Well, that got ugly fast. And I’m not just talking about this week’s Jaguars – Chargers game. That was an entirely different level of ugly. This week is why so many people have been adopting the zero RB strategy when drafting. They don’t want to risk taking a running back early because of the chance of injury, and they know they will be able to watch the waiver wire and read my handcuff report in order to get a running back or two during the season. If you play fantasy football, there is a good chance one of your running backs got hurt this week. If you drafted Adrian Peterson around the 2nd round or Danny Woodhead or Ameer Abdullah a few rounds later, this was not your week. If you went zero RB or waited a bit too long for running backs like I did in a few of my leagues, this is the week you were waiting for. As far as we know right now, though, Woodhead is the only back to go down who is definitely out for the year. The other two question marks are AP and Abdullah. Neither has a timetable for their return right now. Everyone else should be back in a couple weeks.

Anyway, let’s get to it… 

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Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he? I think that’s how that goes. Here’s my version. Jonathan Stewart was a Duck. Jonathan Stewart had no luck. Without a hammy, what was he? He was Fozzy Whittaker’s ticket to a one hundred yard rushing day. Ok, so that wasn’t very good. How about this one. JStew knew what to do. JStew his hammy blew. JStew knew it true, do you? Admittedly that was not much better. I could keep going with the mediocre attempts, but, contrary to popular belief, I have better things to do. Jonathan Stewart went down. Fozzy Whittaker stepped up, and has been named to my weekly “Are you sh!tting me with this lineup” lineup…

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Knowledge of the player base is not one of my specialties as a fantasy football analyst. I have to confess I didn’t know who Quincy Enunwa was coming into the season.  After his week one performance I sure did, but because my process this year has been suckie, I didn’t take notes so I forgot to mention him in last weeks FAAB post. So he’s finally making an appearance as one of this weeks top recommendations. Then I’ll discuss some running backs to pick up after a dreadful week of injuries to that position. Here’s your players to consider for Week 3 FAAB (Free Agent Auction Bidding) waiver claims…

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What a great week of football last Sunday, huh? For me, Sunday turned into a six-hour RedZone session, and truth be told, it was fantastic. A definite 10-out-of-10. I also had a pretty fun time in fantasy last week, behind the great efforts of Brandin Cooks, DeMarco Murray, Eli Manning, Blair Walsh, and the Minnesota Vikings D/ST. But this is a new week, a new set of matchups, and a new sets of games to analyze and pick apart to get the most out of our fantasy matchups.

One of the most intriguing matchups this week comes back to Denver, for the Broncos-Colts game. We have two very efficient (albeit, in their own ways) offenses combining with one very stout defense. Regardless, this game one of the most interesting games on the slate, as we get to see one of my favorite running backs have the possibility field day against a very weak Indianapolis defense.

So let’s get to it!

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Welcome back to the Razzball streamer article.  I have some work to do after week 1.  None of my plays had big days and a few were downright awful.  Maybe I dove a little deep, perhaps things didn’t fall my way, or maybe I, flat out, don’t know what I’m talking about.  Whatever the case may be, I’m going to try and be more useful to you this week.

I mentioned last week that I was going to add droppables to this article and we probably are a week or two away from that.  I don’t want to jump to conclusions after week 1.  If we were going to jump to conclusions after week 1, Adrian Peterson would be one of the worst running backs in the league and everyone would start Will Fuller over Dez Bryant.  Actually, I probably would start Will Fuller over Dez Bryant because of my pure disdain for Dez.  I never draft him so I don’t have to worry about that…

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Was it just me, or were running backs pretty disappointing during the first week? It could just be me. My weekend consisted of a bachelor party and watching the games at a bar in New Jersey on Sunday sandwiched between two three-hour flights.  Sure, there were good performances, but overall it left me feeling validated that I targeted wide receivers in the early rounds over running backs whenever possible. Anyway, here we are with the week two handcuff, which I guess is technically the first full handcuff report. If you didn’t already know, I will be writing the handcuff report this year, and it should be available every Wednesday morning. With this being the first week of games, we will have to try and determine which performances we can expect to see repeated and which ones we are less likely to see repeated on a regular basis.

Those of who you took David Johnson early are feeling pretty good right now. Those of you who took Todd Gurley are probably feeling slightly less good. If you grabbed a bunch of talent in the first few rounds and then snatched up C.J. Anderson and Ameer Abdullah, you probably won your matchup this week. But those guys are all RB1s, and we hate them here because we are more worried about the scrubs who can steal some points in the coming weeks.

Okay, here we go…

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I have to just come out and say that the title is referencing “a little some’ some'” because the reference is pretty ambiguous. I’ll let someone else take the Shaun of the Dead reference. Why Shaun Shaun? Because it was a big week for two fellas named Shaun and now it’s time to get some. A Shaun named Hill won his start for the Vikings but we only care about him in 2QB leagues and even then I doubt we care because he might lose his starting job this week. Shaun Draughn, of all people, is somehow among the best FAAB acquisitions I could find for 12 team fantasy football leagues. It’s not the sexiest week one for acquisitions because week one didn’t reveal as many surprises as we expected. The good news is maybe we can avoid all “what a crazy Week 1” references. Please? (Aside: Chip Kelly is almost single handedly responsible for the 49ers offense not being a disaster against the Rams). Here’s your players to consider for week 2 FAAB (Free Agent Auction Bidding) waiver claims. All prices for $100 budgets so if your starting budget is not $100, view them as percentages.

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Football is back, and better than ever. After an offseason that felt like it lasted forever, we finally get to sit back, relax and enjoy some games that count. It seems like ages ago Cam Newton left his press conference. But here we are. For me, it means benching the wrong player at 12:59 pm. But (hopefully) you will not make any wrong decisions this year en route to that coveted fantasy title. It’s time to forget about 2015, and focus on the year ahead.

Although the mentality of Week 1 of the NFL Season in a fantasy sense means to just start the players that we drafted in order, this might not always be the case with a lot of fantasy teams. Especially for the owners that drafted Jamaal Charles in the 2nd-round. Players like Jameis Winston, Blake Bortles, Jeremy Hill, Adrian Peterson, DeMarco Murray, Mike Evans, and even Jarvis Landry all have either bad or less-than-ideal matchups to kick off the NFL season. I always advocate the strategy of “never bench your studs”, however, if we can definitely upgrade at a position to maximize the upside in our starting lineup, we should go for it. Simply put, Week 1 isn’t a guarantee.

Many teams enter Sunday with high hopes for the 2016 season. But one team in particular is looking to have a season like no other in the past few years. The Oakland Raiders enter the year with great young talent, veteran leadership where it matters the most, and to capitalize on a weakened division with play from their high-powered offense.

And their running back is at the forefront of it all. So let’s get to it…

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It’s officially Week 1.  We’ve finally made it and I can’t wait to ignore my fantasy baseball playoff matchups to solely focus on overreacting to Week 1 of the NFL.  We are also coming off of a great weekend of college football.  Depending on whom your team is: Congratulations, you guys are looking really solid this year.  Or maybe, your team already showed their true colors in week one, crawl into a hole for the rest of the season, you make bad decisions while picking allegiances to college football teams.

Streaming can even be important in Week 1 matchups. Guys that we drafted whom we thought would be magically okay for week 1, after they get their legs ripped off last season, sometimes aren’t ready to go right away.  Sometimes perceived studs don’t win the job right away and have to wait for a certain running back who has never done anything in the regular season to fail, again.  Your sleeper quarterback could be facing a nightmare pass rush, you don’t invest in defenses so you stream on a weekly basis.  This is what I am here for.  Also, a couple weeks down the road, when I get a feel for the season, I will be adding droppable players into this article.  Maybe it will help you decide who to get rid of to make room for these awesome streamers…

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Week 1 is upon us internet friends and that means real, live American Football! Let us rejoice. With that, it’s time to crush our opponents and begin the systematic take down of our fantasy leagues. The focus of this article each week is to bring you the best passing and rushing matchups along with a few interesting notes and stats pertaining to QBs, WRs, RBs & TEs. After you’ve processed the information you’ll be ready to make the right lineup decisions to help you win . As the season progresses, we’ll have a bigger sample of data to draw on. But for this week we’ll stick to some historical trends and numbers that will help us better identify the top plays of the week. So what I’m basically saying is…..This article will definitely dig deeper and be more complete as the season moves along. So without further hesitation, let’s dig into some numbers that might help you win your match up this week. But……before we dive in I should probably offer up some sort of lede which ties into the catchy title. Right? Okay, well Kirk “You Like That” Cousins has a delicious match up with the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh ranked 22nd in TDs allowed last season and 30th in passing yards allowed. That’s not optimal for a defense. In fact, that’s pretty close to orange cone level. Add those numbers to the fact that he’s at home this week (which we’ll talk about below) and you have yourself a QBILF!? Anyway, here’s a look at some other numbers to guide you through Week 1:

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