With the NFL going to more and more of a passing league, the ability to find a signal caller that can provide you not just serviceable production at your quarterback spot, but the ability to give you quality production is ever so easy to spot and find later in the draft. With the quarterback position being littered with so many quality arms a popular avenue to go with this position is the quarterback by committee (QBBC) approach. This is where you wait until at least the 10th round (heck, even later) of your draft and you grab one-to-three quarterbacks (depending on format) that you will play match-ups with each week.

This is a strategy that I decided to fully go all in with this past year. I only had two drafts (out of at least 16 or 17) where I drafted my first quarterback before the 10th round. One of the quarterbacks I had pegged as an option in this committee attack was Carson Palmer. It was his second half performance (Weeks 10-17) of the 2013 season that had me really excited about Palmer. He averaged 295.1 yards passing with 14 touchdowns. This numbers helped him produce fantasy numbers to put him at sixth among all quarterbacks during this stretch. He had four games with at least 302 passing yards and five games with at least two passing touchdowns. Plus, it was only the first year in Brice Arian’s offensive system. The ability to have another full offseason in that system is only going to lend itself to him being able to repeat that production. Now that you have the low down, I say we get into this past season!

The first thing that’s going to jump out, if you look at the game log for one Mr. Palmer, is the fact that he only played in six out of a possible 16 games in 2014. He missed four games due to a shoulder injury and then six games from a torn ACL. I’m not here to bring your attention to something that is already right in plain sight. I am here to focus your eyes on the production that was given by Palmer. In his six games, he threw for 1,626 passing yards with 11 passing touchdowns and only three interceptions. These numbers gave him 17 fantasy points per game and would have placed him in a tie for seventh with Matt Ryan. Let’s delve a little deeper into the fantasy placement among quarterback during these six games. He was a top 11 quarterback five times and placed in the top eight (three times). I would also like to note that he finished with 18 or more fantasy points in four of these six games. His best fantasy performance came in week eight versus the Philadelphia Eagles. In this game, he threw for 329 passing yards with two passing touchdowns and zero interceptions. That game netted him 21 fantasy points and eight among all quarterbacks for that week. To just nail home the consistent production in his short time last year. He had four games with at least 250 or more passing yards and at least two passing touchdowns or more in five games.

Over the last 14 games, he (Palmer) has averaged 284.8 passing yards with 1.8 passing touchdowns and only 0.4 interceptions per game (that’s 18 fantasy points per game). In these 14 games, he has eight games with at least 250 passing yards and 10 games with two or more passing touchdowns. I would also like to note a very important piece to the puzzle for Palmer… and that would be Larry Fitzgerald and the fact that he will be in a Arizona Cardinals uniform next year. It’s going to be another summer of awesome value at the quarterback position. The ability to take the wait and see approach at this position is going to be greater and better then ever. The reason is due to players like Carson Palmer



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  1. Dorian says:

    Man, after this article Dase, I am really glad I didn’t trade him away for what I was getting offered. Thanks for the article!

    • Fantasy with Dase or Days

      Fantasy with Dase or Days says:

      @Dorian: Hey, I am so glad you took the time to read my stuff. I’m happy that you found it to be insightful and something that you will be able to use when gauging offers.

  2. S.H says:

    Dase, I have being trying to get Palmer for a few weeks but the owner want a 1st rounder and I am in a 12 team forever keeper league. Most teams have 2-3 starting QB’s. With the starting lineups are QB-RB-RB-WR_WR_WR-TE-FLEX -LB-LB-DB-DB-FLEX-K.

    I have mentioned my QB’s to you in the past.But my team is as listed.

    QB-S.Hill,Mccoy,Locker, Whitehurst and Vick(all going to be rerleased)
    RB-K.Davis KC, Ben Tate, Spiller,and D.Woodhead
    WR- R.Randle, E.Sanders, K.Wright, T.Austin, D.Moore, and J.Cotchery
    TE-J.Whitten and J.Gresham
    LB-J.Freeman Ind, C.Lofton Oak,T.Davis Car, J.Meyo NE, K.Danby Clv, and D.Hawthorne NO
    DB-R.Nelson Cin, T.Williams Clv, W.Moore Atl, and C.Pryor NYJ
    K-Dawson and Janikowski.

    It is a 32 man roster,most good players are taken, with the exception of the newly drafted players. The top QB”S are Cassel and Fitzpatrick Top TE are G.Graham Hou,J.Hill NO, B.Watson NO, and possible R.Rogers GB.

    Can you help me out I want to know who is dead weight and can cut , and who I can dangle do upgrade my QB or RB.
    AND one last question, and thanks for your help would you take any combo of the following four for Danby and Witten.
    E.Ebron,J.Peppers,R.Hillman, D.McCluster and R.Streater.

    Thanks again and keep up with the great articles.

    • Fantasy with Dase or Days

      Fantasy with Dase or Days says:

      @S.H: Hey just wanted to first say I am sorry it’s taken me long to get to your question. Thanks for reading my post and I am happy that you are enjoying them.

      I would not trade your first round pick for Palmer.

      I would drop everything and make sure that you go and secure J. Hill (TE saints) on your roster now!

      One idea that has popped in my dome would be offering K. Davis to the owner of J. Charles. See what his QB situation is and go from there.

      Once you get J. Hill then you could look to go ahead and see if you could move J. Witten. What happened to the Witten for S. Bradford trade?

      I don’t know anything about IDP:( I’ve never ever dipped my toe into that pool. But on the surface I would say that I would be intrigued with adding E. Ebron to your roster.

      I hope this response will be useful and always shoot your questions my way.

  3. S.H says:

    That is all good, waiting is fine for me. Hill is a F/A in my league I can pick him up in the draft.

    The Witten for Bradford is still on, the owner is is deciding on if he want me to have his 2nd or 3rd round pick.

    Would you deal Karlos Danby for Manziel , Ebron and J.Pepper

    Also would you deal Spiller and Denarius Moore for Foles

    Thanks again my friend

    • Fantasy with Dase or Days

      Fantasy with Dase or Days says:

      @S.H: I would stress to the other owner you are only interested in a 2nd round pick. Try and keep the 3rd round pick out of his mind. Worst case is you can always just take the 3rd.

      I don’t know anything about IDP but I would pass on that Manziel trade.

      I would also reject that trade having to involve Spiller.

    • Fantasy with Dase or Days

      Fantasy with Dase or Days says:

      @S.H: oh and do you have to wait till draft to get Hill? I would be all over him before if you are able to. I would rather have him then Witten and can defiently see a top five finish among his position for this year.

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