The men on the wire jump off tonight.  Get out your big, soft, trampoliney things with the bright red bullseyes on them.

Glen Coffee: I know this is a no-brainer, but just in case you were on the fence or lost your brain in some kind of farming accident, pick him up if you still can.  Gore is out for 3 weeks and even though Coffee hasn’t looked great the Niners are a run first team and Coffee will be the main back.

Brent Celek: I might have mentioned how much I hate TEs, but I’ll do it again.  I hate them.  There.  Celek is worth dropping most of your crap-filled TEs like  Shiancoe, Fasona, Miller, etc…  I might even drop Zach Miller who I like a lot, but who has Kurt Russell at QB.

Vernon Davis: Ugh, another TE.  Same thing with him.  He has the skills, but can he keep it together?  It’s a TE, take a shot.

Tashard Choice: With Jones out for a couple weeks and Barber not 100% you have to grab him.  Right now he seems like the most stable back on a good rushing team.

Mike Sims-Walker: He’s the numero uno wide receiver in Jacksonville.  They won’t be great, but with a bad defense and a good MJD, MSW should continue to get targets and do something with them.

Pierre Garcon: He’s had two showcase games so he’s probably gone, but if not, why are you reading this? Go get him!

Jamaal Charles: He was inactive the week before last.  I’m guessing it was one of Haley’s mind games which I’m getting kinda tired of.  Coach, don’t play psychologist.  Larry Johnson looks washed up and Charles has the ability to at least make things happen in space.

Mewelde Moore: Willie Parker had a great game in Cincinnati, but caught the turf toe during the game.  You know how bad that can be?  It killed 3 men in Florida last year.  Thankfully they have caught Parker’s soon enough.  Mendenhall is in the dog house.  Will he get out if Parker can’t go next week?  Dunno, but I do know Moore will see a lot more work.

Donnie Avery: He may have been dropped, and for good reason, but Boller was looking his way and Robinson is being recycled for parts. If he throws out another suck fest he’ll be on the drop side of things next week.

Nate Washington: I like him more than Gage.  He has a nose for the endzone and will be their #1 WR by the end of the year.

James Davis: I’m going to throw this old guy on the pile.  I still think he’s stash-worthy.  No not stache-worthy.

Belly Flop Drop:

Vincent Shiancoe: Time to give up on that idea that Favre loves TEs.  I know, it hurts.

Chris Chambers: The guy is junk yard fodder.

Byron Leftwich: Well, he’s been benched so, there you go.

Chad Pennington: His shoulder was being held together by Elmers glue and a deteriorating rubber band.  If he ever starts again and leads a team to a winning record I would be amazed.

Laurent Robinson: Man I really liked this guy.  He looks like a real player which the Rams aren’t exactly known for having.  Oh yeah, he’s done for the season if you missed it.

Marc Bulger: I doubt you had him as a backup, but if you did or do, drop him like an old shoe.  Boller is better and that ain’t saying much.

Laurence Maroney: Fred Taylor looks like he is the guy and Faulk and Morris are there to thin out the production even more.  Maroney can go for someone with more upside.

Antwaan Randle El: He’s just scrappy enough to have a few decent ppr games, but won’t do anything for you over the long haul.  Drop him like something you don’t want anymore.  Preferably in the trash can or recycling bin.

  1. Nick says:

    Hey Doc, need some advice…team looks like this as of tomorrow for next week (after my trade goes through)

    WR-R Williams, Crayton, Houshmandzadeh
    RB-Forte & Jones
    WR/RB-Ginn Jr.
    BN-Fitzgerald (bye), McCoy (bye), Eli & Mike Bell
    K-Bironas & Folk
    D- Jets

    So I have to submit waiver claims tonight but that empty roster spot I have from the 2for1 trade will not be open until tomorrow, leaving me with an empty spot as of Wednesday.

    Rank in order these RBs based on who I should use the waiver claim on (7of10 so probably won’t get anyone)… Coffee, Choice, Charles, Moore, R Williams, Fred Taylor, M Bush, Chester Taylor…and who should I drop for that RB?

    After attempting a RB off waivers would you drop any of my wide receivers for these guys…if so who to drop and rank these WRs… Garcon, N Washington, Knox, Clayton, Stuckey.


  2. flynn says:

    Just got a trade offer, Bowe and Giants D for my Addai. It would mean id be dropping my D, which is currently Jets D. Im not a big fan of Bowe, but I do like picking up the Giants D. I currently have to many RBs (If thats possible) With Forte, F.Jackson, Coffee, McFadden, Parker, Washington and Addai, so losing him isnt much to me.

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @flynn: I’d do that trade.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: Coffee, Choice, Charles, Fred Taylor, R Williams, Moore, M Bush, Chester Taylor — Looks like you had it pretty close. I’d drop a kicker. Throw a dart.

    Garcon, N Washington, Knox, Clayton, Stuckey. I liked your order. Garcon is your best bet for sure. I’d drop Bell for him.

  5. Nick says:

    @Doc: How about McCoy, can’t I drop him since Westbrook should be back in 2 weeks after their bye…

  6. Lis Franc says:

    Received a trade offer in a 16 team PPR league:

    (teams have been anonymized for your pleasure)

    Team 1 gives: Darren McFadden, Ray Rice, Steve Breaston
    Team 2 gives: Andre Johnson, Julius Jones

    Team 1 has Purple Jesus
    Team 2 has three good receivers: Johnson, Moss, V Jax

  7. eldee says:

    From the “questions I already know the answer to” dep’t:

    Is Chris Brown (Houston’s RB, not the RB singer) worth rostering? I mean, when the head coach is publicly pining for Cedric Bension, it can’t be too good for the starter, right? No? Ok, moving on.

    This is, of course, assuming I strike out on about a dozen other waiver claims. Gore being hurt, Shady being on bye and the rest of my RBs being Saints who are not Pierre Thomas is killing me.

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @eldee: Hah, yeah, Brown is tough to hold onto if you need someone to start in that spot. Especially when he fumbles at the goalline.

  9. eldee says:

    @Nick: Here’s Razzball’s local Eagles fan saying DO NOT DROP MCCOY. Westbrook will miss at least another game or 2 this year. If Westbrook’s owner knows this as well, you should be able to get something decent in exchange for the handcuff. I own him in 2 leagues and he’s going nowhere.

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: Westbrook will always be hurting. That ankle he hurt has been operated on so much they just leave it open so they can go back and rearrange stuff (think Operation).

    @Lis Franc: Would it be just Purple Jesus and Julius Jones as starting RB’s? I would say the McFadden side wins then, but if Jones is a flex or bench player then AJ side.

  11. Lis Franc says:

    No Flex, 3 WR 2 RB

    RBs would be: AP, JJ, Mendenhall and someone from the very thin waver wire (Ladell Betts, Jamaal Charles, Maurice Morris)

    Starting RBs for other team would be one of: McFadden, Rice, Lendale, Mike Bell, Mike Bush, or assorted from the WW (same list)

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Lis Franc: team 2 wins.

  13. Josh says:

    drop Lance Moore for Sims-Walker?

  14. stumanji says:

    @Josh: I would.

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