The great part of the mid to late rounds of a normal 10-12 team fantasy football draft is how badly you can miss on a few picks and still be fine. How you play the waiver wire is a big contributor to your success so you can afford to take big swings on “your guys”. I don’t think that there was a league last year that I drafted in August that didn’t have Darwin Thompson on it. Another player that I was heavily invested in was Curtis Samuel. Neither one of those players lived up to the expectations that I had for them, but it didn’t matter because I built strong cores and was active on the waiver wire. 

There are too many variables in fantasy football to NOT take shots on high upside guys that could be league winners. And a lot of these players have yet to prove themselves in a 16-game sample size. There’s always going to be the D.J. Chark’s and Terry McLaurin’s that you can find on the wire that literally everyone overlooks. Knowing this, I’m going to be loading up on Darius Slayton in the 9th-10th rounds of fantasy drafts this year. 

Darius Slayton wasn’t talked about a lot going into the 2019 NFL draft. Although he went to Auburn, there wasn’t much that stuck out statistically to make him stand out. His Junior year he had 35 receptions and 5 touchdowns in 11 games. His 740 yards in his rookie season with the Giants was actually a higher yardage total than any of his seasons at Auburn. Even though he was a 5th round draft pick, sometimes it just comes down to fit and opportunity. 

After only catching one ball during the preseason, Slayton received his opportunity in week 3 against the Buccaneers, which was also Daniel Jones’ first start. Slayton caught 3 balls for 82 yards and now he was at least part of the offense. Darius Slayton’s biggest games didn’t happen until the second half of the season. In week 10, he torched the Jets with 10 catches for 121 yards and two touchdowns. And in week 14 he caught 5 passes for 154 yards and two touchdowns against the Eagles. He even had another multiple touchdown affair against the Lions in week 8 but there was much less volume.

A lot of you will think to yourselves that luck has a lot to do with touchdowns and there could be some truth to that, but after watching Slayton last season, I believe he’s truly a playmaker. He overcame a preseason issue of multiple dropped passes and quickly became a favorite of Daniel Jones, who is the franchise quarterback, not a stopgap. Either way, tying for the rookie lead in touchdown catches as a 5th round draft pick is an impressive feat. 

Slayton saw 83 targets in his rookie year, but really wasn’t a fixture in the offense until halfway through the year. Even with the low target total, his 23 deep targets ranked 19th in the NFL. His 15.4 yards per reception was also good enough to be top 20 in the NFL. It also doesn’t hurt that the Giants were firmly in the top 10 in the NFL for passing plays per game. 

I’m expecting some good things from the New York offense this year. Slayton is second Giant that I have profiled this month. We have seen the peaks and valleys of Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate, and Evan Engram already. Slayton has every opportunity to be a break out star and a target monster. And hopefully a healthy Saquon Barkley will help this team get to the red zone often. Slayton is currently being taken around pick 100, but he’s a guy that I’m willing to reach into the 8th round for to assure that I get him on my roster. After all, if he disappoints, you can find somebody on the waiver wire to be your next cheap swing for the fence. 



  1. Dase says:

    That Darius Slayton hype is picking up even more, over the last six weeks, he is now inside the top 100 of all players and the 41st wide receiver off the board.

    In Sterling Shepards seven games that Daniel Jones started, 8.3 targets, 5.4 catches, for 56.4 yards and .3 touchdowns, that’s 12.7+ PPR points per game, places him as WR32. All Golden Tate did in nine games with Jones was take 8.4+ targets and turn that into 5.2+ catches, for 68.2+ yards and .4+ touchdowns, that’s 15.4 PPR PPG and places him WR15.

    Peeling the onion a bit back further, there was four games (small sample size) that all three of these players shared the field together with Jones. In those games Shepard led with 8.5 targets, followed by Tate 8 and Slayton with 5 per game. Tate was the overall better fantasy WR on per game basis with 12.5, followed by Shepard at 11.1 and Slayton 6.13.

    It’s the value of Sterling Shepard, ADP of 118+ as WR48 and Golden Tate, ADP of 131+ as WR51, mind blown with excitement over all that fantastic value!

    • MB

      MB says:

      Yep, looking for Slayton to make a big leap. Really like this O.

      • Dase says:

        On board with the idea that Giants offense holds a lot of appeal in 2020. It appears for the most part, the rest of the community is on board with that thought process too.

        • MB

          MB says:

          The defense could still be pretty bad so I’m looking forward to the garbage time goodness

          • Dase says:

            Hahaha I was thinking the same thing, lots of heavy underdog probability with that defense plus schedule :)

            • Jolt In Flow says:

              NYG 2020 Schedule (opp 2019 ranking of fewest yards allowed in parenthesis)
              W1 vs Pit (3)
              W2 at Chi (8)
              W3 vs SF (2)
              W4 at LAR (12)
              W5 at Dal (9)
              W6 vs Was (18)
              W7 at Phi (22)
              W8 vs TBay (30)
              W9 at Was (18)
              W10 vs Phi (22)
              W11 Bye
              W12 at Cin (20)
              W13 at Sea (24)
              W14 vs Ari (31)
              W15 vs Cle (7)
              W16 at Bal (5)
              W17 vs Dal (9)

              Barring any major offseason changes, Slayton (and the rest of the WRs in NYG) are set to have a bad start to the season, but have a juicy mid-season schedule: W6-W14.

              Be wary of the last two fantasy playoff games (Clev in semi-finals and Bal in finals); you may want to take that into account and have a replacement on hand for your fantasy playoffs if you own NYG WRs.

              Thanks for the write up MB.

              • MB

                MB says:

                Nice work! And you’re welcome

  2. Water boy says:

    Hey man hope all is well!
    I did a mock recently & wanted your take, I was trying to see what my squad could potentially be draft day. That being said it’s only a mock but it’s a keeper so I plan on keeping Dalvin cook & Gronk. Here it is 10 team ppr mock

    QB last pick round 16; pick 158 Big Ben

    RB1: dalvin cook , round 1 pick 3
    RB2: Melvin Gordon, round 3 pick 23

    WR1: Keenan Allen , round 4 pick 38
    WR2: Calvin Ridley , round 5 pick 43

    TE: gronk, round 2 pick 18

    Flex: Jonathan Taylor, round 6 pick 58

    Chargers D round 14 pick 136
    Kicker Zane Gonzalez round 15 pick 143

    Marlon Mack (JT cuff) round 7 pick 63
    Marvin Jones, round 8, pick 78
    Marquise Brown, round 9 pick 83
    Darius slayton, round 10, pick 98
    Alexander mattison (cook cuff), round 11 pick 103
    Damien Williams , round 12, pick 118
    Tevin Coleman, round 13 pick 123

    Sure only a mock & my league a little different we start 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 TE, 1 flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 defense, 1 kicker, 1 IDP, 1 QB.

    We are allowed to do draft pick trading , I’m getting worried about Dalvin cook, do I trade him straight up to get josh Jacobs? Jacobs owner won’t keep him he has zeke, fournette, Jacobs, Deandre Hopkins. Zeke is his favorite player. Would you want a draft pick in return if I get Jacobs? Or should I throw in a pick?

    I definitely want to keep tyreek hill but I wasn’t able to draft two top ten guys . Keeper worthy guys : Dalvin cook but hold outs scare me, Tyreek hill, gronk , Russell Wilson.

    I’m always wheeling & dealing; last year Mid season or slightly before mid point I dealt OBJ + Jaylen Samuels to get tyreek hill. My first offer was my bench RB for his Sanu he rejected it (he’s a diehard pats fan) but he accepted that deal I didn’t he would but he needed depth due to byes & injuries.

    I also turned David Montgomery into Marvin Jones last year as well

    Looking forward to your write ups for 2020!

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’m not big on Melvin Gordon but I like the value on the WRs. I probably won’t be targeting a ton of Keenan Allen with Rivers gone.

      If you can get Josh Jacobs straight up, I’d go for it, but I’m not panicking on Dalvin Cook just yet. I think if Cook’s contract dispute gets solved you’d end up on the bad end of the deal if you give up a pick as well.

      Thanks for reading, looking forward to helping you win titles!

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