Week 4 of the NFL season is oh so very close and yes, if you are 0-3, you are also very close to throwing pieces of furniture around your living room.  Take that anger and focus it on doing something worthwhile, like digging a hole on your back yard just to see what’s down there.  It’s more dirt.  I have so many leagues that I’ll just pretend that the ones I am 3-0 in are the ones I really tried in.  Cuz they are!

It looks like there is a good chance that the NFL season will get beefed up to an 18 game season, which will have a lot of ramifications for our precious fake football.  More injuries, more RBBCs, more teams playing for nothing toward the end, and most importantly, more games for us!  I completely understand that 18 games are too many, but it’s hard for me not to be just a little excited at the prospect.  I’m a small, selfish man!  But, that’s crazy future talk! We have a whole bunch of actual games today!

You may have noticed that picking wide receivers this season has been intolerably difficult, but of course that has always been the way of things.  Austin Collie leads receivers in fantasy points this season.  Enough said.  Oh wait, there’s more.  You can’t rely on receivers.  You can’t rely on any NFL player of course, but receivers, especially the free agent pick up kind, are not going to get you 100 yards and a TD every week.  Even Miles Austin had a huge dud last week.  There is usually more than one receiver on a team and if the defense, even the crappy ones, decide to take that receiver out of the game, they can do it.  That’s why we can’t overreact to down games from receivers.  We need to look at situation and talent more than anything.

But what about all my awesome running backs I drafted who suck/are hurt?  Good question.  The way running backs are going this season it is difficult to look back at draft strategy and say, well, I should have gone with this position or that position early or late or whatever.  There is no rhyme or reason to injuries and just a little hum to how a player is used.  It’s still too early to make any declarations, but I believe the tenet that, your in-season moves are what win championships, holds true.  Trades, pickups and who you start and sit are how you win week to week.  Yes, a great draft can make up for a lot, but the chances of all your players remaining healthy are slim to none.  You’ve got to work at this game.  Sadly.  Because I hate work.  I rather write about fantasy football and be poor.

With all the byes, injuries, and tough matchups there are only a few players that actually seem ready for stable, productive games.  This isn’t really breaking news, but I’ll give you my wish list for this week:

Arian Foster: With an injured AJ and a poor Oakland rush D we should see a ton of Foster, which is Texan for RB.

Cedric Benson: CedBen has been quiet this season because the Bengals think TOcho Stinko is the next big thing.  They ain’t.  If they had the good Manning throwing their way they would be fine, but they don’t.  The Bengals need to get back to their running ways which did the trick last season.  The Browns are decent in rush D, but not dominant.

Kevin Walter: I really don’t like Walter.  He’s just not a great talent.  But he does have good hands and while Foster is running the ball I think Walter will get the critical receptions while Jones or AJ is being covered by Asomugha.

Aaron Hernandez: The Dolphins don’t feel any great urgency to cover tight ends, and with Welker and Moss there will be a good reason this week.  Hernandez can’t be covered by a linebacker, at least not effectively and with his open field ability you will get your yardage from him.

Shonn Greene: Yeah, I know, but Greene is still good, they just don’t let him get into the rhythm he needs.  I think the Bills are bad enough that Ryan will want to get Greene more involved and give him a confidence boost.  Yes, LDT will get work too, but I think we see Greene get a TD this week.

Justin Forsett: He looks like he is the main back and gets the Rams.  He is still risky, but his reward is higher than a lot of the scrubs or injured dudes out there.

Zach Miller/Louis Murphy: DHB was a late addition to the injury report with a strained groin.  The Texans are the worst pass defense in the world.  That makes the Murphy, Miller Duo a good one in fantasy world.  Murphy does have a clavicle injury, but looks like he’ll be ok to go.

Ryan Mathews: You pretty much have to start him anyway, but thankfully he has a nice matchup against Arizona.  This is kind of the make or break game for Mathews in my mind.  If he gets hurt or can’t convert, I’m not going to be happy with him at all.

Mark Clayton: I’ve had trouble warming up to the Ravens’ castoff, but Bradford is playing too well and targeting him too often not to be high on him playing Seattle at home and possibly without Steven Jackson.

Michael Crabtree: I don’t think he is a must start, but with the new OC and a team desperate for a win I think Crabtree will see many more targets.  His upside is much higher this week than it has been and Atlanta’s pass D ranks 19th in our rankings.

Beanie Wells: My Beanie love has been well publicized, by me.  His early injury and surgery was a kick in the crotch, but he showed last week that he’s healthy again.  The Chargers aren’t horrible and they could get up on the Cardinals, but he is one of the few weapons the Cardinals have right now.  He’ll get his work and I think he’ll make it count.

Ronnie Brown: I mentioned his nice end of the season schedule last week, but New England ain’t all that good either.  I’m looking for a decent game out of him.  He continues to get some wildcat work near the goal line which I also find appealing.

My ultimate lineup, if I had unlimited cash in FanDuel would be —

Peyton Manning, Chris Johnson, Arian Foster, Desean Jackson, Roddy White, Brandon Marshall, Antonio Gates, some kicker and the Packers D.

But all of you who play our Weekly Contest know that it just never turns out that way.  We get around 100 entries each week and nobody has yet to get the highest possible scoring trio at QB/RB/WR.  Last week Miles Austin seemed like a sure bet and he sunk many an entry.  I know I had him on every single FanDuel team I had going, which makes me want to diversify more, but then it’s harder to win all of your duels! Decisions!

Oh, and we need to fill out our 2nd Razzball FanDuel League of the week.  I finished 5th last week and plan on upping that to #1 this week!

When you see players like Roy Williams and Brandon Lloyd go off it is hard not to question your philosophy in who to start and sit.  I know in answering your stat/sit questions I try my hardest to go with the player that I feel has the best odds of playing well.  Someone like Miles Austin last week against Houston, his odds had to be 99.9% to have a startable game.  He did not.  But would I have ever recommended starting Brandon Loyd over him? Nope. I got some guff last week for recommending certain running backs over Hillis. And I learned from his game against the Ravens, but in that same situation I would do the same thing.  You pretty much have to go with the stats, situation, health, etc.. of the player.  I don’t know how often I’m wrong vs. right, but I do spend an ungodly amount of time trying to stay on top of what is happening in the NFL.  Go with the odds first, but also don’t give up on your gut.  Take both into account.  I try to stick with the odds, but will go against them in my own teams if my gut is leaning me in a different direction, which depends on the percentage of fried food stuffs in my gut.  You are going to feel like crap if it doesn’t work out either way you do it!

Good luck all.

  1. dja says:

    would you rather have dhb over jacoby jones or fred jackson?

  2. LMack says:

    Desean Jackson, Reggie White, Brandon Marshall
    Did you combine Reggie Wayne and Roddy White, Doc?

    Thanks for the articles. Keep doing good work.

  3. Commish Cauda says:

    Pick one for this week:

    McNabb @PHI
    Henne vsNE


  4. swingkungfu says:

    with AJ being a late game-gametime decision, most likely, and with no backup on my bench, i’m going to be dropping my extra kicker to pick up either hester or manningham. generally it seems the razzball gods are higher on manningham than hester, so should i go with him? i suspect he’ll have the better upside as the seasons continues, but there’s no certainty that either of these guys will be long term on my team.

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @dja: I like Jones.

    @LMack: Hah, whoops. Thanks.

    @Commish Cauda: Tough. I like Henne’s upside, but McNabb’s revenge factor. Going with McNabb.

  6. MJD Took A Knee says:


    If SJax doesn’t play then I will close my eyes and start Lynch & Torain. I was thinking of just sitting AJ no matter what happens. If both SJax & AJ play start both and sit Torain/Lynch?

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @swingkungfu: It’s close, but I would probably go Manningham.

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MJD Took A Knee: The Jets are going to be really tough on Lynch. If AJ goes I think I’d play him over Lynch.

  9. Commish Cauda says:

    12-team, 0.5ppr

    Start Jacoby Jones @OAK or Blair White @JAX

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Commish Cauda: I like Blair, but I’m leaning Jones.

  11. kleptobum says:

    I have Arian Foster and someone offered me Andre Johnson for him in a 10 team, standard scoring league (We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs and 1 Flex WR/RB). Here are my other RBs and WRs:
    RBs: M. Turner, J. Charles, M Barber, L Maroney, CJ Spiller
    WRs: B. Marshall, J. Maclin, M. Floyd, P. Harvin

    Obviously AJ is more of a sure thing, but it would leave me a little slim at RB. Should I accept the trade? (Trade would go through for next week)

  12. Commish Cauda says:

    Different league…similar question…same 0.5ppr

    I own Mason. BAL is @PIT this week.

    Blair White @JAX, James Jones vsDET and Dev. Henderson/Meachem vsCAR are all available.

    #1) Any of them a better start this week than Mason?

    #2) I would have to drop Chester Taylor (no I do not own Forte) to pcik up a WR. Long term, would it be better to just drop Mason instead?

  13. Commish Cauda says:

    More line-up help…please and thank you.

    12-team, 0.5ppr

    Ryan Mathews vsARI or LeSean McCoy vsWAS?

    James Jones vsDET or Legedu Naanee vsARI?

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @kleptobum: I think you have to take it. Hopefully he’ll sit out and heal this week and Foster will get you a big game before you ship him out!

    @Commish Cauda: I’d drop Taylor for White for this week.

    Tough call. I like both RBs, but would lean McCoy. And Jones.

  15. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    I need to start 1 Flex and 2 WR. 12 team PPR with 5 bonus points for 100 yard games.

    Bradshaw vs CHI
    Ronnie Brown vs NE
    Louis Murphy vs Houston
    Malcolm Floyd vs ARI
    Hines Ward vs Bal

    I’m leaning towards playing ward, floyd and murphy. Bradshaw has a tough matchup with the Bears and Brown hasn’t busted out as a stud yet. Do you concur Doc?

  16. Mateo says:

    Drop Tolbert for Maroney?
    If so..
    Shonn Greene Or Maroney?

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cleaver596: I like Floyd and Murphy, but would go with Brown over Ward.

    @Mateo: I would, but I would still start Greene.

  18. Mateo says:

    Mathews over Maroney?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mateo: yeah

  20. John says:

    Greene @ Buff
    B Jackson v Det
    Crabtree @ Atl

    Need 1 for a flex non ppr standard scoring

  21. jerry curse says:

    if any time jackson gets that 100 yard game its this week against detroit start jackson ,,,another 2 weeks before crabtree gets fired up,,,,and greene makes his onwners greene ,,,i hate too say i told yall so but even with that massive o-line making tomlinson look like hes 25 again,,greene cant get out of his own way!!!!

  22. Jeff says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for the positive vibes on Beanie. I’m starting him over BenJarvis at RB2. Keep up the good work, and remember the immortal words of Steven Colbert about your gut.

    “That’s where the truth lies, right down here in the gut. Do you know you have more nerve endings in your gut than you have in your head? You can look it up. Now, I know some of you are going to say, “I did look it up, and that’s not true.” That’s ’cause you looked it up in a book. Next time, look it up in your gut. I did. My gut tells me that’s how our nervous system works.”

  23. Joel says:

    at this point (Sun morning), If both SJax and Best start, SJax is the better play cause of his matchup, right? Or, is Best better despite matchup cause it sounds like he could be healthier? If both start which would you choose?

  24. papafrog says:

    @Doc: Doc, PPR league and I need a flex between Tolbert for his possible goal line touches or “We are Marshawn” Lynch against a tough Jet dee. What do you think? Thanks in advance!

  25. BP says:


    Would you slide Forsett into the lineup in front of Mendenhall or LDT?

    Also, Would you roll with Jacoby Jones or T.O.? We factor in 1 pt. per 35 ret. yds… Thanks!

  26. Donruss says:

    Looks like I’m going to have to pull AJ out of my lineup this week. Should I replace him with Mendenhal or Ray Rice now that he is cleared to play? The rest of my squad is on bye so I’m limited at this point. Thanks!

  27. Cullen says:

    Do I start Eddie Royal, Steve Smith, or Hines Ward at WR (pick 1) and then do I start Javhid Best or a second one of those receivers at the flex?

  28. PepeSilvia says:

    best replacement for AJ (slim pickings I know): Blair White, Heyward-Bey, Cribbs, Stephen Williams, Parrish, Amendola, James Jones, Hartline or Bess? ugh…

  29. Wilsonian says:

    Torain or Moore in a flex spot? (0.5 PPR league, 1 point per 10 yards rushing and receiving, 6 points for TDs)

  30. zutroy says:

    A) Start 3 in ppr:

    Smith (car), maclin, knox, gaffney, jones (hou)

    B) Start 2 in non-ppr:

    MSW, murphy, jones (hou), clayton

  31. david21 says:

    need a bye week QB…Sanchez, Henne, Hasselbeck, Bradford?

  32. Doc

    Doc says:

    @John: Going with Greene

    @Joel: I would go with SJax if both go.

    @papafrog: I’m leaning Lynch.

    @BP: I would in front of LDT. Tough, but i think he gets more touches.

    @Donruss: I’m leaning Mendy

    @Cullen: I’d go with Smith and Best

    @PepeSilvia: White

    @Wilsonian: Moore

  33. MJD Took A Knee says:

    I would really like to win this week since I am playing a weak opponent. I think I might have to sit both AJ & SJax and play Lynch & Torain. I have no one to drop maybe Williams TB/Lynch/Torain for one of the NO RB or Kuhn or Louis Murphy available. I think I have to hold right now though.

  34. ken plane says:

    Doc – Start two – Forte, Mendenhall or MJD.

  35. Dad says:

    @Doc: Flex (non ppr)? Knox, Green-Ellis, Addai?

    different league (non ppr): Pick 3: SJax, Hillis, Forsett, Beanie, Crabtree.

    Thanks Doc

  36. Art Vandelay says:

    Given what you’ve heard, would you still start Torain over Best this week? Thanks.

  37. Peter says:

    Hey Doc,

    Few questions…

    Mcnabb or Eli Manning?

    Demaryius Thomas or Lance Moore (.25 ppr)

    Which two: Jahvid Best, Santana Moss, Calvin Johnson

  38. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dad: Addai

    Hillis, Forsett, Beanie

    @Art Vandelay: I’d lean Best.

  39. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jeff: Hah!

    @zutroy: I’d sit Gafney and Knox. Sit MSW, Jones

    @david21: Henne

  40. Dan says:

    I just saw on ESPN that Ray Rice will play and Pierre Thomas will not. I figured I would leave Rice in, but my flex spot and 3rd WR spots are a bit weak.

    WR first: Malcolm Floyd, Demaryius Thomas, Jacoby Jones

    Flex: One of the WR I don’t start or John Kuhn, or I can pick up Betts or Ivory.


  41. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Peter: McNabb, Moore, Moss, Johnson

  42. barker says:

    i have rice ronnie brown and hightower as viable RB for this week
    i already have wayne white welker in the 2 wr and 1 w/r/t spots
    we start 2 rb 2 wr 2 w/r/t
    i also have gaffney and lloyd (den) on the bench should i sit rice or hightower for either gaffney or lloyd
    or just stay with tim hightower and ray ray in those two spots
    thanks in advance doc

  43. Dan says:

    Oh shoot. I forgot to mention. 0.5 point per reception.

  44. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dan: I like Floyd and Jones there.

    @barker: I’d stick with your first thought there

  45. cfaris09 says:

    TD heavy league…

    Ray Rice v Pit
    JStewart v NO

  46. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cfaris09: Leaning Stew in TD heavy

  47. @Doc: You shouldn’t have to explain yourself with your sit/start suggestions. Us Razzballers look to you for advice since we are to lazy to do the research on our own. If some duche is giving you shizz for suggesting someone over Hillis then he dosent understand the purpose of this site. In case you were wondering you are 1-2 for Chicago Mike’s sit/start questions. Which I am fine with because looking back I cant disagree with your reasoning for those suggestions. That being said lets see if we can get you to .500

    Louis Murphy, Michael Crabtree, or Demaryius Thomas (non-PPR)

  48. cfaris09 says:

    thanks for the advice!

  49. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chicago Mike: hah, thanks. Close between Murphy and Crabtree for me. Leaning Murphy because Crabs has yet to show his stuff.

    @cfaris09: You sir, are welcome.

  50. genghis chone says:

    In 1 flex slot: Andre Johnson, John Kuhn or Josh Cribbs? PPR, point per 25 return yards. Thanks!

  51. Kristina says:

    Need to pick two: Best, Beanie Wells, Forsett.

  52. cfaris09 says:

    one more…standard league…thanks again in advance!

    Flex option:

    Lance Moore v. Car
    RWilliams v. NE?

  53. Doc

    Doc says:

    @genghis chone: I’d go with Cribbs. Hard to trust AJ this week.

    @Kristina: Beanie and Forsett. Would hate for Best to leave you with nothing after aggravating that toe.

  54. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cfaris09: I like Moore’s upside there. Ricky hasn’t been getting it done this season.

  55. PepeSilvia says:

    do you concur with your colleague Brent that, assuming Thomas doesn’t play, the best bet out of Betts, Maroney and J Stewart is Stewart?

    I like your Blair White pick above, especially because I have Peyton on that team, but I just realized I forgot to factor that Johnson’s status probably won’t be known until after the 1:00 games kickoff. so I may have to go with one of the late guys. If Heyward-Bey is a go I think I’ll grab him, the rest of the guys are just really unappealing.

  56. david21 says:

    Pierre Thomas is out…my options are Portis, Betts, or Kuhn?

  57. PepeSilvia says:

    UGH, Pierre Thomas IS officially out.

  58. dedalus says:

    has Rice’s status update change your mind about starting Forsett over him?

  59. I agree. I am going to have trouble getting Crabs into my lineup intill he proves someting to me.

    I see you have Matt Ryan slightly ahead of my boy Cutler. Would you really sit Chicago’s savior for the dirty birds youngster?

  60. hideousmutants says:

    Have been dead set against starting Sjax but now having 2nd thoughts given he is starting. Looking for the wisdom of crowds here (and I’m 0-3 and desperate).

    Start at flex: SJax or Malcolm Floyd?

  61. PepeSilvia says:

    @PepeSilvia: oh wait, White is a late guy!

  62. Doc

    Doc says:

    @PepeSilvia: I do. And I agree with your other thoughts.

    @david21: Ugh. Kuhn has the best shot at a TD.

    @Chicago Mike: My gut would probably go with Cutler, but Ryan plays well at home and is safer. I usually go with more upside though.

    @dedalus: I’m leaning forsett still. Pitt’s D is just beastly.

    @hideousmutants: The coach is saying he will be cautious with him. Really tough. I have to start him in a deep league and I’m not liking it. I’d go with the healthy Floyd.

  63. Dirtdog says:

    Andre, Maclin, or Driver this week? I know normally it’s a no brainer but is Andre going to be effective

  64. bobbo says:

    @Doc: Need some help with tough injury choices today…

    1ppr, 1pt/10yd rush, 1pt/10yd rush, +5 bonus at 100yd
    Start 2RB, 3WR/TE, 1flex

    League 1 (aggressive, need a win vs tough matchups):
    RB: Benson, Forte, SJax, Portis, Hightower, Betts
    WR: AJohnson, Welker, Gaffney, Murphy, TO, Keller

    League 2 (conservative, facing guy with weak lineup):
    RB: SJax, Turner, Best, Hightower, Betts, Darby
    WR: Finley, Clayton, Sims-Walker, Crabtree, Murphy, Wallace, DT

  65. B.J. says:

    Hey Doc,

    Do I start Best vs. GB or Hillis against Cincy in my flex spot?

    I’ve got Gore and Foster as my starting RB

  66. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dirtdog: Like the healthy Maclin

    @bobbo: Benson/Forte/Welker/Murphy/Keller/SJax


  67. Chris says:

    Need a flex play:
    Rickey Williams

  68. eltoo says:

    Hey Doc,
    1st time venturing over from the baseball boards…

    PPR league, start 4 (WR,RB,flex,flex) from:

    Brandon Lloyd
    Mark Clayton
    Hakeem Nicks
    Jacoby Jones

    I’m currently rolling with Addai, Lloyd, Clayton, Beanie. I don’t really like Nicks vs Chi, but am second guessing starting Lloyd over Jacoby Jones.

    Thanks for your help

  69. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chris: Probably Ricky. If you are feeling risky, Crabtree

  70. Doc

    Doc says:

    @eltoo: Looks like AJ will go. I think Jones will have opportunities with Asomugha on AJ. I’m leaning Jones.

  71. PepeSilvia says:

    even if Andre plays, Nicks and Smith (Car) are both still better options, right?

  72. Doc

    Doc says:

    @PepeSilvia: It’s close, but I worry that AJ will have to come out of the game, so yeah.

  73. Dirtdog says:

    Tolbert, Portis, or Hightower this week ?

  74. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dirtdog: PPR Hightower, non-Tolbert

  75. Fletch says:

    @Doc: What is your opinion of Torain for the long term in dynasty league? Is he worth trading a 2012 first round pick for right now?

  76. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Fletch: I don’t have much long term faith in him. His opportunity now is decent, but his skill will get him replaced.

  77. Joel says:

    Doc, I just got in,and saw your response before that I should go SJax over best. does that still stand? Ialso have another possibility: I could go Hines Ward over both in the flex. what say you. BTW, can’t tell you how much the advice is appreciated.

  78. Doc

    Doc says:

    Adam Schefter says — FWIW: Andre Johnson thinks he will play, but various member of Texans don’t think he will. Best to wait on his status till pregame if u can.

    I would avoid him. Even if he plays his matchup is tough.

  79. ELaw says:

    Pick 2 for RB spot and FLEX spot:

    Hightower, Gaffney, JStew, Ricky

  80. nick m. says:

    Blair White, James Jones, Stephen Williams, or Kenny Britt? Ivory or Betts? PPR league

  81. paulzone says:

    gonzo vs sf in the dome OR keller vs. buf in the “light rain”?

  82. Zobmie says:

    Doc, who would you roll with at WR (choosing 3) in PPR today.

    Wes Welker
    Jeremy Maclin
    Jabar Gaffney
    Andre Johnson
    Mike Thomas
    Louis Murphy

  83. johnny o says:

    St Pierre is out. BJax, FJax?

  84. Joel says:

    Doc, pursuant to #78 above, I could also go lance moore in the flex

  85. BearGoggles says:

    Darby or Tolbert. 2 bad choices. But which is the least worst?

  86. Sillyfeetbigsteps says:

    PPR league- Spiller, Portis, Hightower?

  87. Sillyfeetbigsteps says:

    or Tolbert

  88. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BearGoggles: Ugh. Leaning Tolbert for TD opp

    @Sillyfeetbigsteps: That’s painful. Spiller just because of his big play possibility.

  89. Calogero says:

    Last minute – roll with Hightower, Demaryius or Torain at flex? I’m tempted to go Hightower or Torain and decide at 4:00 when I see how the rest of the team is looking (Torain with more upside, Hightower a better bet to get 5 points min). Whaddya think? If Demaryius goes for 100 and a TD, I’ll cry in my Quaker Oats

  90. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Calogero: Hah, I would go with that plan. DT has a tough matchup.

  91. Joel says:

    Doc: Best, sjax, or ward in t flex?

  92. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: Best.

  93. danimal35 says:

    18-team PPR/0.33/carry…one last flex spot to fill due to Pierre Thomas:

    Danny Woodhead
    Mike Hart

  94. nick m. says:

    Jacoby Jones or Matt Schaub in the OP position with Andre Johnson out? PPR, 4 pt per passing TD.

  95. nick m. says:

    Thanks! Better free agent flyer add in a 14-teamer – Rashad Jennings, or Darren Sproles? PPR.

  96. Calogero says:

    Alright, back to my Hightower vs. Torain flex decision.

    My opponent started TO at flex for whatever reason and is now beating me by like 22. I’m not happy about it, but I’ll whine later. For now I need to know about Torain and Hightower.

    Does Hightower still get goalline carries for AZ? Is he a decent bet to hit a homerun from far out?

    Is Torain really going to get carries or is Shanahan pulling shenanigans? If he does get carries, does it matter (i.e. are the Skins losing by too much to even run at all) and does he get them at the goalline?

  97. MJD Took A Knee says:


  98. EmporersMonkey says:

    Did Foster get caught nut deep in Kubiaks daughter or what? Why isnt he playing?

  99. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Hmm opponent sat Owens. Shwing

  100. Drew Crew says:

    omg what are they benching foster for

  101. PepeSilvia says:


  102. Doc

    Doc says:

    @EmporersMonkey: @Drew Crew: Kubiak is an idiot. Coaches decision. Foster is active. Hope he gets in after 1st Quarter, but I have no idea.

  103. DANgerous says:

    wheres foster??? Why ward!?!

  104. PepeSilvia says:

    how is it possible that not a single beat writer or “insider” or whatever knew about this bullshit before kickoff? or was Gary just keeping it as his own little special secret? HATE HATE HATE.

  105. Drew Crew says:

    @PepeSilvia: 610 in Houston reports Foster may have missed curfew or a team meeting

  106. Hennessey says:

    @Drew Crew: Let’s just hope he’ll have a solid 2nd half. Looks like he’ll play a lot more.

  107. Joel says:

    Hey Doc, would you rather have Lance Moore or Hines Ward rest of season? I’m actually contemplating dropping Ward for Lance. brees is totally keyed into him, he could have had 2 tds, and their schedule is ridiculous the next few weeks.

  108. Randy says:

    @Joel: I read somewhere that last time Reggie Bush got hurt Moore’s numbers went up. I’m guessing he’ll be good until Reggie returns. Thought I’d share…

  109. G.O.B. says:

    Question – Do you think I should go ahead and grab Kolb in case he keeps starting? I would probably drop Portis for him, but it looks like McFadden got a little tweaked, and McCoy got a little tweaked, so my RBs are looking a little thinner now.

  110. Matt B says:

    Nicks or Bradshaw in .5ppr?

  111. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt B: Tough, leaning Bradshaw

  112. Griff says:

    @G.O.B.: I second this question. Where do you rank Kolb now amongst all QBs?

  113. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Griff: @G.O.B.: Kolb looked pretty horrible. I think he falls right on the edge of QB1/2 because of the offense, but will be more of a matchup play.

    @Joel: With Ben back Ward will be more consistent and when Bush gets back Moore will see less work.

  114. Nick says:

    @Doc: Would you pickup Britt or Nate Washington and drop D. Thomas? Nate obviously is the #2 but with Gage hurting himself today, Britt will move up to #2, get more looks, and I thinkk he is overall a better WR than Nate

  115. Joel says:

    Doc, going forward, would you rather have the cowboys or 49ers D?

  116. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: I would give Britt a shot over DT now.

    @Joel: Cowboys

  117. Nick says:

    @Doc: Just realized McFadden got hurt today and Bush is on waivers. Grab him and drop Britt who I just grabbed since I need someone for RB next week as well? Rather have Hester in next week (even though Cutler might be down) or if stick with Britt I’d have to start Torain v. GB or Hightower v. NO for flex due to byes…

  118. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: Get Bush if you can.

  119. Nick says:


  120. elwood blues says:

    who’s the better play at WR next week —

    hester, d.henderson?

    and do I drop Shipley to grab one of them?
    or Slaton (deep on my bench)?

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