Kevin Kolb may not play as poorly as I anticipate, but I anticipate the whole stadium collapsing in a huge gulp of his suckatude, so I’d play Westbrook and that’s about it.  I could see playing Desean Jackson, but temper expectations and if I really knew how to temper expectations I think I’d be a 4th level Necromancer or a Battle Troll with 10,000 hit points.

Willie Parker: Fast Willie is now Plodding Along Willie.  Tomlin decided to rotate Parker and Mendenhall, but I’m starting to think Moore might see more of the playing field because it looks like the Steelers will go no huddle a lot to keep the defense on the field and Ben off his back.  I’d steer very clear of Steelers running backs.

LaDainian Tomlinson: He’s out for reals this Sunday.  Sproles will be a decent flex play, but they do face the Ravens.  Bennett will get some work, but not enough to consider him for more than, well, nothing really.

Matt Cassel: He’ll be a game time decision.  Most of my game time decisions involve fried and or baked cheese and where my beverage is situated.  Hopefully you have better choices than Cassel.

Anquan Boldin: He’s questionable, but should play.  You’ve got to start him.  On the other hand you probably should just sit Steve (I’ll screw you over at the last second) Breaston.  Even if he plays I don’t trust him this week.

Kevin Walter: Looks like he may have had a setback and is now listed as questionable.  I’d probably sit him no matter what happens.  I’m more worried about how this will impact Schaub.

Pierre Thomas: He’s questionable.  He’ll probably sit, but even if he doesn’t Mike Bell should get the bulk of the work.  I’d sit him until next week and play Bell even against the Eagles.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh: Yes I spelled that without looking it up.  If it is wrong, well, I’ll actually be a little pissed.  He sat out practice most of the week from back spasms, but put a full practice in Friday.  He’ll play and probably do his usual.

Louis Murphy: The Raiders really have nobody else and they are going against a bad Chiefs’ pass D.  They will run it a lot, but Murphy will get some deep looks again this week.  Throw him in there if you wanna.

Michael Bush: Like I said, Oakland is going to run and run just like Lola, and it looks like Fargas won’t be a factor this week.  Get Bush in there, especially in TD heavy leagues.

Jamal Lewis: He practiced fully along with Jerome Harrison. James Davis was limited. And I would stay away from all of them, but my hatred of Lewis could be clouding my judgment.  This might be the one time I’d throw him out there if he had somehow wheelchaired his way onto my team.

Johnnie Lee Higgins: You probably don’t care, but if for some reason you have him in a return heavy league it looks like he won’t play.  I think he’s being weighed down by all those names.

Antonio Bryant: He will not play on Sunday.  This might help Kellen Winslow’s targets if you are on the fence concerning him.  All I know is that there are a lot of good tight ends and you and me both are going to go crazy if we keep chasing them around in circles.  If your TE lays a goose egg this week it will probably hatch a bunch of baby touchdowns and receptions next week.

  1. monkeytail says:

    Is it too early to consider dropping Plodding Along Willie for somebody like Mike Bell? As a 3rd/4th RB for the overall season, not just week 2.

  2. eldee says:

    you’ve been waiting to use that headline for quite a while, haven’t you?

  3. matthole says:

    lee evans or desean jackson for WR3….

    id normally have jackson slated ahead, but mcnabb is hurt and last week the cowboys torched the bucs defense in the air

    whod you start in .5ppr league


  4. GhostfacePrzybilla says:

    Should I trade away Moss and DeAngelo Williams for A. Peterson and Anthony Gonzalez? Don’t like Williams splitting carries and would like to get rid before that becomes widely known.

  5. nater1 says:

    I’m in a PPR league and scratching my head (quite furiously) over who to pick/start in my WR/TE flex position. I have Donald Driver and Torry Holt on my bench. I recently picked up Zach Miller (OAK of course) because I think I’m liking a TE in the flex position more and more.
    Right now, I’m starting Miller this week. I can also get Kellen Winslow and Dustin Keller as they are available in my league.
    What should I do? Help! Thanks, Doc.

  6. J.P. says:

    here’s a question I’ve been thinking about all week

    what about making trade offers to the owner of Ronnie Brown?

    and who would you give up for him? guys like LeSean McCoy, Julius Jones, Kevin Smith, Ryan Grant?

    Seems the “experts” on evenly divided on this one. One half points to his one big game last season, and then says the rest of his stats over the year don’t look as great – added to the fact that Ricky Williams is supposedly going to get more carries than expected?

    The other half says that Brown, in spite of his performance in the first week, is still going to have a better year this year than last.

  7. Levo says:

    Deep non-ppr league, would i start Harvin or Louis Murphy?

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @monkeytail: It’s tempting. These first 2 games are tough D’s so I’d hold.

    @eldee: hah!

    @matthole: Agreed. I think I’d give Evans a shot.

    @GhostfacePrzybilla: Who would be replacing Moss? There is some chance AGonz won’t be right for the whole season so I’d say no, but it’s tempting.

    @nater1: I like Winslow, but I’d rather have Driver and/or Holt.

    @J.P.: I of course like Brown and think it’s worth trading for him if you can get him on the cheap. I wouldn’t give up K Smith, but the rest I would.

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Levo: Harvin

  10. tenken says:

    What are your thoughts on Julius Jones this season? He had some nice stats, last week, but most of it came from one big run.
    Also, this week start Leon Washington over Julius Jones?

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @tenken: I like Jones for where he went in drafts, but he’s still just a flex play. I would play Leon, but it is close.

  12. Mike Bell or Knowshon this week?

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mattmaison: I have a feeling Knowshon will have a good game, but we just don’t know how often he’ll see the ball. Bell is a safer bet to get 75+ and a TD.

  14. CKR says:

    If Bell goes for 90-100+ up the middle and 23-25 carries and no fumbles against the Philly D I’m betting the starting job is his regardless what happens to Thomas. A rushing TD would be gravy. Saints best recent year (2006) was because Deuce still had the legs to pound the ball in the middle. A runner like that is vital to Payton’s offensive philosophy and if Payton doesn’t win this year he’ll be a goner.

  15. The only reason I thought of starting Knowshon over Bell was hoping for a breakout game from him and Bell has a tough matchup against PHI.

    I hope CKR is right about Bell.

  16. CKR says:

    I couldn’t tell you how Bell is going to do this week only that Payton’s offense hums when the defense is forced to respect run plays between the tackles. I watched NO-Det last week and in my mind the Saints O looked like 2006 for the first time since and it was because of Bell. Though few have reported it, Payton is on the hot seat to win this year — right now. In my mind that means he is going to stay with healthy hot hands until proven otherwise.

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