Here is a hodge podgery of players you might want to grab for your dynasty teams.  Some are sleepier than others and I have no criteria, such as percentage owned, etc…, for who is on this list, but I’m guessing all could be found in someone’s die nasty league.  As off season moves come in we’ll see some of these guys lose their upside, but all you can do is try.

Jacoby Jones: He sure is having a lot of trouble living up to his potential, but he does have a lot of potential.  His down season should make it easier to grab him for next season when hopefully he stops sucking.  With AJ out he did pretty well and has the tools for a #1 receiver.

Emmanuel Sanders: Hines Ward is having trouble warding off old age and Sanders looks like he is next in line, at least for now.  He has come up big late in the season and should be the front runner for the #2 slot next season.  Hines isn’t going to fall off the face of the earth, but his body could start falling of his bones (gross).

James Jones: Donald Driver stayed intact enough and Jordy Nelson did his part as well in keeping Jones from getting a ton of targets, but Jones, like Jacoby, has the skill set to be a top guy and Driver will some day keel over.  Add to that Rodgers’ awesomeness and you have the secret to success.

Damian Williams: I do wish the Titans were more stable at quarterback for Williams, but he has the ability to take over the #2 slot beside Kenny Britt.

Earl Bennett: He’s never going to be a huge scorer, but Devin Aromashodu is getting old and Devin Hester is never going to be a reliable receiver.  Bennett is still 23 and looks like the long term possession receiver to Knox’s deep threatism.  He should be more valuable in PPR leagues.

James Starks: He really is pretty good, but coming off an injury he still isn’t his old self.  If he can get back to his college speed, he could be dangerous on the PackersRyan Grant will be back so don’t overpay for him.

James Davis: Finding the next Peyton Hillis is not going to be easy, but you’ve got to give it a try if your dynasty benches are deep enough.  I like Davis more than Torain and Torain is injury prone.  I wouldn’t invest my soul in him, but he’s worth a flier.  My soul is worth 3 and a half fliers.

Stephen Williams: This guy is the real deal.  He had no chance this season to develop with his long term quarterback, whoever that might be, but if the right situation somehow miraculously happens in Arizona, he could be good and fast and how.

Danario Alexander: He has a ton of upside with his skill set and Sam Bradford at the helm, but his knee issues have to knock him down a peg.  His ceiling is Michelangelo great and hopefully a clean, non-surgical offseason will get him on the right track for studliness.

Rashad Jennings: He killed many of us.  I mean destroyed all of our dreams and aspirations in one fell swoop of his rottenness. And when I get swooped by rottenness I’m not one to forget, but Jennings is better than that last game showed.  MJD is wearing down and Jennings would be his main benefactor if he took a fantasy dirt nap.

Bernard Scott: Cedric Benson will be a free agent this offseason so the Bengals running back shituation could be up for grabs.  I don’t really see Scott as a 25 carry kind of guy, but he does have enough ability to be a 15 carry guy and could help you next season.

Jason Hill: With Mike Sims-Walker a free agent, Hill will at least get a shot at being the guy.

Jerome Simpson: He has been a bust for most of his time in the NFL, but went off last week.  Maybe the light went on or maybe he just got lucky.  But with TO gone and Ocho getting old and no other receivers with his skill set in the running right now, he’s worth a gamble.

Montario Hardesty: Peyton Hillis’ running style wore him down this season and Hardesty will get his shot next year.  He looked good in preseason and has a lot of upside.

Mohamed Massoquoi: He’s had some bad quarterbacks throwing to him, but it looks like McCoy could be better than bad.

Demaryius Thomas: Now that he has the greatest QB of all time to throw to him he should be All-World.  I am a big fan of DT’s and I think next season he’ll scooch up into the starting rotation.

Jerome Harrison: He’s just too good to not be on somebodies fantasy team.  It really is a shame that he’s been jerked around so much in his career.  He is getting too old to be worth a ton in dynasty, but if the opportunity presents itself in a high powered Eagles offense, he could shine.

Jimmy Graham: This is a bit of a no-brainer and his recent success might make it hard to get him, but if he is available he is a must add in dynasty.

Jared Cook: The Titans have a nice young set of receivers which could be helped by the emergence of Cook.  His upside is too good not to take a flier on.  He will be on a lot of sleeper lists next season.

Matt Flynn: Flynn will probably be backing up Rodgers again, but there is always a chance a team will try to pry him away.  He’s worth speculating on.

Colt McCoy: He’s probably gone in dynasty, but he has some upside on a team that should continue to improve.

  1. emceeperiod says:

    Keeping 3 for next year in 2 leagues, who do you like?:
    1st league – McFadden, Moreno, Dez, Best, jacoby Ford
    2nd league – Arian, L McCoy, AP, MJD, Nicks, Bowe (yes I won the championship in this league).

  2. Eric says:

    I donated money to you!

  3. Wilsonian says:

    First things first: I’d like to congratulate my 61 year old Pop on his win in our league this season. Beating out the likes of men half his age. Well played, Pops!! (he was 3-0 v. me this season – including our playoff matchup)

    Now on to my official question:

    A couple days ago you listed my three keepers out of QB, RB, and WR options as Romo, Moreno, Dez. Other options are Matty Ice, Cutler, Stafford; Bradshaw, Blount; Wayne, Austin, Buc Williams.

    In my league, we keep two, they can’t be the same position, and it doesn’t affect anything in the upcoming draft (it’s basically the first 2 picks of the draft), and if it’s a 0.5 PPR, with QBs by far are the best players (there are tons of bonuses for passing yards, TDs, etc.), who do I keep out of Romo, Moreno and Dez? I’m leaning Moreno and Romo, but what do you think?

  4. keithr says:

    Wanted to let you know I ended up winning my league(my opponents’ vick, mccoy and webb only scored 48 of the needed 68 last night) despite Carson Palmer being a huge d-bag.

    Thanks for the Foster/JC bandwagon – those 2 coupled with #1 pick CJ made my other deficiencies( see: fitzgerald, palmer and gates being a gimp) not matter.

  5. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Hey Doc, if you can check out the forums and answer my question in the keepers section, that would be great, thanks!

  6. trick dad says:

    Which TWO would you keep for 2011, standard ESPN scoring:

    Michael Vick, sacrifice an 18th round pick (obviously)
    Arian Foster, sacrifice a 4th round pick
    Legarette Blount, sacrifice a 17th round pick

  7. ichirosan says:

    Are the RCL Standings up to date?

    If so, I’m about to throw myself into the subway, as I lost by 0.01 points, which is almost the same way in which I lost the Razzball Leagues this year :|

  8. Frank Rizzo says:

    How about Demarius Thomas in Denver?

  9. Frank Rizzo says:

    Oops. Didn’t see you had it. Please disregard.

  10. Dan Z says:

    @ Doc

    What are your thoughts on Shonn Greene for 2011, I see him being a top 10 guy, cant imagine that the Jets bring back LT and even if they do he wont have nearly the same role. What do you think?

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @emceeperiod: McFadden, Moreno, Best
    Arian, L McCoy, AP

    @Eric: Thanks Eric. We really appreciate it!

    @Wilsonian: That’s what i would do

    @keithr: Congrats! Glad you got by sitting Palmer!

    @Cheese: Will do.

    @trick dad: Vick and Foster

    @ichirosan: Not sure which team you are.

    @Dan Z: Hard to say what they will do with LT, but Greene has plenty of value.

  12. ichirosan says:


    Martz Attacks!!!!

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ichirosan: 11 points. It was close no doubt.

  14. Howard says:

    Doc, what do you think of Mardy Gilyard WR Stl and Jonathan Dwyer RB Pit as dynasty pickups?

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Howard: Both are worth fliers. I don’t love either, but I do like their situations. Gilyard could emerge from that group and has Bradford and Dwyer is on a team that could help him put up numbers.

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