Here is the second round of the Draftmaster Mock/League thing I’m in.  You don’t have to go too far to see the first round.  It’s just down there a little ways.  Hey, don’t look that far! Ok, so here are the picks with my comments. It’s possibly too awesome for you to handle so brace yourself.

13. @C_Southwick: Roddy White: I would have grabbed him earlier. He has been one of the, if not the, most consistent PPR receivers out there. And with the turnover in running backs year after year it’s nice to be able to get that consistency. I’m not as big a fan of receivers in non-ppr, but here he is a steal. A GD’ng steal!

14. @Bryan_Fontaine: Jonathan Stewart: This is an interesting pick. I love me some JStew and he’s going to be high in my rankings, but in PPR I think I’d have waited a little longer. Mike Goodson should pilfer a lot of receptions from him. Of course this is all predicated on DeAngelo Williams heading off to greener pastures or being put out to pasture, I’m not sure which.  But all indications are that he won’t be a Panther next season. I would have probably gone with one of the more reliable receivers here or taken a risk on Darren McFadden. But that’s just me.

15. @PFF_MikeClay: Hakeem Nicks: He was plagued by injuries last season, but was an absolute monster when he was on the field. His upside is huge and even though I might have grabbed Megatron before him, I can’t argue too much with this pick. Nicks is talented enough to be a top 5 WR in any format.

16. @AndrewMiley: Calvin Johnson: He has beast like ability, well, beasts that have amazing receiving skills. If the Lions can finally stay healthy and put their shizz together, CJ is the only receiver I could see taking out AJ as the best in the biz. He does seem to get some nagging injuries and couple that with his QB’s constantly getting injured and that is the reason he isn’t the best fantasy receiver just yet.

17. @FtblSickness: Tom Brady: He had an insane season and threw negative 4 interceptions which is quite difficult, if not impossible, but I’d still rather have Brees or Manning before him.  Belichick could decide to run the ball 50 times a game next season and we know Brees and Manning will throw and then throw and then go into the locker room and throw a few more times. Brady is too good to let fall far, but I think his ceiling with this current incarnation of the Pats was last season.

18. @mschauf63: Peyton Hillis: Mr. Hillis was unstoppable for most of the season and began to wear down toward the very end, which is understandable the way he tried to murder people by running them over and stepping on their heads. With Montario Hardesty coming back, this should be more of a timeshare to keep both fresh.  It’s hard to know what will happen so I’m going to be a little cautious.

19. @circulargenius: Reggie Wayne: I like this pick quite a bit. Wayne might be on the downside of his career, but is still Peyton’s guy.  His yards per reception and TD numbers will fall, but you can hardly keep him from catching a quick slant. He had 111 receptions last season which does diddly for him in non-PPR, but makes him Roddy White like in this league.

20. @RookieDraft: Steven Jackson: I hate to see SJax losing the goods before Bradford can really turn this team around, but his 330 carries and 3.8 yards for each of those carries last season is a very bad sign.  If the Rams can upgrade their receivers, and I don’t mean get Kevin Curtis back, then I could see SJax getting enough room to roam that he could have a bit of a bounce back, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

21. @Fantasytaz: Darren McFadden: I’m pretty high on McFadden even though he has quite a bit of injury risk. He missed 3 games and was hurt in a couple more, but was still the 8th best back in PPR leagues.  His ability is JC-CJ-esque and I’d much rather go with his sky high ceiling than SJax or even Hillis.He may be my downfall this season, but I’m going to reach for him.

22. @BNQuinlan: Rashard Mendenhall: I really thought Mendy was going to do more in the passing game than he did last season, but I was mistaken.  That of course hurt him in PPR leagues, but he also was without Big Ben for four games.  He’s a solid pick here, but he does have less value in PPR.

23. @ChetRazzball: Greg Jennings: I really didn’t like my choices here, but I was wanting a top tier receiver.  Jermichael Finley is going to hurt Jennings, but I believe Rodgers is good enough to keep Jennings flush with targets and Jeremy Michael should open the field up for Gregory.

24. @yourgridironfix: Philip Rivers: He was on track to break a b-load of records last season, but slowed down in the second half. He should have Vincent Jackson back for a whole season, which can’t hurt and hopefully Antonio Gates can stay healthy, but this still seems early, especially with Brees and Manning waiting there with hurt feelings.

  1. Isles Guru says:


    I have Rashard Jennings ($2) in my Dynasty League. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of upside as a backup but MJD might be showing some wear and tear. What do you think?

  2. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    I don’t understand why C southwick took Vick and White when he could have had White and Megatron. Or White and Nicks, or White and Wayne. Mcfadden seems like the closest thing to a sure thing for a RB in this round. I like him for next year, but having two top 5 WR goes a long way for a team in a PPR.

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Isles Guru: I like him a lot in dynasty. MJD’s knees are worrisome. Hold tight.

    @cleaver596: I’d probably have gone that way too, but Vick does have some insane upside. Just too risky for me.

  4. $2 for Rashad Jennings is a steal. He’s a prime fantasy sleeper in both redraft and dynasty leagues. Like Doc said, if MJD’s worrisome knee doesn’t hold up (he had surgery, reportedly microfracture because of the bone on bone nature) there’s no gaurantee he’s ever going to be the RB he was. I just blogged about Jennings myself earlier in the week as one potential sleeper in 2011.

    Biggest surprise here to me in round 2 is Stewart going before Mendenhall, S-Jax, and McFadden. Also, I think just like with Arian Foster, the closer we get to July and August, we’ll see Peyton Hillis’ stock drop some. Just me though.

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