2017 Accuracy Rank QB RB WR TE K DST IDP
Week 9 27 68 25 31 53 23 26 1
Week 8 45 15 72 62 59 8 14 7
Week 7 27 7 65 4 84 43 32 2
Week 6 35 108 39 3 51 78 38 4
Week 5 90 81 86 73 73 84 88 11
Week 4 24 10 67 72 98 37 62 3
Week 3 29 42 66 56 51 18 34 7
Week 2 76 79 96 25 64 18 95 7
Week 1 7 6 43 28 62 35 62 6
Cumulative 27 17 60 15 66 19 55 4
2016 Accuracy Rank QB RB WR TE K DST IDP
Weekly Rankings 9 31 5 27 40 9 4
Draft Rankings 3 66 10 7 23 66 112

Just a quick shout out to Rudy who finished first overall in Week 9 Rankings Accuracy! Be sure to check out our tools (which he built) here!

Our Week 10 Rankings for Standard, Half-PPR, PPR and IDP leagues are right after the jump! (And our Rest of Season rankings have been updated and can be found here!)

So little time, so many exclamation points…

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What is more surprising, that Corey Clement scored three touchdowns or that Corey Clement scored three touchdowns and wasn’t even the top scoring running back in Week 9? Yeah, I guess the first one, but the second part is pretty interesting too. Alvin Kamara scored two touchdowns of his own and added six catches and over 150 yards from scrimmage to eek out the top running back spot for the week.

Kamara is finally helping Saints fans forget about Darren Sproles and appears to be the perfect compliment to Mark Ingram in New Orleans. Despite the handcuff label, as I have discussed with a few readers in the past few weeks, Kamara is still valuable in fantasy, especially in PPR formats. The Saints have made it pretty clear since their bye week that they want to get the ball into the talented young running back’s hands and are carving about 15+ touches for him each week. And it is working, so don’t expect them to go away from it anytime soon.

In Philadelphia, Clement scored three touchdowns in a week where many wondered if he would even be active on gameday with the addition of Jay Ajayi. With Zach Ertz a late scratch, all of Philly’s running backs were active, even Wendell Smallwood. However, don’t get used to Clement finding so much success and that many touches going forward. The Eagles are on a bye this week and will have had two more weeks to get Jay Ajayi up to speed. While Clement will probably be active over the forgotten Wendell Smallwood, most of the touches are going to go to Ajayi and LeGarrette Blount. This tweet would say otherwise, but remember this was a blowout in Philly:

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G’day Razzball folks! We are inching closer and closer to the playoffs. Every week is becoming more important for a lot of teams so making the right calls is crucial. Luckily, we are starting to see a large sample size for a lot of players and we can better detect whether a match up is good or bad. The following rankings for week 10 will change but by bit throughout the week, but here are my initial thoughts…

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Week 10! We are at the halfway point of the season for most teams (that may not be correct. Who knows? I don’t), and what a season it has been, huh? It’s been an up-and-down, absolutely hectic 9 weeks of the NFL season. It may not even be the halfway point of the season, but it sure as hell feels like it! Anyway, it is Wednesday my dudes, so let’s get to it!

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Does anyone play in a league where you can trade FAAB dollars? I don’t know if there’s a website set-up for that, but there must be. I could see there being strategy involved with a trading a 4th wide receiver for $10 or using that extra cash to sweeten a deal. Especially over a long season, and if it was a keeper league to boot trading those extra dollars toward the end of the season could really make a difference. Well, I’m sold, if you’re interested check back in about eight months and I’ll have a league ready to go. Now, on to the show.

So this is Free Agent Auction Bidding, and we started the season with one hundred dollars. Ten weeks in, does anyone have any money left? (I have less than $10 in all my leagues) But let’s say you do, let’s say you missed out on all the guys you wanted up until this week, maybe you’ve added and dropped a couple defenses, but that’s it. In that case, spend spend spend!

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Welcome back, my lovelies, to another week of lovin’ from yours truly. How did you fare this week? Not too good from what I hear. Did you lose more valuable players to blown out ACL’s or other bodily injuries? Are you feeling like you are getting the run-around with this whole Ezekiel Elliot thing where one minute he’s playing and another he may not? I know. There is nothing worse that wanting to have a little fun and someone acting like an ex who won’t let go, and keeps hitting you up. Well, fear not. It seems that Elliot may be looking at his suspension soon, which means the door is open for some other talent to make its way into your life and satisfy all of your needs. Me you ask? I did pretty well this week. Of the leagues I am in that I actually pay attention to, I went undefeated this week. I have a few leagues which mean nothing to me, so of course, I treat them like anything which can’t meet my needs or satisfy me in the way I need it to…I ignore them and hope they will go away. So, with that in mind, let’s proceed like we are trying to get in the pants of some really hot young talent and get right down to it. Ladies and gentlemen, convicts and perverts, welcome to Hit it or Quit it, Week 10.

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Is Tom Brady the best football player of all time? I need your help to solve an argument.

Anyway, the top two (healthy) scoring fantasy QBs, Alex Smith and Carson Wentz, are out this week. #1 scoring fantasy RB Kareem Hunt is on a bye. Three top 10 WRs are out: two due to a bye (Tyreek Hill and Michael Crabtree) and one possibly due to his own stupidity (Mike Evans.) And the two top TEs, Travis Kelce and Zach Ertz, will be out as well.

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After an eventful UFC card on Saturday night, the NFL decided to host some backyard brawling of their own. You really can’t blame the players for trying to stir up some excitement, ratings are down 20% in the NFL over the past two seasons. A.J. Green choked and slammed Jalen Ramsey and tried his best to ground and pound him. Later on, Jameis Winston got into a verbal spat with Marshon Lattimore and Mike Evans came out of nowhere and blindsided Lattimore. Is fighting immature? Maybe. Does the pettiness add a level of excitement? Hell yeah! Let’s get to the games.

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Not much is going on, except Zeke getting suspended and not suspended about 18 times a week at this point, but who doesn’t love getting stuck in a revolving door? Regardless, not much time on my end this week (been terribly busy!), so we’ll keep this lede short and sweet, just like your mother. And I guess Richard Simmons.

Here’s your updated Razzball Fantasy Football Rankings for Week 9 (STD, Half-PPR, PPR, IDP) including our updated Staff Consensus, Player Status Updates, and an opportunity to ask those all so important roster questions to myself, MB, and Zach in the commentary section!

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Tired of clicking multiple links just to look up where one of our writers ranked Gerald Everett? Wondering who Gerald Everett is? Good, because I’m with you on both counts! With MB and Zach providing the Razzball readers with their own rankings (a contrarian consensus, as I like to say, to pretend I’m clever), we’re going to provide our 2017 Fantasy Football Staff Rankings for the first time ever, a place where you can find all of our weekly rankings in one spot! The players will be sorted by our average ranking, providing you a great way to see how the Razzball Staff feels (questions posted in our comment section will be answered by all ranking writers!), and it’ll also provide our specific rankings so you know how each of us feel about a player. So many feels, so little time. Follow us after the jump for your Official 2017 Razzball Staff Rankings for Week 9!

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