Congratulations to Chris Abbott and his team You’re My Boy Blue who is our Razzball Commenter League Champion for 2010!!  It was a close finish so check out the  RCL Overall Standings and lament how close you were or despair over how far back you finished. I lost a close battle in our league and finished second to Eric Yeomans, congrats Eric!  It was a good year and I sure wish it wasn’t over!

I’d like to once again thank Fantasy Sports Trophies for supplying us with the overall trophy and the individual league trophies! If you won your league I need to get your address so email me at doc at razzball dot com and I’ll get you set up!   Here is the trophy Chris will get.  Congrats to all the league winners and thanks everyone for playing!

  1. It was a tough match up against Martz Attacks considering my QB John Kitna crapped the bed. I’d like to thank Arian Foster and Calvin Johnson for carrying my team throughout the season.

    Thanks to this site for doing this, it was fun. Oh and hit me up on twitter, @sn0wballz.

  2. ichirosan says:

    As the owner of Martz Attacks!!!, I’d like to start my Suicide Watch right now… had I started almost ANY other defense instead of the Chargers… oh well, at least it can’t be worse than losing a jacuzzi because I started Justin Smoak in the last week of the season.

    Congrats to Chris Abbott, may we meet again next year.

  3. Dan B says:

    Congrats Chris! And thanks to Doc and Razzball for
    supplying the swag. This was my first FF league and shockingly, I
    won. Thanks to the team owners of Forgetting Brandon Marshall for a
    fun year. I’d like to thank DeSean Jackson & Hakeem Nicks
    for some monster games, Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles for
    carrying my team, Jason Witten for rewarding me for picking him.
    Honorable mentions to pickups Ryan Fitzpatrick/John Kitna, and Seyi
    Ajirotutu for his one monster game that won me a critical game. I’d
    like to kick Felix Jones, Marshawn Lynch, Robert Meachem, Laurence
    Maroney, Legedu Naanee, Derrick Mason, and Josh Morgan in the nuts
    for wasting my picks on them.

  4. ichirosan says:

    @ichirosan: I forgot to thank my players
    that took me to win the Ruptured RCL… Arian Foster, Adrian
    Peterson and LeGarrette Blount, for carrying me there; whichever QB
    I was plugging that week instead of Jay Cutler, for not exploding
    in my face; Marques Colston, Santana Moss, and Derrick Mason, for
    not messing everything; Vincent Jackson, for helping me survive a
    semifinal without my two feature backs and giving me hope that I
    could win it all; and Shonn Greene, for sitting idle in the bench
    while everybody else played his ass.

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