While Donkey Teeth is off at his retreat, (which I like to envision as some kind of Legend of Zelda quest to save the princess and find his inner hero) B_Don brings in a guest co-host, Rob Davenport to profile the new Panthers WRs, Jarius Wright, Curtis Samuel, and D.J. Moore. The guys disagree on which of the three will become the #1 in Carolina, but are both in agreement that Devin Funchess is not long for the #1 WR designation. B_Don makes Rob uncomfortable with some Drew Brees talk in recognition of his record breaking performance, and maybe Tre’Quan Smith was just a little too wide open….

There is some talk of the In My Feelings star, Keke “Do you love me?” Coutee and what we expect from the Texans receivers the rest of the season. The guys also discuss who the teams to beat are at this point in the NFC and AFC. And of course, we bring you the best segment in podcasting, the A**hole of the Week. Rob gives you his early on in the show, but you’ll have to wait until the end to hear B_Don’s choice from week 5 as there were plenty of options.

The guys make a 6 pack bet on the Pats vs the Chiefs as the AFC Champ.

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  1. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    thank god goodwin is doing something finally (but at this stage wasn’t starting him anywhere till i saw him look good), but where’s morris (who i started today, being somewhat sure breida wasn’t playing from the news reports of all the days since friday not including today’s, will still win though likely)

    14 team PPR, TONS of guys on bye next week, clearly ivory is a somewhat easy drop, only RB in FA of any use is ito (who’ll be waivered by somebody else i’m sure, but i have nobody else to drop, even my backup LB is on bye week 7). who’s best TE for next week (don’t think i can assume doyle’s back yet, and even if he is i’d have to drop ivory or somebody anyway)
    QB luck
    RB (2) mixon, crowell, montgomery, morris, m.davis, ivory
    WR (3) AB, goodwin, baldwin, jeffery, callaway, a.wilson
    TE (1) watson
    1 flex
    IR (2) burkhead, doyle (but can add somebody while leaving him here as i long as i put this in before around 8 AM)
    K LAR current kicker
    LB (2) hitchens, ogletree, wagner
    S (2) j.adams, byard
    DL (1) c.jones

    TE’s for week 7:
    watson @ BAL (12th vs TE’s through week 5)
    JAX’s 3rd stringer vs HOU (32nd vs TE’s)
    clay @ IND (16th)

    2. drop callaway for any of: ratley, d.moore, z.jones, kearse?

    • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

      @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey:
      3. same league, drop morris for what order of: mostert, ito, penny?

          • B_Don

            B_Don says:

            @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey: Watson of the TE options.

            I like Callaway more than any of those options. At that low, give me the talent.

            I can’t really explain what happened with Morris last night. Maybe it was just a scheme decision, or maybe he’s being phased out, not sure. I actually thought he showed some good runs in week 5. I guess if I had to choose 1, I’d go with Mostert, but may also just hold morris and see what happens this week.

            • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

              @B_Don: i was thinking 5 on mostert, 4 on ito (coleman literally finds new injuries on top of old ones every time he’s about to be back). but hold morris over ito for sure, i spent TONS on morris when i lost my 1st round pick (we keep 2 and i kept AB/goodwin, drafted mckinnon (15 or so hours before he got hurt too)/mixon with the first 2 picks). spent like 47 on morris, FAAB remaining budget just now at 30 is getting near the other aggressive bidders. also it’s VERY likely mostert would cost more than 5 anyway, somebody went apeshit for smallwood last week (after he was owned/dropped about 3 times by others)

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