In last week’s edition of this column I told you “Unfortunately as the season goes on there will be more players in this column.” And good lord did I underpromise and did the NFL over-deliver. I forgot that grown men running into each other at breakneck speeds (pun not intended, but regretted) are more likely […]

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Ambulance Chasers is back! This time with a different shaped ball! And here I am along with it — Razzball’s less talented, uglier, less intelligent version of ESPN’s Stephania Bell.

If you’ve ever checked out the baseball side of Razzball on a Wednesday afternoon these past two years you probably/hopefully have snuck a peak at the baseball version of Ambulance Chasers. If you haven’t seen that column — here’s a little primer: basically, Ambulance Chasers is a weekly column where I discuss injured players and whether I think you should stash them (keep them on your roster) or trash them (send them to the waivers because they are garbage people who have wronged you as team owner.) If I declare someone a “trash them” option — I’ll  also give you a recommendation of someone less-owned than your currently injured player who could be a good replacement option. Since there isn’t an option to just “stash” a player on the DL like baseball I won’t be giving you a replacement option if I think you should be stashing someone. And since everyone’s roster is completely different it is impossible for me to say “stash Player A and replace him with player B!.” Instead, if a major player is injured I’ll be letting you know my prognosis on their injury. For example, if someone is questionable I’ll be making my best judgement on whether I think they’ll be starting come Sunday/Monday or not and if their injury might limit their production that week.

Confused? That’s weird — I literally explained it perfectly. Well, here’s some quick examples:

Please, blog, may I have some more?