CeeDee Lamb – Oklahoma – 6’2” 191 lbs. – 4/8/99 (20 years old)

If Jeudy is the Toolbox, Lamb is the Natural. He doesn’t have elite top end speed or acceleration. He’s not an OBJ open field threat or a Michael Thomas route runner, but he does all of it well.

  • Lamb is a smooth operator, from the way he glides down field to the way he sets up defenders down field while the ball is in the air. In fact, if Lamb has a carrying trait, it lies in his abilities while the ball is in the air. 
  • Here’s a clear out for Lamb where they isolate him on the corner. The safety is covering the middle and won’t be able to get over to help. Lamb moves the defender up the field, turns and locates the ball, and gives himself the space to make the grab.

  • Here’s the back shoulder, again vs Bama. Lamb keeps the defender on his back hip until the ball comes out and then snaps it off for an easy catch and first down. Speed and acceleration may not be top end, but it’s clearly enough that the defender has to respect him going over the top. 

  • He’s a competitor. He’ll keep working in the scramble drill to bail out his QB. Once he gets the ball, he’s a handful to bring down one on one as he will shrug off lone arm tackles. 
  • In the open field, he sees lanes open up and runs to get the maximum yardage. He’s not simply running to the first opening available and then figuring it out from there. 
  • He had plenty of chances to work in open space at Oklahoma as they used him on WR screens and sweeps regularly.
  • Below is an example of his open field ability. The play is designed well to give him space at the start. He runs out wide to get away from the pursuing outside linebacker. Has a block out near the sideline so cuts it back in and jukes through the first arm tackle before getting tripped up. 

  • Continuing Lamb’s well rounded profile, he has many weapons off the line or down the field as corners attempt to defend him.
  • He can juke a defender at the line or run passed them. He’s also not afraid to get physical and use his body and arms. Eventually he may build up the reputation to get away with everything he did in college, but there may be a couple of OPI calls his rookie season.
  • At the point of reception, Lamb can absorb the hit and hold on to the ball with strong hands. 
  • Lamb’s hands are another great asset as he is comfortable going outside of his body. He also utilizes his excellent body control to toe tap the sideline and end zone. 
  • Couldn’t decide on which clip to put in showing his hands and body control, so, here are both of them. A ridiculous one handed catch on the sideline where he gets both feet down after review. Then, a back shoulder adjustment that he is somehow able to get his left toe down and hang on.