We want to thank everyone for their participation in the RCL leagues to this point. We hope everyone is having fun with their drafts with their favorite writers. Great news! We have four leagues that need filled and we need your help! You can play against me, Son, Kerry, or our new writer, Nic. The drafts start on Sunday and go through Wednesday. That’s Sunday until the season starts! The rest of this is copied and pasted. You all know that I’m not very wordy.

Do you want to play in more than one league? Go right ahead! You can play against all of the Razzball writers that you want until their leagues are full. You can start your own league and invite all of your buddies. RCLs went through some big changes last season by switching to IDP and the Fantrax platform. In the respect of full transparency, it could have went a lot smoother. I honestly feel like we have made a lot of improvements by switching to PPR and returning to standard rosters.

Fantrax as a platform has definitely made improvements as well. I think they are getting better and better every season. Last year was a struggle for me on Fantrax. I was having trouble figuring out the regular functions that I was used to with the other big sites that I play on. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the interface either. This baseball season, I had to give Fantrax another shot to play in a couple of industry leagues. I was very impressed with the new and improved interface for baseball and it didn’t take me that long to get used to it this time around. Early on in this fantasy football draft season, I’m enjoying the Fantrax slow draft that I am in. If the switch from Yahoo to Fantrax, kept you away last season, give it a shot this year. If you didn’t enjoy our format last year, maybe you’ll like that we are going back to regular rosters. As always, we’ve got prizes!

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All of our leagues are set up, organized, and updated. All that they are missing is you! Today is the perfect day to sign up to play against your favorite Razzball writer. So far, Stan Son and Rotowan have filled up their leagues but some Razzball favorites still remain. Jay just opened up a league late last week and he has spots available. Have you checked out the boys from the Ditka Sausage podcast? B-Don and Donkey Teeth have plenty of spots if you are looking to play with them. Staff writers Reid and Zach both have plenty of spots available. Last and…. yeah probably least compared to these guys, I still have 6 spots left in my RCL.

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It’s that time of year again! Do you like playing fantasy football? Do you like playing against your favorite contributors? Combine the contributors and the commenters into a bunch of 12-team leagues and that’s how we do it! We have teamed up with the NEW and IMPROVED Fantrax for the second straight year to bring you guys FREE fantasy football action. That’s not all, we have PRIZES!

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