A fantasy football player’s dream! No I’m not talking about me chit chatting live, face to face about my friend and former high school teammate Reggie Williams, with the legendary, hall of fame bound, round mound of touchdown, Maurice Jones-Drew. I’m talking about DirecTV’s new system that allows you to plug your players into the TV and be able to get live stats on them or switch it to that particular players game, which if I may add (Of course I may this is my post) is pretty cool. The future is now ladies and gentlemen (I have a very strong female fan base).   Oh yea Brent Celek was there too but due to technical difficulties he had to be on over the phone, not computer. You’re a millionaire bro! Fix your computer! I’m joking, I’m sure it wasn’t his fault. Either way it was truly wondrous having both of these fantasy enthusiasts live in my bedroom. Through the computer of course.

MJD is the self-professed most knowledgable fantasy football player in the NFL, and being that he get’s his knowledge from all of  big time insider reporters on who looks good and who doesn’t, along with him just plain knowing talent, it’s more than likely a good idea that we take his words to heart. Of course he always recommends drafting himself number 1 overall, and that may not be the smartest move at this point. Didn’t hear if Celek always drafts himself number one. Hopefully not for his team’s sake. All kidding aside, I’m picking the talented Mr. Celek as a top 10 tight end pick this season, as Vick can’t possibly continue to ignore him. Can he?

All and all, the event was a big success and a lot of fun. It was hosted by NFL network’s Andrew Siciliano, and he did a great job of moderating the comments and handling the entire event. I’d like to thank MJD for answering my questions about Justin Blackmon and advising us to stay clear of that Patriots running back situation for a little while (maybe all season), and Brent Celek for giving some insight on some sleeper tight ends to target.  I most definitely recommend “NFL Sunday Ticket” and I absolutely insist on you watching me in this video on Facebook or you can watch it directly below.  And for those of you who are all about seeing me and me only in my snazzy suit, you can click here and it should go directly to my moment of glory.  Enjoy and feel free to give me your feedback!

  1. Nora says:

    Just got direct tv this year, so looking forward to football season:D

    • LT

      LT says:

      @Nora, Oh yea, I made that switch last year. It’s quite possibly the greatest decision I’ve ever made. That and subscribing to brazzers.

  2. Nora says:

    BTW You did awesome in the video, looking snazzy with the suit jacket:)

    • @Nora, Why thank you. I’d be nothing without compliments from women

  3. Cman says:

    Nice interview. So who else is going to be on MJD’d fantasy football team aside from himself?

  4. KBEEZY says:

    This was rad! Loved it. Well done. Informative and entertaining.

    • @KBEEZY, Rad is an underused word. Thank you for your kind words

  5. KBEEZY says:

    Well done, LT. Im so proud to see a young man from the hood come up in this world! You look amazing on camera!

    • @KBEEZY, it’s been a long struggle from Gravelly Lake Dr. I feel like the dude from the Roots. but my name’s not Toby. that’s my Dad’s name. And thank you for the compliment. I thought so too

  6. KittenMurray says:

    Amazing interview!

    L.T., You were born to be in front of the camera.

    Looking forward to more videos… maybe a weekly show?

    • @KittenMurray, Oh I’m setting up a studio in the house. we going all the way

  7. AMork says:

    “That’s a tough question”, said MJD. Way to push the tough ones on em. Lookin good on camera and so professional!

    • @AMork, Why thank you! Thanks for watching Amork! Maybe you can cohost some day with me

  8. APants says:

    L.T Murray you are soooooo cute!

    • @APants, you are soooooooooooooooooo sweet.

  9. ZJenna says:

    LT- when you become a sports broadcaster, bring me with you for the sidelines! Nice interview!

    • @ZJenna, Oh, that much I can promise you!

  10. Sky

    Sky says:

    If all these ‘LT is hot’ posts keep happening, we might just make our Razzball football calendar entirely up of him. I was so looking forward to wearing nothing but a cooking apron while holding up a freshly cooked Turkey for the month of November, too.

    • @Sky, I was planning a spread eagle, “The General’s Daughter” kind of pose .

      • Sky

        Sky says:

        Hrm, tent stakes…I’m thinking you’re perfect for a summer month!

  11. Dani Bee says:

    Can’t wait to see your fine ass live in my bedroom! Meeoowwww.

  12. BeLove2012 says:

    LT Murray is the best guy you have on here, he needs to have his own TV show!

  13. King Tut says:

    Killed it son!! Book of the fallen? That ish kray ! U need more face time

  14. Stephanie says:

    I think you should make a calendar with LT on it – or at least get him on camera!!!! Awesome job sexy boy you will have a great career. Keep up the good work!

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