Preseason keeps on keeping on and people keep doing things that I have to pay attention to and analyze, which then makes me change rankings in about 12 different spots and how can I do all this while drinking?  Hmmm!?  I have priorities you know!  Anyway, here are some things people did:

Kareem Huggins is now officially the number 2 running back in Tampa Bay.  If you own Derrick Ward it’s probably a good idea to switch them out.  I can’t tell you Huggins is going to do much, but not too long ago Morris said he was going to play the hot hand between Caddy and Ward, so I guess we can transfer that over to Caddy and Huggins now.  And with Caddy’s injury history there is a decent chance Huggins could become the starter.  Just don’t get too excited about the whole situation.  These are the Bucs we are talking about.

Chaz Schillens: He may need knee surgery.  You probably didn’t own him unless you are in a deep league, but I do see this helping out Louis Murphy who I like more than DHB.  He could be worth a late round flier.

Leon Washington: L. Dub has made a quick recovery and already looks good and full speed.  I think Forsett is the best all around back, but Washington is going to eat into his work.  I’m starting to worry that Forsett is never going to get his chance to really break out.  I’m stepping lightly around the situation for now.

Santana Moss: Donovan McNabb looks like he may have revitalized Moss.  He had a nice game against the Ravens and even though I haven’t been high on him in the past I think with his ADP in the late 6th/early 7th round, he has nice value.

Alex Smith: Without Crabtree, Gore and VD (what are things contracted in Amsterdam Alex?) he still moved his team down the field nicely on the opening drive.  There are a lot of fantasy options in San Francisco and for them to do their thing they need Smith to be consistent.  He doesn’t need to be Drew Brees.  And who would want that big splotch anyway? Does that mean he’s got the Crabtrees?

Toby Gerhart: Albert Young has been outplaying him, but the Vikings have too much invested not to pencil him in as All Day’s backup.  But as fake football players we don’t have to invest too much in him at this point.

Tony Scheffler: The Lions will be using 2 tight ends for their basic sets, so Tony will be out there most of the time.  He’s not known for his blocking, which means there is a good chance he will be the main receiving TE.  He has great hands and if used correctly could be fantasy relevant.  If you like drafting backup TEs he’s worth a late pick.

Matt Leinart: News is that Leinart is losing the grip on the starting job.  His game against the Titans and subsequent whine-fest to the media didn’t help his cause.  But Derick Anderson didn’t help his cause either by missing a wide open Breaston in the end zone.  He didn’t remember that a Breaston the end zone is worth two in the bush. I can honestly say I’m getting a little worried about my man Fitz. I still think his elite skills keep him in the top 5, but he might have to drop just a smidge in the old rankings.

Kenny Britt: Justin Gage was out which gave Britt an opportunity to shine, but his shine was dulled after he got flagged for kicking the ball and then he went on to only make one reception for 8 yards. His upside is high, but the Titans don’t need idiots out there when they have safe and reliable receivers to help block for CJ.

Dez Bryant: He’s running and cutting and doing the samba, but it doesn’t look like they are going to let him play in the preseason.  He should be returning kicks in week 1, but it will take a while for him to usurp Roy Williams as the #2.

Mike Thomas: He looks like he’ll be the #2 guy in Jacksonville.  His ceiling is Hobbit low in that offense, but in deep leagues he’s worth a look.

Jacoby Jones: Kevin Walter continues to line up as the #2 receiver.  This is disturbing news for JJ supporters like myself, but I will never surrender!  Jones’ upside is much higher than Walter’s and even with Walter as the starter, I believe we’ll still see Jones getting time on the outside as the #2 and eventually Jones should take over.

Isaac Redman: He’s had a very productive camp and preseason and there are rumblings that he could see some goal line work.  I’m not too worried at this point.  Mendenhall is the man in Pittsburgh and they’ll get him his TDs plus more receptions.  Bruce Arians keeps talking up Mendy’s skill set, even comparing him to Marshall Faulk.

Kellen Winslow: He continues to sit out due to injuries.  I still am not completely against him since he was hurt most of last season, but still put up decent numbers, but I would let someone else take the risk at this point.

Jabar Gaffney: Orton continues to target Gaffney as the #1 receiver.  I don’t feel any kind of confidence in the breakdown of the Bronco’s receivers, but it’s hard not to believe Gaffney and Orton have made a connection.  Unless Thomas, Decker or Royal just overwhelm with their greatness, Gaffney will be Orton’s safety valve at the very least.

  1. EmporersMonkey says:

    I love the fact that the Cowboys are keeping Bryant out of all preseason games, this will allow him to fly under the radar so I can draft him a few rounds later. He will be a solid #3 WR this year.

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @EmporersMonkey: Yeah, he should take over for Roy and be a good #3 this season. Love him in return yardage leagues too.

  3. Jim says:

    Backup TEs are the only kind I draft, actually.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jim: agreed

  5. Ross says:

    Lovin the football analysis. My draft is this wknd, and I had an idea maybe you could do. I could always use a nice, quick/easy to look at, depth chart. Maybe it would show the 1&2 RB/WR/TE for each team.

    I think all that info in one place would be helpful. Maybe there is something like this already, in which case – point me in the right direction please.

    keep up the good work

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Ross: Thanks, I’ll see if I can wrangle that together. There are plenty of depth charts out there, but none as simple as that.

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