Here are the matchups for defenses for the remainder of the fantasy season.  I tried many different ways to quantify which teams would be the ripest for defenses to humiliate and destroy, but most of the time the numbers seemed skewed because of one big game against.  San Diego and New Orleans both fit into that category.  Both have had big fantasy defensive games against them, but I wouldn’t want to play a D/ST against them. Anyway, I cherry picked my stats enough to come up with five teams I think are worth playing your Ds against.  The five worst teams against fantasy defenses in the last 5 weeks are — Dallas, Minnesota, Washington, Carolina and Arizona.  So I highlighted those teams here, which may help you plan a streaming attack.

Before we get to the streamegery make sure you join our FanDuel leagues.  We still need 10 competitors for the last 2 leagues — League Two and League Three.

  1. Matt Leinart says:

    Hey Doc,

    I need a flex from this group:

    Sims-Walker vs HOU
    TJones @ DEN
    Moreno vs KC
    TB Williams vs CAR

    I think all four have decent matchups and the potential to have big games. Our scoring offers .5 PPR and .2 per carry, which favors feature backs who also get work in the passing game. That has me leaning towards Moreno, but it’s easy to argue for the other three as well (HOU’s pass D is awful, DEN’s run D is awful, and CAR is just plain awful). What say you?

  2. Ernie says:

    Hi. I need RB2. Who is the best option? Forte, Torain, Woodhead or Goodson? I think Forte or Goodson but I can not decide. Thanks

  3. mikey says:

    just wanna thank you for answering all my annoying questions all year long, you have helped me climb to the top with all your advice.. your a stud

  4. dirtyd says:

    Brees’s bye week in a deep league. Start Collins if he plays over D Anderson and Kitna?

  5. Rookie Season says:

    .5PPR, I need a WR2, RB, WRT:
    Santonio Holmes @ Cle
    Nate Burleson @ Buf
    LeGarrette Blount v. Car
    Knowshon Moreno v. KC
    Brandon Jacobs v Dal

    I’m leaning WR2-Holmes, RB-Blount, WRT-Moreno. I guess the question mark is do Burleson and Jacobs look like they belong in there over Holmes or Moreno? Mercedes Lewis and Mike Goodson are dangling on the WW.

  6. Yuppie says:

    Dez Bryant or D. Bowe this week ppr league

  7. genghis chone says:

    Would you do my Forte/Knox for his Randy Moss/Shiancoe? The other guy’s other good WRs are Collie, Garcon and Roddy White. My only TE is Zach Miller and I have good depth at RB (CJ2K, Charles, Best, Choice). PPR, point per 25 return yards. I also pretty much have a playoff spot sewn up, and am basically angling to do as well as possible in weeks 15-16. Thanks!

  8. Steve Mc says:

    Need 1 WR and 1 flex in a PPR league who would you go with?

    R Moss

  9. paul says:

    I picked up Young for Rodgers’ bye week. Now looks like Young won’t start. Best option now?


  10. Wilsonian says:

    Who do you start this week? This is how I have it right now:

    WR: Wayne
    WR: Ward
    WR: Buc Williams
    RB: Bradshaw
    RB: Blount
    W/R: Moreno
    BN: Dez
    BN: Austin
    BN: Torain

    Any changes?

  11. LMack says:

    Having a tough time filling Rodgers’ bye week, still.

    Currently have Troy Smith slotted to start. I think the StL pass D is over-rated. But, I’m concerned about the fact Smith only threw the ball 19 times in his past start. Frank Gore will be getting ALL the work, how much is left for Smith?

    Other options: Derrek Anderson, Kerry Collins, Shaun Hill, Chad Pennington.

    You have Smth ranked the highest so I assume he’s still your pick, but the fact that the 49ers might not throw the ball at all this week makes me worry. Maybe the Niners will get down early.

  12. Lubey says:

    Hey Doc, love your blog/advice. I could use some now though. Would you trade Dwayne Bowe and Ryan Torain for Moreno? I dont really like the rest of bowe’s schedule and torain maybe be splitting carries soon. What do you think?

  13. Chris says:

    Doc, who do you sit in PPR – Bowe or Randy Moss?

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt Leinart: Yeah, I like those options. i think you have to go with Moreno with the extras for carries.

    @Ernie: Agreed, I’m leaning goodson, but that might be a little grass is greener mentality.

    @mikey: Thanks, good luck in the home stretch!

    @dirtyd: Tough. I kinda like Kitna since i think he’ll have to pass a lot. I do worry that he’ll get Romo’d.

    @Rookie Season: Agreed. Now that Jacobs has lost goal line carries and Megatron doesn’t have Revis on him their prospects are down.

    @Yuppie: Leaning Bryant

    @genghis chone: It’s close, but I like Moss’ upside so I’d give it a shot.

    @Steve Mc: Torain, Moss

    @paul: I’d lean Kitna

    @Wilsonian: I like it.

    @LMack: I’d lean Hill. The rankings need updated since he is now getting the start.

    @Lubey: I would. I like Moreno’s schedule.

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chris: Moss

  16. Joel says:

    Hey Doc, just read the NY Times Fifth Down article from today, showing that you are currently the 4th ranked FF expert in the land! Just want to send my congrats, and thank you again for the unbelievable amount of time you provide for us regulars here on the blog. Job WELL DONE.

    BTW, I pulled the trigger on giving ARod and CJ to get Foster and peyton manning. For whatever reason, my gut tells me the curse of 400 is contributing to CJs slow season, and that Foster is just far and away the better back for the ros. Hope I’m right!

  17. Chris says:


    Doc, as a follow-up, Bowe or Dez Bryant?

  18. Damion says:

    @Doc, would you go austin, bowe, or mike thomas???

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: Very tough. I’m leaning Thomas because of the upside.

    @Joel: Thanks. Yeah, I think it was a good trade.

    @Chris: Dez

  20. Doug says:

    Slim pickins at WR for me this week: Breaston or Seattle Mike? Standard scoring…

  21. Black Beard says:

    Severely over-thinking my Flex: word is that Earnest Graham for TB will be out Sunday as well as Okung for SEA.

    Obviously deciding between Blount and M. Lynch (could also start D. Brown). Do either of these factors push you in one direction or the other? EG was out last week and Blount’s numbers dropped like a rock.


  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Doug: Tough, but I’m leaning Williams.

    @Black Beard: Blount has more upside, but it’s hard to know how many carries he’ll get. But I’m still going with him.

  23. Black Beard says:

    @Doc: Thanks Doc.

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