The Bengals are a hot mess and even though they will suck next year they need to just cut bait on Palmer, Ocho and TO.  Draft and rebuild. It’s not like they are going to be any good with those crap bags still on the team. Trade Palmer for a sack of croutons and dishonorably discharge those other two morons.

Carson Palmer: He is looking to be traded or he might retire. I can see why he would want to be traded, but the chances are slim. He had a couple huge games last season, but looked like crap for the most part. He’s still good enough to be a QB in the league, but I just don’t see him being good enough to lead a team anywhere.

Chad Henne: He will get a chance to compete for the starting quarterback job once again. he showed this season that he is going to have a lot of trouble being productive if he actually wins the job. He will probably be competing with a draft pick and Tyler Thigpen. Have mercy on the Dolphins souls.

Maurice Jones-Drew: Reports are that his knee was bone on bone toward the end of the season. Amazingly he turned it on in the second half.  His recovery is supposed to take longer than first thought and it’s hard not to worry about his longevity, especially in dynasty leagues. It will be tough not to draft him next season fairly high, but I could see skipping over him for a healthier option.

Chris Ivory: He received a screw in his injured foot. I stepped on a nail once and I don’t see how a screw can feel much better, but I guess “doctors” know more than me, pfft.  The Saint’s backfield is a mess with Pierre Thomas unable to stay on the field and now Ivory hurt.  Oh, and Reggie Bush not being very good. I believe we’ll see some more RB’s brought in to compete and maybe they can find someone who doesn’t get hurt constantly.

Marques Colston: His knee is going under the knife once again.  How much this will hinder him long term is up for debate, but I would start to feel a little wary in dynasty leagues.

LaDainian Tomlinson: There’s a decent chance LT wont return to the Jets next season after a decline in production in the second half.  He is 32 and they had no problem dropping Thomas Jones even after a big season.  Joe McKnight might be the biggest winner in that scenario if they don’t grab another running back.

Vince Young: There’s been plenty of speculation about VY going to Minnesota, including Dolphins beat writer Omar Kelly who says to “bank on it.”  With his old QB coach and Leslie Frazier this is reason for some optimism if you have him in a dynasty league, but I doubt I’ll be taking him in redraft anytime soon.

Plaxico Burress: He gets out of prison on June 6th and there are plenty of reporters asking teams if they would sign him, but it’s still pretty early. He’ll be 34 going into next season, but does have 2 years out of the game.  It will be interesting to see how he looks back on the field.

Drew Brees: Sean Payton says that Brees played with a “low grade” MCL injury.  Hopefully that is why he wasn’t quite up to his former greatness and will return to form. There are an amazing number of viable fantasy quarterbacks, but if Brees happens to fall a little I could see grabbing him next season.