Fantasy Football can be amazing really. One week you’re riding high and the next, you’re losing to somebody who didn’t set a lineup in previous weeks. That’s where Justin Mason found himself in Week 3… “SAD” to quote presidential hopeful Donald Trump. I mean look at this kid; the only thing he dominates is a box of mini donuts, and HE knocked off the league leader after two weeks by the second-largest point differential – after yours truly doubled the score of Andy Singleton. Justin’s fellow Dream Leaguers didn’t hesitate to point out just about a week ago he was lauding how weak the league was, the lack of competition, and his overall dominance. Now he’s back in the pack, trying to rebuild his once proud reputation.

Meanwhile, Sauce celebrates the good times after moving to 3-0 with a strong win over the DFS king himself, Motown Mauler. Stacie had her way with Lord Beddict (something under circumstances different than fantasy football I’m sure he’d be more than alright with) which set up an epic exchange with Ralph Lifshitz for this upcoming week. Pull no punches, Ralph did (a little Yoda impression for you there) in this week’s episode. So much more of what the Polo Rican had to say was left out of the video because the FCC has about 50 rules against his content.

So sit back, getcha popcorn ready, and enjoy the latest installment of the Dream League… The Dwazy Awakens.

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Do you remember how amazing Bo Jackson was? He was dominant, the next big thing, and then… his knee exploded and he never recovered. Career over before it truly ever got off the ground. That’s sort of what this fantasy season is starting to feel like.

Two weeks into the year and it’s already survival of the fittest. Most everyone is dealing with the same stuff: at least a dozen running backs are hurt (highlighted this week by Adrian Peterson’s knee injury), Julio Jones and Brandon Marshall are banged up, and names like Rodgers, Gurley, and Beckham are performing woefully below expectations. So, to lighten the mood from this misery, we bring you the latest episode of The Dream League…

Please, blog, may I have some more?

We know you guys couldn’t wait any longer to see episode two of the Razzball Dream League, so here it is. We apologize for the delay. You can blame Sauce, who sent his video in eight years late, yet it’s still the worst quality video I have ever seen in my life. Is it that hard to take a video of your face? Tehol also screwed up the draft order because he forgot what number he was on, so typical. Speaking of typical, this is so rigged. Tehol, the commish picking the draft order, SOMEHOW ends up with the number one pick. He must have a bromance with Antonio Brown just like he does with Tyrod Taylor.

I don’t really have anything else to say here. Watch after the jump and comment below who you think will be crowned champion of this league!

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Have you ever seen the TV series The League? Yeah, it’s electric. You can’t honestly call yourself a fantasy football fan, or even a sports fan, if you have never seen it.

One day, while watching the show, I thought to myself, “this show is fantastic, but it’s fake.” The people in the show probably know nothing about fantasy football. That’s why I set out to create a bigger and better version of this TV show. My show is better because, well, it’s real. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing your new favorite reality TV show: The Razzball Dream League.

I’ve gathered ten of the best fantasy football players and personalities to document their way through the day in, day out grind of the fantasy football season. These personalities feel the same pain you feel and experience the same triumph you do. Without further ado, meet the contestants of our dream league…

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