No way dude, my league is so crazy deep, my boy Peter drafted Le’Veon bell when he was still in college… Yeah, well my boy Jimmy drafted Melvin Gordon during his Junior year of high school…No way man, my girl Cindy drafted Aaron Rodgers after going to his 7th birthday party… Not even close, my boy Dave drafted Antonio Brown after seeing his ultrasound pictures.

Everyone in their league either knows someone who “got that guy way before he hit it big”.  If you don’t know, him, congratulations, you are him.  Most owners just need to hit it big once, and can ride out an entire season, or multiple, based on that success.  Given a standard 10 or 12 team league, in which you are already drafting 2 or 3 premier players, hitting it big on 1 or 2 sleepers puts you in contention every year.

But there are some of you out there that are gluttons for punishment.  You know who you are, you 18 team, AFC only, starting 2 QB, 3 RB, 2 TE, and 4 Defenses.  Those of you starting practice squad players hoping for a half-time call up.  You are monsters, heathens, and abominations.  And I love you.

This post space will be dedicated to monitoring those low percentage players that are primed to take your deep-league teams to the promised land.  I will try to focus on players that can contribute now, and/or players that have the potential to help down the road.

Short, simple, and to the point: here are some players that are, on average, owned in less than 3% of league’s, that may have a chance to help you out this week…

Please, blog, may I have some more?

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