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[cue tympani drums followed by John Williams-style brass] Ta dah! It’s the 2022 RazzBowl! This year, we’ve got more Razz than ever, mostly because I’ve been eating nothing but lasagna since we last talked. What have I learned in the past eight months, other than how to order my pants size in “Extra Grande”? Glad you asked! Time for me to enlighten, illuminate, and thrill you to tears with my annual RazzBowl Guidebook! 

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Greetings and salutations, Razzballians! Everyone’s favorite Razzball Tournament Ambassador here ready to announce the imminent coming of the biggest fantasy football tournament of 2022 (what? what kind of fish lives in that bowl?) RazzBowl 4: 4th and Bowl. Yup, it’s back! The venerable only-of-its-kind “better ball” tournament has indeed returned! Read on below to get a […]

Please, blog, may I have some more?

It’s here.

It’s finally here.

The Cutline has come and gone. The RazzBowl has bid “goodbye” to half its competitors. There is a Championship Tier, a Wildcard Tier, and from now on, this is one big tournament.

Join me as we examine the latest– significant– changes in the RazzBowl. Shall you?

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The games of Week 9 are upon us, people! In fact, considering I’m writing this on Friday, Week 9 has already begun with what turned into a real barn burner between the Jets and Colts. And as an Elijah Moore owner, I for one welcome our new Thursday Night Football offensive explosion overlords. Let’s dive in to the state of the RazzBowl as of the games of Week 8, so not including my awesome Elijah Moore / Ty Johnson performances!

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With just three weeks of games — and two FAAB runs — left until the first Cutline, the competition is heating up in the 2021 RazzBowl! How does the Top Ten look after last week’s bye-ridden slate? Who blew the last of their FAAB without a runner-up bid? Who flew up the standings, and who dropped like a rock? All this and more is waiting for you inside! So pop the cork on a little frizzante arneis and join me as we explore the current state of RazzBowl 3!

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Yes, yes, dear readers. You are not mistaken. Last week’s installment of your favorite official Razzball-sanctioned 2021 RazzBowl Cutline Tournament Update does not, in fact, exist. I was on vacation to the beautiful Central Coast of California, sampling pinot noir and chardonnay from some of the region’s finest viticulturists. Not that you care about that! No, no — “get on with the RazzBowl Update, Steve!” I hear you yell at your screen.

Fine then. On we go!

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Did it feel like fantasy scoring was just down last week compared to the first two weeks of the season? No? That was just my team? Dang.

Well, hop on in here and take a look at where the RazzBowl sits heading into Week 4.

I think the reason I felt scoring was down last week is I roster a lot of Mahomes and Murray all over the place, and I have way too few rosters with LA Rams on them. Last week the Rams, especially Cooper Kupp, put up a ton of points for fantasy owners.

But the real winners in Week 3 were the owners of some relatively-unsung heroes: Ja’Marr Chase, while a hyped rookie, didn’t really produce in the first two weeks, but he came on strong in Week 3, scoring 22.5 points in the RazzBowl. And Dallas TE Dalton Schultz — I’ve heard of him! I thought he’d be bigger — racked up an astonishing 26 points. 

Please, blog, may I have some more?

How time flies! Here we are, already two weeks of the RazzBowl are in the books. I’d have written you all updates about it, but I was cruising the Rhône river from Avignon to Orange, sampling Châteauneuf-du-Pape from the region’s finest vignerons.

In other words, I was drunk.

Which also explains my $3 FAAB purchase of one Jameis Winston after the games of Week 1. Yikes.

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Welcome back, madames et monsieurs! As the majority of RazzBowl league drafts have wrapped up for the year, I have returned to regale you with the back half of my draft in League 16, and of course, the wine pairings that go with each of my picks!

That’s right! I hope you didn’t think I’d run through this gimmick in just a single article! Ha! Not likely! No no, I plan on driving this Peugeot right off the cliff ala Thelma and Louise, regardless of whether there’s anyone out there who likes it as much as I do–or indeed at all!

So let’s take a look, shall we? Up now, my picks in RazzBowl League 16, rounds 11-20, and the wine that pairs with each of them.

Please, blog, may I have some more?