks mom!) just say sure. We want facts, the goods the extra bacon on the BLT.”  Well patience the bacon is in the microwave and the stats and facts are coming too.

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While I could just copy and paste “Bill Belichick is no longer his coach” say, about 323 times and feel pretty confident about relaying substantial and relevent thoughts on why Shane Vereen is going into the season underrated, I wanted to be better than that. OR I just didn’t want the Razzball front page filled with a plethora of Bill Belichick. Mmm, plethora. That being said, while it’s easy to chaulk up Vereen’s ineffectiveness solely on the fact that the most jolly (and quite the partier) coach in the NFL trolls the running back position like no other, there are also some other factors playing into why Vereen might be a sneaky good pick up. Some might say he’s a sleeper, but I’m pretty sure everyone knows who he is, nor is he sleepy (I think? One can never be sure of another person’s sleep patterns). But underrated? Most definitely…

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Despite the 49ers doing their best impersonation of a dumpster fire this offseason, there are still some interesting pieces on the roster that remain fantasy relevant. However, none of those pieces are located at the wide receiver, quarterback, or tight end position. So may I have mistakenly pluralized “pieces”. Hey, who wants to ride the Reggie Bush train again? Yeah… and then there’s Anquan Boldin… and his “meh” skillset. Okay, to be fair, Colin Kaepernick could be fantasy relevant again, but I’m pretty sure that’s something you don’t want to bank on, so really, that leaves Carlos Hyde as probably the most (and by default, only) interesting thing on the 49ers roster fantasy-wise at the moment.

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I’ve been knocking around the idea in my head that Reggie Bush is worthy of being considered underrated going into the season, but then I get distracted. Usually from porn. And bacon. Ah yes, the story of a single man. Is this story so bad? Porn, bacon, a barren wasteland of loneliness and despair… I guess it’s not so bad. And then I think, wait, I was thinking about Reggie Bush. And then that thought process inevitably leads to what he left behind. (Again, that’s after all the bacon and despair.) And while I will probably talk about Bush at some point this offseason, I can’t help but thinking that Theo Riddick, who now holds the aforementioned Bush’s old role on the Lions, is, in fact, underrated going into the 2015 season. Also, I can’t believe I created a sentence that included the words “bacon” and “despair”. I must be hungry.

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As alluded to last week when talking about father-of-the-year Adrian Peterson, I mentioned a fondness of Teddy Bridgewater for the upcoming season. Part of the fondness could be the amount of puns that could be used in his name, but that feels more like a Chris Berman wet dream than anything entertaining beyond a dad joke, but in terms of fantasy football, there’s a lot to like here.

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