I hope you’ve done your research and have participated in at least one mock draft by now.  Keyword, of course, being mock.  After seeing what happened to Arian Foster on Tuesday, you don’t want to draft until the last minute possible.  However, you want to go into your strategy with a plan, not blind.

Do some mocks.  Do some standard, auction and drafts with a PPR mindset.  Practice strategies you normally wouldn’t do.  So far in the mock season — NOTE: It’s been SO hard to turn my attention to football with the baseball season heating up as we head to the fantasy playoffs — I’ve drafted three running backs early, three receivers early, a mix, best player available and even experimented with taking a quarterback early.  Just be prepared when draft day comes.  Have a strategy in mind, but don’t become married to it because no matter how much you plan, things are going to change on draft day.  You have to be able to adjust on the fly.

But one thing you can get a good idea for early on is what position you are going to stream.  Let’s be honest, each team will have some weak spot and will be forced to stream eventually at some point in the season.  The most likely positions to be streamed during a given week are quarterback, tight end, defense and the dreaded (useless) kicker.

So to start our preseason weekly streamers discussion, let’s focus on the quarterback position, and some guys you can take late and stream throughout the year.  You’ll know right away if you are taking a quarterback early or if you’re going to wait.  Personally, I’m the last person to take a quarterback every year, and I’m content with it.  I’ve won titles with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Alex Smith and Jay Cutler over the last two seasons.  But that’s not to say if Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers fall to the middle of the third round that I won’t consider them there.

First, let’s look at auction drafts.  It’s the best way to draft for any fantasy sport, by the way.  Don’t pay for a quarterback.  Seriously, don’t do it.  A few mocks ago, I ended up with Cam Newton and Tom Brady for a combined $5 because everyone blew their money by then.  Last year, Tony Romo was my guy for $4.  There are ALWAYS quarterback bargains toward the end of an auction.  I refuse to pay more than $7 for a guy.  If I end up with Carson Palmer and Teddy Bridgewater, so be it.  Do yourself the favor and let someone else pay $35 or more for the studs at the position.  That just allows you to load up at the skill positions and give you the advantage where it really matters.

Guys I target in auction drafts: Tony Romo, Cam Newton, Sam Bradford, Ryan Tannehill, Jameis Winston.

Next, the difference between four- and six-point touchdown passing leagues.  It’s no revelation, but running quarterbacks are so much more valuable in four-point passing leagues than six point.  Their legs — especially touchdowns — add more points to your score weekly.  Guys like Newton, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Marcus Mariota become extremely valuable and move up a tier.

For standard and PPR leagues, wait on QB.  It’s that simple.  If you’re in a 10- or 12-team league, there are plenty of options for you.  Anything deeper, yeah you can take one slightly earlier.  My rule of thumb — especially knowing the guys that I draft with — is to never take two quarterbacks unless I’m fully committed to streaming them or unusual circumstances (drafting Brady, taking the Eagles’ Bradford and Mark Sanchez).

Once everyone has one, I’ll sit back and wait until round 10 or 11 before taking my signal caller.  By that time, Rodgers, Luck, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Romo, Eli Manning and Brady will likely be gone.  Guys like Matthew Stafford, Palmer, Bridgewater, Tannehill and Bradford are yours for the taking.  Is there really that much of a difference between Ryan and Palmer?  Not to me, barring health, of course.

If you’re going to stream the position, commit to it or don’t do it at all.  Grab a guy whose schedule you like for the first few weeks and who doesn’t have a bye.  If you’re going to go with two, make sure they don’t have the same bye week so you don’t have to roster three quarterbacks at once or drop a guy four weeks win.

Some of my favorite streamers for Week 1 include: Palmer vs. the Saints, Winston vs. the Titans, Mariota vs. the Bucs, Andy Dalton vs. the Raiders, Derek Carr vs. the Bengals, Bradford vs. the Falcons and Bridgewater vs. the 49ers.



  1. Allan says:

    Hey waterloo just drafted, mind rating my team? 12 team standard.
    QB: Ben Rothlisberger, Sam Bradford
    RB: Eddie Lacy, Mark Ingram, Joique Bell, Arian Foster
    WR: Julio Jones, Brandin Cooks, Larry Fitzgerald, Breshad Perriman, Davante Adams, Dorial Green-Beckham
    TE: Jordan Cameron, Dwayne Allen
    D: Patriots
    K: Dan Bailey

    • @Allan: hey allan. Id give it a B-. Lacks running back depth, especially with Foster and concerns with Bell. bigger fan of Abdullah there. I like your QBs a lot. Big fan of Bradford this year. Your WR core is solid with Julio and Cooks. I think Julio could be top WR this year in his new system. Some good upside behind them, too.

  2. Ashley Altizer says:

    This post is great for people like me-first time drafters and fantasy football rookies. I have never participated in fantasy football for a few reasons. 1) I don’t know all the players, I like my team and know the players each season but that’s about it. 2) I never have the time, I am always in school, working too much, reading, whatever. 3) I am nervous about not knowing what the heck to do. This year I decided to make a change. My fiance and I started a league of our own and I am stoked. This post helped me understand what I need to do to prep. So thank you!

    • @Ashley Altizer: hey Ashley. Awesome! Beauty of fantasy football – and why the league loves it – is that it gives exposure for fans to teams and players they don’t usually know. It’s a great tool for that. My suggestion is to do some mock drafts. Never hurts to do some practice. Glad the article helped and check back as we will have many more to help. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

  3. Clinton says:

    Howdy! I had a two quick questions. I’m in a ten team league. I have the second pick and the tenth in the first round. I’m thinking Lacy with the 2nd overall pick. My question is do I go Rodgers or Luck with the tenth pick? Or would you pass on Rodgers or Luck and get a QB with a similar stacked cast around him and take Big Ben in a later round? I really appreciate your advice.


    • @Clinton: Hey Clinton. Someone in every league will take Rodgers or Luck in the first round. Don’t let it be you. Is it a standard or PPR league? Regardless, Lacy is a good choice at 2, though I prefer Charles in PPR to him. At 10, take a stud WR unless a back falls to you. Quarterback is way too deep to take any in the first two rounds to me. I did a mock recently where Drew Brees fell to the 8th round. The value will be there. Ben is a good alternate in the 5th or 6th, which is still too pricey for me but I wouldn’t tell anyone not to take him there, either.

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