What’s up you sophisticated sex machines? Feeling the pressure of injuries? Has ineffectiveness spread beyond your work day to your fantasy team? Not enough ineffectiveness at work (you overachieving bastard)? Never fear, as I am here for your stream options whenever you find yourself up the proverbial creek sans paddle. They might not be the prettiest options, but we all know you’ve gone hogging before in college so stop acting like you are above scraping the bottom of the barrel.  As always, I use Yahoo ownerships and target players at the main streaming positions that are owned in 65% of leagues or less. QBs, tight ends, defenses! Oh yeah, kickers too! Who could forget those guys?Let’s go Snoop-a-loop, bring your green hat! WE’RE GOING STREAMING!!!

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What a Week 1! Everyone is in full freakout mode. Seriously, during my yearly check-up why was the doctor so concerned with the amount of illicit materials I ingest and not the amount of heartache I suffer from fantasy football? But I would like to use this opportunity not just to say calm the fluff down, but to remind you that this week brings hope. Whether you got skunked by a Hunt owner or got beat by a ball hair, a win this week puts you back at even. Don’t go making moves that you are going to regret later on in the season because you are 0-1. Likewise, guys will suck Week 1 and be bosses in Week 2. And Kareem Hunt could put up a stat line like Leveon Bell and get knocked off the proverbial pedestal. Football is an ebb and flow. Yin and yang. Lamb and tunafish… You know, natural dichotomies and whatnot. But enough with the philosophical discussion. I’m back with an extended version of streamers for your Week 2 consideration. As always, I use Yahoo ownerships and target players that are owned in 65% of leagues or less. Let’s go Snoop-a-loop, bring your green hat!

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Welcome to Week 1 sports fans. All that time spent taking in the awesome draft content here at Razzball and mock drafting from your work computer has led you to the real thing.. And you thought you’d been neglecting your family this past month or so? Child’s play compared to 17 weeks dominated by football. Hope you signed that prenup.

In this space this year, we will be looking at streaming options for your leagues. Generally I will use 65% as a cutoff line, and I will be looking at Yahoo ranks. Typically the best spots to stream are QB and DST and Tight Ends. If there is a demand for kickers or any other positions, I will add them in the coming weeks. Be sure to hit me up in that comment section for anything you’d like to see in this space, or just to talk smack. Now with it being Week 1, it should just be simple and play your studs. But with Irma bearing down on Florida, we now have two teams with byes Week 1 (which I something I never thought I would say). Everyone is in scramble mode. Who should you grab? Let’s get into some plays…

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