Urban Dictionary is the best, as no word is left without a home. They are all so colorful with vivid descriptions. Plus, I acquire some street cred when I tell the young kids to get off my lawn. So when I typed in “Chubb” into the site, I was proud of our youth that they gave it the proper utilization. Drafting Nick Chubb for fantasy football gave all who selected him….not a full erection, but a chubb. The offensive line was bolstered and Kevin Stefanski brought his run-dominant ways, but Kareem Hunt was there to siphon off both carries and pass targets. But yesterday, that chubb turned limp as Chubb exited the game with a right knee injury. In his place, Hunt showed off his talents and scored two touchdowns, but it was D’Ernest Johnson who elevated and led the team in carries. Will this Johnson be a one-night stand or a consistent booty call?

Johnson is 24 years old, 5′ 10″, and 208 pounds. He played his college ball at South Florida and went undrafted in the 2018 NFL Draft. Johnson was invited to the New Orleans Saints rookie minicamp that year but wasn’t able to make the team. After taking that year off, he played in the Alliance of American Football league then signed with the Cleveland Browns in May of 2019. He was primarily a special teams player, returning 5 kickoffs and 2 punts. 

His PlayerProfiler attributes look very meh: 4.86 40-yard time, 14th percentile burst score, and 30th percentile agility score. No wonder he went undrafted. But, but, but….

He looked goooood yesterday. Granted, the Cowboys defense is making everyone look good, but he displayed good vision and quick feet in the hole. I’d post the YouTube highlight, but the No Fun League is not allowing me to post it. Anyways, check out the tape when you get a chance, but it doesn’t matter what his 40 time is or how we perceive the tape. What matters is that he carried the ball 13 times for 95 yards.

One of the reasons for the elevated draft cost for Kareem Hunt in the offseason was that if Chubb were to go down, Hunt would be a top five back due to receiving the bulk of BOTH the carries and targets. Well, he did not in fact soak up all the carries.

We may have to reconstruct the paradigm. 

Now, Hunt could still be a top five back if Chubb were to miss an extended period of time. And Chubb could be fine and all of this will be moot. With that said, if Chubb’s injury is serious, we now have another running back to enter the pool and get carries on a team that has an excellent offensive line (4th in adjusted line yards according to Football Outsiders) and runs at the second-highest rate in the league (52.66%). 



  1. Brian says:

    PPR league — trade Cooper Kupp for James Robinson since my Chubb went flaccid and I’d still have DJ Moore, Preston Williams, and Marquise Brown? Thanks!

  2. Brian says:

    Well, I was just offered both Le’veon Bell AND James Robinson for Kupp… I should do that, right?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance!

  3. hamtime says:

    Sup son. Sitting 2-2 in a 14m:

    1. Are you worried about the Mike Davis expiry date? He’s been awesome but I doubt he’ll be able to coexist with cmc. What’s he worth? Is trading for kupp or metcalf a reach

    2. Number 4 waiver – who would you prioritize if at all: Justin Jackson, d’ernest, Patrick

    3. Pls rank and thoughts on relevancy ROS for: Mike Williams, renfrow, claypool, Gabriel Davis, pascal, Kirk


    • Eli Man Penguin Boy says:

      1. big reach, but if you can do it sure do it.

  4. hamtime says:

    5. Have jimmyG as my backup QB since stafford has a bye next week. Assuming he plays, you like him more than Carr, bridgewater, darnold (shiver) next week?

    How do you view Jimmy ROS

  5. toolshed says:

    Hunt was limited at practice this week and gutted it out with a groin injury. Do you think some of Johnsons work was due to trying to preserve hunt? CLE had a big lead too although it ended up being a lot closer in the final score.

    • Sinkhole Demayo says:

      both of those probably in play (plus DAL’s D is soooo bad they knew they could run anybody out there and get yards); but it’s also probably likely they intend on using both backs just like they used chubb/hunt together.

  6. Zandy says:

    Hurst, Tonyan or Shultz ROS? 0.5 PPR

  7. BiglyLeagues says:

    Trade my T. Hill and Ingram for Aaron Jones?

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