We’re at the midway point of the fantasy football season, and now is the time to look at your squads and decide which ones are contenders and which are pretenders. In this week’s episode of Dynasty Diehards, Matt Chester and I discuss dynasty roster management tips, tricks and strategies to keep your rosters fresh and your championship chances high.

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Dynasty Roster Management Tips & Tricks

Everyone is different, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, of course. What works for one manager may not work for another, but the building blocks of a dynasty roster management strategy are the same across the board. It boils down to a few simple principles that can help you stay on top of your rosters and make smart moves to keep in the hunt year in and year out.

Stay Organized

Whether you use spreadsheets, a Word document or another method, keeping track of your rosters, players and draft picks is the first and most important aspect of a dynasty roster management strategy. Indeed, you can simply log into your preferred fantasy football app, and everything is there. However, when you’re in multiple leagues, it can be overwhelming to try to keep it banked as a mental snapshot. 

Here are a few tips to build a winning dynasty roster management tracker:

  • Organize leagues by scoring format, i.e., PPR, TE Premium, Superflex, etc.
  • Use color coding to keep track of your team’s current status as a contender or pretender.
  • Create tabs or columns to track your rookie draft picks, remaining FAAB in each league, current record and league ranking—bonus points for tracking points for and points against. 

Tools Are Your Friend

There are a plethora of tools that are catered toward dynasty fantasy football managers. Some are free to use, and some come with a subscription, but all are helpful in creating a winning dynasty roster management strategy. Our favorite tool here at Diehards is DynastyPlanet.com. It is a fantastic tool that can help you track your player exposure and manage your leagues. It boasts rostership percentages, alerts for players who are questionable or out in your lineups and many more valuable tools to keep you informed.

Set Alerts

Life can get hectic, and sometimes, we need to remember to swap a player out of a lineup, lock in a waiver wire claim or respond to a trade. Set an alarm or alert on your phone or smart device to check in with your spreadsheet and dynasty roster management tools for critical times of the week, such as league waiver wire deadlines. It’s also helpful to set aside time to assess your teams, consider trades and find free-agent stashes and sleepers to keep you afloat. 

For more on our conversation about dynasty roster management strategies, including valuing trades, when to buy and sell draft picks and more, check out this week’s audio version of Dynasty Diehards.

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