Loyal Razzballers and deep leaguers, we’re changing the format of the Deep Impact series from here on out. Rather than plug some under-owned options to consider for Week 7, instead, we will talk about all the ins and outs of wedding planning. Who says that planning a wedding should only be handled by the bride-to-be? Men, close your fantasy football apps and be an active part of the process… *answers call from Jay* I’ve been informed that the format of the article is actually staying the same, and also to beg all of you to never, ever stop paying attention to fantasy football for any reason. Don’t go anywhere! Please? You still there? Great! As we’ve been doing every week, let’s take a look at some guys below 10% owned in Yahoo that are worth using for Week 7. If you haven’t been reading every week, well, congrats! You’re probably doing pretty well so far this season.


Dwayne Washington (RB, Detroit Lions, 9% owned) – If you’re desperate at running back, this week offered plenty of opportunity to stock up with lottery tickets at the position (Mike Gillislee, Mike Davis, Don Jackson, Jacquizz Rodgers (in shallower leagues (wait, are these parentheses within parentheses? (oh no I can’t escape!!!)))). Phew, made it out. Anyways, the flip side of that coin is those of you with Carlos Hyde, LeSean McCoy, Doug Martin, and Eddie Lacy may be without running backs if you didn’t land your handcuffs (pay more attention to Mike Maher’s weekly handcuff piece, if that’s the case). Anyways, if you’re left hunting for scraps, Washington’s ownership has dipped below our 10% threshold. Reports are that he’s going to be back this week and with a heavy workload, assuming Theo Riddick doesn’t suit up. I know I plugged backfield mate Zach Zenner last week, who put up playable deep league flex numbers, but I’d prefer a healthy Washington and I think the Lions do as well. And speaking of Washington, this week offers a tasty matchup against the Redskins, who allow the most yards per carry in the league. Monitor the injury status of the backfield during the week. If Washington plays, he’s worth a start. If he doesn’t, Zenner (3% owned) should be the play instead. And no matter what happens, feel free to ignore Justin Forsett.

Chester Rogers (WR, Indianapolis Colts, 0% owned) – Rogers is in line to start if Phillip Dorsett can’t go, which would be the biggest win of Rogers’ life since being voted “Most Likely To Receive An Atomic Wedgie” by his 7th grade class based solely on his name. Chuck Pagano says Dorsett is day-to-day, but he hasn’t practiced yet this week, so this is another situation to keep an eye on up until game day. It’s worth pointing out that even with both players available over the past two weeks, Rogers has two more targets, three more catches, and 49 more yards. If Dorsett is on the field, both guys aren’t very fantasy relevant except for the deepest of leagues. If he isn’t, Rogers will get the opportunity to snatch the second spot on the depth chart, and take some of the targets left by both Dorsett and Dwayne Allen (week to week with an ankle injury).

C.J. Fiedorowicz (TE, Houston Texans, 7% owned) – Who has more yards over the past three weeks: Fiedorowicz or DeAndre Hopkins? The answer is Hopkins, but not by as many as you would think (116 vs 109). Or by as many as you would hope, if burned an early pick on Hopkins this year (maybe because some idiot “expert” told you to pick him over Ezekiel Elliott). As disappointing as Hopkins has been, at least CJ has provided a silver lining for the Texans passing game. The blocking tight end has shown some growth in his third year and already has more yards than his previous two seasons combined. I wouldn’t expect big numbers from the Texans this week with a tough matchup against the Broncos, but if you don’t have any other options thanks to injuries and bye weeks, you can at least bank on him getting a healthy dose of targets.


Ka’Deem Carey (RB, Chicago Bears, 2% owned) – This is one that won’t be actionable in most leagues until next Tuesday, but based on usage in tonight’s game, Carey is the back to own in Chicago. This is the second week in a row that he’s out-gained Jordan Howard, and this week he got more touches as well. The best decision is to ignore everyone on the Bears as much as possible, like all the Cubs fans that are too busy enjoying their postseason baseball to be concerned with this catastrophe of a team. But, running backs getting 10-15 touches are mandatory owns in deep leagues regardless of how much fire is raging in the Dumpster that running back resides in.


DeVante Parker (WR, Miami Dolphins, 71% owned) – I never thought I’d say this sentence before: Miko Grimes had some good points. Specifically on her stance that Ryan Tannehill is not a very good quarterback. Not sure I side with her on her stance about the Dolphins keeping Mike Tannenbaum employed because he’s “Jew buddies” with owner Stephen Ross, but hey even a broken Hitler is right twice a day. Anyways, the bar for Tannehill is so low that last week was hailed as a “bounce back” game for him despite having 250 yards and no touchdowns simply because he didn’t look like the team started a fan as part of the Make-A-Wish program. I’m not interested in anyone aside from Jarvis Landry in this offense, and Parker’s 45 yards per game is easily replaced on the wire. Of course, since I advocated dropping Golden Tate in the last article, this week will probably bring a breakout performance for Parker. Set your lineups accordingly.



  1. TTRA1N says:

    Drop D.Parker? Hmmmm

    • Alex Lee

      Alex Lee says:

      @TTRA1N: Deep thoughts.

  2. Joe Shmoe says:

    Thinking of dropping McKinnon for D.Booker. Is this a smart play ROS?

    • Joe Shmoe says:

      @Joe Shmoe: Or even drop Martin for Booker?

      • Alex Lee

        Alex Lee says:

        @Joe Shmoe: I’d rather have McKinnon and Martin than Booker. If you don’t have anyone more droppable, your season is probably going well.

  3. whattodo says:

    was offered zeke elliot for sammy watkins, isiaah crowell, stefan diggs..

    its a keeper league, we can keep 3 players per year. zeke is $60, watkins is $7, crowell is $3, and diggs is $10…

    all i care about is this year, i think its a fair offer but i think i want a little more than just zeke..

    1st question) would you do the above trade as is?
    2nd question) would you prefer this trade instead:

    $70 zeke, $25 edelman, patriots D FOR $7 sammy watkins, $3 crowell, $9 devanta parker, $10 stefon diggs?

    its a lot i know but just wondering… thanks.

    • Frankgrimes says:

      Take the trade it’s a no brainer
      Whoever is offering you Zeke is a dope

    • Alex Lee

      Alex Lee says:

      @whattodo: I’m inclined to agree with Frank, although I’m not familiar with your rules. Are there limits to how long a player can be kept for? An escalating cost? Either way, I’m not sure there’s any answer to those questions that would change my opinion. I’d take either of those deals, preferably the second one that includes Edelman.

  4. CMUTimmah says:

    You’re trading literal garbage for one of the few true workhorse RBs out there. If you don’t do this, you overthought it. Even with the price tags, I have no idea why you’d hesitate on that first one. Don’t complicate the trade and possibly lose Zeke. If he wants deal #1, just do it.

  5. brandon says:

    Andy Dalton Cin – QB – bye 9
    Ben Roethlisberger Pit – QB
    Cam Newton Car – QB
    Larry Fitzgerald Ari – WR – bye 9
    Alshon Jeffery Chi – WR – bye 9
    Brandin Cooks NO – WR
    David Johnson Ari – RB – bye 9
    Jacquizz Rodgers TB – RB
    Terrance West Bal – RB
    Mike Gillislee Buf – RB
    Tyler Eifert Cin – TE – bye 9
    Jordan Reed Was – TE – bye 9

    I need advice going into a bye week hell (week 9)! this league is a PPC (point per completion – hence the value of a good QB, and why i am carrying 3 of them.) I picked up Dalton to help through injuries, and suddenly Cam was made available. Going to drop Dalton shortly but nervous about Cam at Ari next week, so thinking one more week of Dalton. My TE’s are a point of concern. Jordan is a injury risk, should I cut bait, and just ride with Tyler? Where would you look to improve if you were me?

    • Alex Lee

      Alex Lee says:

      @brandon: I understand the value of a good QB in that format, but if you’re only starting one, still not sure if it makes sense to carry 3 of them. Arizona has been great against the pass this year, but look at how soft that schedule has been so far. They have only played one top-10 passing offense so far this season against New England, and that was with Jimmy G. starting. They’ve beat up on the Case Keenums, Ryan Fitzpatricks, and Blaine Gabberts of the world. So has the rest of the league. Newton will be far and away the best QB they’ve played against this year (not including Russell Wilson, who hasn’t looked himself). I think you’ve got to drop Dalton and snag another tight end (your biggest area of need) for this week. After that, re-evaluate your tight ends and see which one to drop for another receiver to start in Week 9 (assuming you start two).

  6. sh says:

    Alex, so I should drop Howard for Carey.? Also in a PPR 12 team league would you drop Macllin or J.Matthews for Montgomery or D. Adams.?

    • Alex Lee

      Alex Lee says:

      @sh: Between Bears running backs I would rather have Carey than Howard right now, although the long term outlook for both is questionable with Langford due back soon. If we’re talking about the same league for both questions, unless you are in dire need of immediate RB help, I’d drop Howard for Montgomery or Adams (prefer Montgomery) and hang onto Maclin/Matthews. Tough to hold a poor performance vs the Vikings against Matthews, and he’s been solid otherwise (at least 10 PPR points every other week). Maclin is a case where I think the expectations are lower than when you drafted him, but not sure I’d drop him for Adams/Montgomery quite yet. I don’t put a ton of stock in Adams even with his big week; I’m sure that the Packers will be throwing more with their running back issues but going forward I imagine Jordy Nelson will be much more involved than he was against the Bears. I doubt you will see many games rest of season where Adams gets 4x more targets than Nelson. I see very inconsistent, occasionally big performances from him rest of season. Montgomery, on the other hand, has a much better shot at being a weekly start for as long as he’s the primary running back. The only question there is how McCarthy will use him in that capacity if/when Don Jackson and James Starks are healthy and Knile Davis is caught up on the playbook. The smart money is on him keeping the job as long as it’s working, but smart money isn’t always the best money when dealing with McCarthy.

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